Keith Thurman Exclusive Interview

By Jeff Zimmerman

Former 2x unified welterweight champ Keith “One Time” Thurman takes on the hard-hitting WBO junior middleweight champ, Australia’s Tim Tszyu on March 30 in Las Vegas for the first fight on the Premier Boxing Champions new platform, Amazon. Thurman has been out of the ring for 2 years as he moves up in weight against the son of Hall of Famer, Kostya Tszyu. Thurman talks about his big fight plus shares his thoughts on a Spence-Crawford rematch and Crawford moving up to face Canelo plus much more in this® exclusive.

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  • Bla ,bla,bla,…….your in the mould of the other bla,bla,blas,,and they got wasted. No respect from me Mr Thurman…..I thought Manny might of taught you a lesson!

  • How does Keith Thurman qualify for a title shot at 154? When was the last time he won a fight, let alone at this weight?

    • There is no title on the line
      Thurman was a great great boxer I don’t know what happened to him ?

      I thought he was better than Spencer and Crawford before he losses against Pacquiao

      Then he barely beat barrios
      Who Thurman should dispatch in 10 rounds

    • Cherry-picking at its finest… Thurman gets a paycheck, another trash talking opportunity, and one more quick exposure in spotlight. Keith “Last Time” Thurman…

    • He doesn’t “qualify” He’s there to pad Tszyu’s record for whenever he gets a big fight.

  • I used to be a big fan of Keith. I still like him, but I honestly forgot the dude even existed!!! While we’re at it, what ever happened to that clown Danny Garcia?!?! It’s been years since he fought to my knowledge.

  • Last chance to show up for Thurman. I think he’s got the skill, a win over Tim would be huge. A win for Tim just as significant. I like both these guys, let see who’s heart and technique will win out, as this one seems a lot more even than one sided.

  • If this was Buddy McGirt he would have taken shorter pay at small venues to stay busy. Lower caliber would be Angel Manfredy. Two years of inactivity is NOT good and inexcusable to wait “for a good contract to fall on my lap.” Tim Tszyu has been beyond active within formidable opposition.

  • i really really really hope this loud mouth arrogant ahole gets ko’d. also Teofimo tomorrow night.

  • Why Thurman goes on and on and doesn’t let Zimmerman talk (ask better questions, more questions?
    The only thing for Thurman to talk much about would be the Barrios fight, or how he is going to be well trained for this and try to get some power shots off early vs Tszyu (in the first 2 rounds).
    The WBC and WBA ratings are bad at 147. How is Broner #12 in the WBC and #8 in the WBA? With only 2 fights in 3 years?
    Crawford should fight the IBF champ at 147 to prove if Ennis is or isn’t a paper champion.
    Canelo won’t drop below 165 to fight Crawford. Crawford has never had a fight at 154zz
    At least Thurman once won the international WBO belt at 154 vs Quintanna.

  • I’m not going to disrespect either fighter. Tim is trying to get known in America and fighting a former big name is the way his team is going about it. Keith has had a lot of inactivity with only 6 or 7 fights in the last 9 years. Keith would be making a big some of money with this fight. This happens a lot in pro boxing , both men are prize fighters, this is their job.
    But as an Aussie boxing fan I’m not paying PPV to watch it. Respect to the fighters but the promoters are kidding themselves.

    • “But as an Aussie boxing fan I’m not paying PPV to watch it.”
      – Get yourself an Amazon Fire Stick and you’ll never spend $$ to watch PPV ever again….

      • “Another ‘cheap’ Aussie?”
        – Because he’s not going to waste his $$ on PPV?
        – I call that a smart Aussie.
        – Why don’t you pay for his PPV telecast???

  • Keith is a bit of a primadonna but…if he brings his A-game this could be a great fight.

  • This guy loves himself too much.
    I always found him unbearable.
    Tim’s gonna KO this MFer

  • Long layoff, but this guy has taken no punishment in his career. Not saying he wins, but it’s not like he is washed up, at least from punches anyways. Alot of injuries. But with the inactivity, you got to favor Tim by a good margin.

  • No disrespect, but the interviewer doesn’t even ask questions that are relevant, and then let’s Thurman sort of filibuster through the whole interview.

  • Lopez is an absolute JOKE of a human being. What a total LOSER!!! His post fight interview is absolute cringe!!! Dude lost the fight, he’s a scrub!!!

  • Thurman stays away from the ring for years, shows up, runs his mouth like he’s been a champion world beater, disappoints in the ring, disappears again for a long period, rinse and repeat. All marketing, no substance. All hype, no greatness. Pacquiao exposed him and beat him. He needs to go away and stay away. He’s not a good ambassador for the sport.

  • Everyone is getting bent out of shape. This fight is simply to get a Thurmans’ name on Tzsyu resume to entice for bigger future fights and to get Thurman a payday. Its not that big of a deal. Tszyu will dispatch him in 9 rounds or less.

  • Thurman’s a fill-in fighter these days. Tysyu’s original opponent was supposed to be Lubin.

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