Tank Davis set for trial in hit-and-run case

A Baltimore judge has rejected a plea deal offered by prosecutors to WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis over a 2020 hit-and-run incident that resulted in injuries to four people. Davis accepted the deal, which would have avoided jail time. According to The Baltimore Banner, Davis reached settlements with three of the crash victims, but the fourth is holding out for $450,000 in restitution and the case will go to trial on December 12.

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    • Good, fuck Davis. He is an absolute trash person. I mean, I wouldn’t expect anything else from his type. Hope that person gets the $450,000

      • To be fair, he has grown a lot in 2 years. I’m confident you’ve done extremely dumb things and maybe you’ve learned. The only things you’ve said of substance is hoping the person gets $450K.

  • The third person should ask for more. $450K amount to about 297K after the lawyers get their 33.3%. After taxes even less. They should ask for the max amount assuming this isn’t the max.

    • Personal injury awards and settlements are not taxed as ordinary income, unless a portion is designated as payment for lost wages. That gets taxed as if the injured person had earned that from the work he or she missed as a result of a defendant’s alleged negligence.

      That is separate than any criminal offense that might be at issue.

    • Maybe in a civil suit, but the State prosecutes the criminal offense. Paying off the prosecutor is called bribery!

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