Shakur Stevenson loses titles on the scale

Shakur Stevenson Vs Robson Conceição Pose (1)
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

WBC/WBO super featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson failed to make weight for his bout against Robson Conceicao at Thursday’s weigh-in in Newark, New Jersey. Stevenson scaled in at 131.6 pounds and chose not to attempt to lose the 1.6 pounds of excess weight in the time alotted. Conceicao weighed 129.6.

The ESPN-televised bout will go on as scheduled. Conceicao will claim both belts if victorious, otherwise the titles will remain vacant.

“I gave it my all,” stated Stevenson on social media. “I’ve been professional my whole career and made weight, but my body just can’t make 130 anymore. My health has to come first. I’m moving up to 135 in my next fight…it’s showtime. I’m locked in regardless. See y’all soon.”

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Venue: Prudential Center, Newark, NJ
Promoter: Top Rank

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    • Id like to agree with ya on this cuz i like the kid BUT hes no rookie on the scales. Either lazyness or jus plain out grew this weight. Time to move up

      • Not lazy, no boxer is lazy. Impossible. He’s getting older and his body composition is changing. He did the right thing by not trying to lose more weight otherwise it may hurt him due to the fact he’s still growing. It’s time move up.

        • I say Lazy because you should at minimum attempt to make the cut out of respect and professionalism. dude didn’t even give it a try. He just didn’t care. Hopefully they strip a huge chunk of his purse from him and give it to Robson to teach him a lesson.

          • I think he knows boxing better than you. He’s not “lazy” he’s smart. No need to attempt at the risk of loss due to bad performance. He knows he can’t make weight anymore which is why he clearly stated he’s going to 135.

          • If he knew he cldnt make the weight, why wld he accept this fight? Thats silly. And does he know more about boxing then me, yea, im sure he does but not coming in on weight still makes him lose credibility. Although 1.6 lbs doesnt seem like much, his opponent possibly starvedhimself that 1 extra day or 2 to make it. He already has the edge now officially. I can say that because ive been the Robson before in this situation

          • So the only factor for accepting a fight is losing weight? Get real bro, there are many factors. And he accepted the consequences if he couldn’t make weight. It was a smart move since he knew he was moving up. Stop hating.

          • How sure are you Tony that Shakur and his team didn’t make an effort to make the weight? This fight is not a one week preparation, took months and perhaps after a mighty struggle the most he could do was that, 131.6, so why try the impossible to get 130 and hurt himself badly? Floyd and some others have been in same situation, Shakur is not Brandon Rios or David Benavidez type of fighter, he is more disciplined

          • Im saying try to make the weight after the miss. Or at least “try” he has 2 hours or so to lose it. He doesnt have to do much of anything. Jus sit there in a sauna suit outside or even in the shade. At least he could have said he tried. Now, If he knew he wasnt gonna make it before hand, he cld have reached out to Robsons camp and let them know to change the contract no belt involved and given Robson the chance to hysrate a bit. Fair is fair

          • Why try to do the impossible. Only someone who’s stupid would try. What part of his body doesn’t allow him to lose the weight do you not understand?

          • It can’t be laziness. Impossible. He’s a champ, champs don’t become champs by being lazy and surely you’re not lazy if you worked hard to make weight but just couldn’t. He simply could not do it anymore, his growing body didn’t allow him without hurting himself.It’s not laziness, its intelligence. Stop hating.

        • If no boxer is lazy, then why we had seen boxers unprepared and physically unfit for fights? Isn’t this an example of lazy fighter?
          Manteca Medina & BHOP fought most of their career at one weight (126 & 160) from getgo. I dont buy his body composition is changing, maybe, and I write maybe, he is thinking his opponent is not an A level fighter so decided to take it easy.

          • I Agree 100%…. Ask Andy Ruiz. That dude was jus lazy his second fight with AJ. Boxers can be lazy. It happens all the time. Even FML said he didnt train hard on his fight with McGregor cuz he didnt need to. And he was right

          • The quality of training is just that, a certain way of training, stop disrespecting these athletes with your assumptions. Go visit a boxing gym, pick the guy you think is lazy and try to beat him. I guarantee you you won’t last a second.

          • What? What does your perception have to do with whether someone is lazy or not? So fat people are lazy? Is that what you’re saying? Unfit people are lazy? That’s error number one. Number two, people’s bodies are different, has nothing to do with laziness. Trust me, you can’t be in the sport of boxing and be lazy, it’s impossible. Only someone who has never put hours in the gym would say something foolish like that.

    • He knows his body better than you do. He clearly stated he can’t make the weight therefore he’s moving up. A “rookie mistake” is remaining in the same weight class.

  • He took Stevenson’s old belt at featherweight, I’m guessing Navarrete is about to do it again at superfeather. Valdez will probably snag one up as well.

  • This was his last fight at 130 anyway because he’s a very big guy for this weight division.
    He didn’t kill himself trying to make the weight and avoiding paying the sanction fees for two titles for a division he’ll no longer be campaigning at.

  • Regardless, you signed a contract and it’s not like he is 40 years old. Very unprofessional. Hopefully, his wake up call comes tomorrow.

    • agreed. not even trying means he doesn’t really care about that weight class, his contract or the other fighter.. Or even the belt. Hopefully they took a huge chunk of his purse and gave it to Robson. I could understand IF he would have tried to lose the weight. Dude didn’t even care to attempt. That’s disrespectful to all parties involved.

  • He doesn’t even look sucked out. Pure laziness. That’s why it should be a 70% purse forfeiture to your opponent for missing weight in a championship fight. And then if you decide not to fight, you receive an automatic one year suspension. That will put an end to this crap. Anyone who has competed knows the importance of making weight and the disrespect it shows your opponent when you miss it. That’s why there are weight classes. Can’t make the weight? Easy, move up.

    • Lazy? Impossible! He’s a champion. You don’t become a champion by being lazy. I think it was pure wisdom and smarts. He’s a kid who’s physically growing at a fast rate, It was smart for him to not lose the extra pound when he knows he’s moving up in weight soon.

      • Laziness is the nice way to put it. You are actually correct, it’s calculated. It’s cheating plain and simple. If he wanted to lose the 1.6 lbs he could. He chose not to. Floyd did the same thing to Marquez and Castillo did it to corrales in the rematch.

      • Andy Ruiz is a lazy fat dipshit. He has never been in shape. He threw exactly one good punch his whole career.

        • Yeah gunna have to disagree with that statement mate. He might be carrying too much but that Andy can throw down, and for 12 rounds. Your way off the mark with that one mate.

    • it is punk too. his opponent struggled to make weight. did you see his ripped stomach? shakur best wake the f up..Lomochenko is in shape son..

  • This is exactly why weigh-ins should be the day of fight. Is Stevenson actually that great, or has he been a welterweight able to make 130 the day before the fight & then hydrate to 145 by the time he entered the ring? Stevenson sounds like another Zurdo Ramirez, a light heavyweight who moves up two weight classes in one day!

    • Agreed and Calling out a Benavidez on that as well. A LHW that kills himself to make SMW but still refuses to go up and fight his natural weight whether he makes rhe 168 or not. We call them folks weight bullies using their size as their advantage

  • i weigh the same as i did when i was 23. i am 63. his lack of discipline will be his downfall.

    • Funny i have the same weight i was fighting with 25 years ago but it’s not only about discipline it’s about genetic too in my opinion.

      • Agreed Regis. Genetics has alot to do with it for some folks. Im 25 pounds heavier from what i used to fight at. BUT, i never missed weight out of respect for myself and my opponents in the ammys and pros. I remember i had to work twice as hard as my stablemate to keep my six. Dude, drank like crazy and he always had it. Admitting i was jealous lol

    • Reasonable but in boxing people fight below and many times well below their natural weight.

    • Has nothing to do with discipline. You prob just been fat the whole time for all we know.

  • I imagine he’ll look like the bigger guy by far on fight night despite Conceicao’s height. I really don’t like to see people missing weight like this, and he didn’t even try to lose the remaining weight at all, but it represents a real danger to the opponent in terms of fight night weight advantage and physical power. A straight across the board limit on fight night weight rehydration or a forfeiture of half your purse to your opponent should be mandatory. Reminds me of Gatti vs Gamache, and so many other fights frankly. For me it’s simply about health, that’s the intention of having weight classes in the first place.

  • Todays boxer are a joke compared to past fighters who had to make make weight on the same day they fought. These guys blow 15 to 20 pounds prior to fighting the next day. To top it off they fight 12 rounds instead of 12. Anyone who has followed boxing since the 1960s knows that.

    • They also didn’t have to squeeze into made up weight divisions. Lightweight was 126-135 pounds and he would have easily made that. Added weight classes not about safety-just to create more champions and sanctioning fees and allow fighters to avoid dangerous opponents by sliding into another weight class.

  • Out grew the weight my ass. It’s not like he’s a teenager and he’s naturally getting bigger, he’s a grown man. Excuses excuses.

  • That’s why he looked bigger than Valdez.. Needs to move up in weight. But the more he moves up the more he’s eager to face dangerous opponents.

  • In my humble opinion, anytime a fighter misses weight and elects to either not try and lose the weight OR tries and still cant make it, they should automatically not only be fined But be mandated to fight their next scheduled fight at the next weight class up. I applaud Shakur for realizing this and stating he will move up unlike some fighters that will stick around that weight class as long as possible to have the upper hand.

  • Unprofessional yes it looks more bad on the image of a champion more so when he decided to just let the title go instead attempting to cut the 1.6 pounds i the allowed time.
    Now the other side of the situation, I get it his body is telling him its time to move up in weight category, I don’t doubt he can make the 130 but he will be drained and possibly hurting himself
    So if he couldn’t reach the contracted weight with months of preparation then why drain yourself on the day before the fight
    Acknowledgement on his side was correct approach, this should be a learning lesson for him and his team
    With that said he should get fined at minimum for not complying with the contract
    …135 is about to get more competitive with Shaukur but don’t underestimate

  • All of you internet world champions chill out. He clearly stated he can’t make weight anymore and therefore is moving up in weight after his next fight. If he remained at 130 than you ask for some cheese with your whine. Some of you are still mad because he dominated Valdez. Stevenson beats Conceicao regardless of weight. Instead of whining this is a good thing. He’s moving to one of the hottest divisions in boxing. The possibilities are endless. Cruz vs Stevenson for instance. I’m sure all of you who are on sour grapes over the Valdez loss would love this. I’d love it. Stevenson is going to 135 to not go for a title so he and Haney would have to meet. Unfortunately, Tank stayed with Floyd so a Stevenson vs Tank fight is likely not to happen. He cleaned up 130. I’m glad he’s going to 135.

    • “Stevenson beats Conceicao regardless of weight.” Okay, but then why even fight the fights in that case? And if we don’t have to fight the fights then nobody would need to follow the rules, either. Problem solved.

      • Nobody is forcing Concepcion to fight. He has the option of not fighting. Obviously, the fight continues because it’s called prizefighting. Problem not solved because no fight no pay. That is a choice each fighter has to make for themselves. Stevenson has always made weight. Again, he clearly can’t make weight despite all of the other times he has made weight because he’s outgrowing this weight. It happens, welcome to boxing.

  • Absolutely no excuse coming in over weight. Stevenson runs his mouth like an ignoramus, then loses his titles outside the ring because he’s not properly prepared. Perhaps he was unmotivated and this negatively impacted his training. So absurd. Talented, but apparently undisciplined, he deserved to lose his belts.

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