Tank accuser walks back claims

“I made an unnecessary call to law enforcement”

By TMZ.com

The woman who accused Gervonta Davis of assault is doing an about-face … now claiming the star boxer “did not harm me or our daughter,” saying the frantic 911 call she made was “unnecessary.”

Vanessa Posso, mom to Tank’s daughter, took to social media on Friday and seemingly did a complete 180, writing … “These past days have been hurtful and extremely exhausting for all parties involved. I pride myself on being extremely private; this situation was the last thing I wanted to be made public. The state of our relationship has been in a fragile space, and Gervonta and I were both at fault for the argument.”

Posso continued … “Today, we have sought the help necessary to move forward with our lives. I am confident that we will succeed within our co-parenting dynamic with the counseling provided to us.”

As we previously reported, 28-year-old Davis was arrested and booked in Broward County (Florida) on Tuesday on a battery domestic violence charge.

According to court docs, police say Davis “did actually and intentionally touch and strike” the woman “against her will” and “did intentionally cause bodily harm to her.”

Law enforcement authorities also said Gervonta struck his accuser on the right side of her head with “a closed hand type of slap,” causing the woman to suffer a facial injury and an abrasion on the inside of her upper lip.

However, the 27-0 (25 KO) boxer adamantly denied the accusations against him from the start, saying … “I NEVER PUT MY HANDS ON MY CHILD MOTHER NOR MY F***ING DAUGHTER ARE YOU F***ING CRAZY!!” — while insisting the whole ordeal was nothing more than a money grab by his accuser.

In fact, Davis contends the only reason the woman — who claimed she was in fear for her life — called the police in the first place was because she was upset that he wouldn’t let her use his truck.

Gervonta was released from jail on Wednesday … and is still (at least as of now) scheduled to fight Hector Luis Garcia on Jan. 7 in Washington, D.C.

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      • Haha tank davis is a midget, little manlet has to touch up on women & tattoo his whole body because he’s insecure & wants to look like a hard man. Must suck being like 5 foot something, ladies treat you like a little kid & cheat on you with 6’3 alphas like myself behind your back 😀

  • Oh good! So the fight could go on now without a hitch! It’s interesting how someone who reacts to Tank not letting Tank borrow his truck by calling 911 and accussing him of killing her could make such an eloquent and sensible press release. Completely her own words and volition Im sure! Now I dont know whats really going on between these two lovebirds, but counseling, therapy, or money cant fix crazy. Pay child support and cut ties! Aside from being a succesful athlete, Hank is obviously a very handsome, articulate and dashing young man. I’m sure he has legions of young temptresses dying to make his aquaintence!

    • Tank is innocent. The reason why Tank’s accuser did a 180 was because , Tank show evidence of how his child’s mother spit in his face and put shit on his toothbrush.

    • @James- Years back I witnessed a man beating up his woman on the street. I thought I’d be all chivalrous and intervene. They both turned on me! She said, And I quote, ” my man can beat on me if he want!” I seriously thought she was gonna kuck my ass!

  • Some women are treacherous and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, my advice to Tank is to keep as far away as possible from that type of woman because I’ve seen women try to complicate a man’s life just for self satisfaction. I don’t condone a man putting his hands on a woman but there truly are some are antagonizers who provoke.
    Facts. Experience.

      • Haglerdude. there are other places you will get whatever praise you seek from being a white knight/ identifying as a femanist
        No one here is advocating violence towards women, just commenting on a clear case of female manipulation
        I believe 99.9% of hetrosexual males have experienced or seen this at some point in life if involved in a relationship with a woman
        Especially if they are not getting their own way, then quadruple that when they have your child to use as a weapon

  • She has bruising on the side of her face but Tank didnt hit her…sure. She knows that if he isnt fighting, she isnt getting money.

    • Really? You think the KO artist who has knocked out guys twice his size is only able to bruise a lady’s face?

  • Now we KNOW he smacked her around. These are exactly the kind of retractions that are written by lawyers who are also telling her how much hush money comes with it.

    • Rich or poor, women who are unable to control their man are known to weaponize domestic violence against their innocent partners because they cops are dumb enough to make false arrests.

  • People say they want a private life, but then go post on social media. I don’t understand why the need to post your every thought, action for the world to see. I hope this phenomenon goes away.

  • It’s ridiculous how many domestic violence victims wanna take back charges. Luckily most states made it where it doesn’t work that way.

    • What? Sooooo States make it hard for the accuser to come clean an be honest and forthright? They prefer arresting people and wasting tax payers are non-criminals rather than going after real criminals. Sounds about right.

  • What happened to fans just knowing about fighters when fighting ,and pre:post fight interviews?

  • Don’t know whether Tank’s guilty or innocent (emphasis on guilty before innocent), and quite frankly, I do not care. You know, I find it interesting how these white supremacists males (many of whom are on this site) who’s ancestors have raped, robbed, and pillaged for centuries allowing their posterity a place of economic and social privilege in today’s world, always have to be the voice of reason when determining other peoples actions. I have 14 % European DNA due to forced rape that I did not ask for, but as soon as a brother is accused of grabbing a female by the arm, its all over the ineternet and its time to get the noose…both deplorable and psychotic.

    • Sounds like you have a victim complex. I’ve been white my whole life and never met a white supremacist. I keep wondering where these people are and how they’ve manipulated the entire World to my advantage. Maybe they’re hiding in the bushes… who knows?

      Never mind me, I’ll be in back watching my ancestors rape and pillage at will.

      • Last sentence shows you don’t understand what DMV stated. In boxing, there are a lot of racial undertones. One of them is how the media want to overexploit and chastise black fighters more than any other demographic (most people disregarding Shakur Stevenson and Devin Haney skills, Errol Spence car accidents) and when it comes to Caucasian fighters they get praised ( Lomachenko is a great fighter, but, he have 2 losses, they did the same thing with Gerry Cooney before he fought Holmes, and they hyped up Lucian Bute before Froch exposed him). I have love for human beings, but, I cannot ignore the obvious. Also, if you are white and never crossed paths with a white supremacist, then you must not get out much. I’m mostly Black, Cherokee, and White ( great great grandfather on my father’s side) and I have crossed paths with white supremacists in NYC ( where I’m from and the melting pot of USA). First off, white, black, hispanic, asian and multiracial/ethnic supremacists exist!!! Most of them are not bold enough to reveal themselves.

  • This is why you keep it in your pants. Old mate Ryan Garcia already has two to two different women. A Holyfield scenario forthcoming me thinks

    • Charged? Nahh, She owes no-one except Tank. The policer owed nothing, They made the arrest without any hard evidence. They owe tax payers. The accuser owes Tank an apology and should be sued for personal injuries. Tank is the victim here, not the State or the accuser.

  • Well, Tommy boy, I just saw one today at the pizza shop and he had “White Power” tattoed on his calfs, but, I’m sure he’s a much better human being than people like Tank Davis. You probably wouldn’t have noticed. You don’t see any pointy white hoods at the cleaners either, so they must be stored somewhere. Jerry Jones was just “curious”, which is why he was in that Little Rock 9 photo…lol…he wears 3 piece suits, you can start there Tommy…lmao…there’s at least 300 of em in Congress alone.

  • Told you guys that the charges are crap and that most likely he was arrested by incompetent police officers that don’t care about your rights. You mean to tell me that Tank was arrested on mere hearsay? No investigation conducted or at best, poor investigation? Keep thinking that if police says it then it’s true.

  • I don’t care about this story, but I was looking for a place to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May none of you every be in need of health, food or money.

  • At least she walked back her accusations, unlike the Duke lacrosse team rape hoaxer that many initially fell for. Not sure whatever happened to that nut job.

  • Some women will put up with most anything when (potential) big money is involved. I’ve got no idea about Tank’s situation. I do suspect a payoff in this scenario though, because I’ve read about it so many times.

    • Or some women just lie and exaggerate, and then realize how profoundly stupid they look.

      You are correct that you know nothing, though.

  • “The woman claiming…”
    “Mom to Tank’s daughter”.

    What’s with all of the word play? You can’t call her his ex for some reason? Or even his child’s mother?

  • She should be doing jail time then. These are pretty serious allegations to SUDDENLY take them back. This happens far too often and there are no ramifications.

  • >