Tank Davis: I want to fight all of them

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Photo: Sumio Yamada

WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis delivered yet another spectacular performance, knocking out previously unbeaten Frank “The Ghost” Martin in the eighth round on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

“We did it once again. On to the next!” said Davis afterward. “Frank Martin was a great fighter. He put up a good four to five rounds. I was finding my range. (Martin) had a decent jab and was moving a lot and I just had to break him down as the fight went on.

“I knew he wasn’t getting back up because of the way he fell, and I knew he was gonna tire himself out, that was the whole gameplan.

“Now we go back to the drawing board and I want to fight all of them.”

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  • It’ll be interesting to see what he ends up doing. I don’t think PBC has any more lightweights on that level; so does Tank go up to rematch Pitbull (or does Pitbull come back down) or do they play nice with another promoter or try to sign Shakur Stevenson?

    • That will be the million dollar question actually ten million. Promotional route it would have to be pitbull. After Shakur fights in July, he is a free agent, so possibly. My question would be does he want Loma and wouldn’t that fight be bigger then the other two? If it could get done.

      • The biggest fight you could make between current lightweights would probably be…… Tank – Loma??? Yeah. I think you’re right. Probably super tough to make though. I don’t know what Loma’s contract situation is but I don’t think he’s going anywhere whenever it’s up.
        I’d actually be surprised if Shakur signed with PBC. Hypothetically, if he does and then fights and beats Tank… who next? I’ve already seen Bob Arum say they want to make Stevenson – Loma this year and clearly Berinchyk has no problems working with Top Rank and they’re loaded between 130 and 140 with champions and contenders.

        • Style match up Stevenson and tank. Wow. Pure boxer against the big puncher. Gotta admit it could be good or real boring. It’s not like tank suffers from the wilder effect because he can box too maybe not like Shakur, but he has some good skills. If Loma, who has a very good relationship with arum wants tank , I think he gets it.

  • After the first round you realized Martin wasn’t going to win, After the 2nd round you realized Martin was gonna get KOed. Davis wasn’t respecting that power at all. Excellent

    • Martin won both rounds (you mentioned). No way most people felt he would be brutally Ko’d after the first 2 rounds. A comment made with the benefit of hindsight,

    • I saw it too. Martin was fleeing. Interesting that people saying he won the rounds. Yeah, OK, he won rounds while knowing he was losing.

    • Is anything with Shakur a good fight? The rooting interest in that fight would be wanting to see Shakur laid out. He’s a tremendous fighter, no doubt. But he simply doesn’t make good fights.

    • It won’t be against Ryan. Ryan claims he can’t go lower than 143. Even if Tank moves up to 140, ain’t happening. Speaking of Ryan,
      with that huge entourage of bodyguards and
      hangers on, he’s going to be B-R-O-K-E unless he can get some more paydays soon.
      Did you notice Caleb Plant doesn’t have a
      bunch of bodyguards wherever he goes? He’s a regular dude, and he’ll still smack
      somebody upside the head if need be. Ol’
      Kingry loves the spotlight. Fiends for all the
      attention. I’m not hating, just an observation.
      The kid has some lessons to learn in life.
      Go ahead, Tank. Onwards and upwards.

      • Yup. Caleb has no bodyguards and is very approachable. No overinflated ego. That’s a man!

    • Lol… who are the two dumbasses who downvoted? Daddy issues, I guess.

      • I just think they dislike me or what I post. Probably little fawn Jay, DMV, or NJ boxing maybe even little boy bread (pan).

    • – Agree w/Colson.
      – He hunted Martin down and knocked him out….

  • Mike Tyson,Wilder,Matias,,,,,all deemed invincible at one stage,,all beaten by high IQ boxers. Stevenson v Davis would be a great contest in my book

    • Mike was beat by his own ignorance as he was actually a high IQ fighter as well before he got lazy.you can’t put Mike & Wilder in the same conversation!

  • Tank is a bit like a little Beterbiev. He doesn’t look all that technically proficient and doesn’t stat fast. But it seems like he has mutant power at this weight. His opponents fade badly under the pressure.

  • loma vs tank is the best fight hope they can pull it off

  • Martin had an admirable performance and has nothing to be ashamed of. He just didn’t have the firepower. Its time for Tank to truly step up and take on the elite experienced fighters of the division. Haney and Ryan are at 140. Ryan proved he doesn’t have the skill level or durability to compete with Tank. Haney can’t take big shots and Stevenson is becoming more hype than substance at 135. Oh gee, I guess that leaves the main man at 135 in a fight that is long overdue, Lomachenko. The notion of him being “old” is the nonsensical talk by some of his flakey fans who make built-in excuses when they don’t believe he has a chance of winning a fight instead of giving his potential opponent praise ala pre-Devin Haney fight. Loma’s not “old” and he’s better than 99% of these guys at 135 hands down. He has excellent boxing skills, great footwork, sharp puncher, and experience galore. Don’t know why Issac Cruz is a mention. Tank already beat him with one hand and he’s now 140 with a belt. The main man to fight is Lomachenko. If Martain can do what he did, I can imagine what Loma can do. This is truly a 50/50 fight.

    • I think Cruz is mentioned because it was a close fight and closer than expected plus promotional wise it would be easier. Now, I will say it again, if tank who is a fighter that can call most his shots and Loma, who can call his shots want this fight it could be done. They could fight in November or December. A fight like that could be made. Yes, negotiations may be tense, but I guarantee you there will be no rehydration clause. Simply money. That’s why advisors get paid, get it done because putting this fight off will be a travesty.

  • – I like Davis.
    – He doesn’t play around in there.
    – Sets you up and knocks you out……..

    • Agree… I standby my earlier comment that he’s like Beterbiev. There are times he doesn’t seem like the destroyer that he is. But no one seems to stand up to his punches. He may be behind for large stretches, but guys just wilt under his punches. It’s almost a certainty that his opponent is gonna crumble by the middle rounds.

  • Loma vs. Tank is a great matchup of styles. I like both fighters, so it would be a boxing fan’s dream!

    • Logical matchup before Tank moves to 140.
      Tank doesn’t need Shakur. Shakur needs Tank. Teofimo-Catterall, then Tank vs Teo for
      the super fight at 140 sometime in 2025.

  • Tank does not have balls to move to 140 to fight Ryan
    Tank will request dehydration again

    • Dude, are you following whats been going on? Garcia could not make 140 for Haney.
      He said he physically can’t go lower than 143. That means he has to fight at 147.
      Rematch ain’t happening at 140. Period.

      • Sign a contract with Garcia at your own risk. He beat Haney, but his business sense is dubious. Would you trust him to avoid some kind of malfeasance to destroy the fight? I would never do business with a guy like Garcia, and signing a fight is a business contract at its core.

  • Problem with Tank is that he probably won’t fight again for 12 months. There will be lots of talk about fighting Shakur or Loma but it will take a year to make it happen . Prove me wrong.

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