Stunner: Sandor Martin defeats Mikey Garcia

20211016 Em Garciamartin 1590
Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom

In a shocking upset, unheralded European super lightweight beltholder Sandor Martin (39-2, 13 KOs) won a ten round majority decision over four-division world champion Mikey Garcia (40-2 30 KOs) on Saturday night at the outdoor Chukchansi Park baseball stadium in Fresno, California. Mikey, who hadn’t fought for nearly 600 days, looked sluggish and never got untracked, while 25:1 underdog Martin was simply sharper. Scores were 95-95, 97-93, 97-93. The bout was fought at a 145lb catchweight.

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  • WTF? NO ONE SAW THAT COMING. oh well you can’t be inactive for 2 and 3 year stretches and hope to stay sharp. Good for Sandor.

  • 2 out of 3 judges were honest. That’s a much higher percentage than usual.

  • Mikey could barely get a crowd and then lost to a nobody from Spain! Hilarious. Dazn gonna B bankrupt soon.

  • Mikey was NOT himself, he just didn’t fight like he usually fights, with strength with hunger.

    Congrats to Sandor, he did what he had to do to win and fought a perfect fight.

  • Mikey got exposed. Martin had a great game plan. Finally, the judges got it right. Mikey’s inactivity was not an issue. There is no champ that will give Martin a title shot. His style is too difficult.

    • Mikey still hasn’t adjusted to that weight, and any good welterweight will be a problem for him.

  • I’m glad he lost. Pricing himself out of big fights, and sucking up promoter budgets in meaningless fights like this one. Wasted career and wasn’t all that entertaining either. He won’t be missed by me. Chased Spence when he should have fought Lomachenko

    • Loma would have whooped him. Mikey knew it so he went up in weight. Plus Losing to a bigger opponent doesn’t look as bad as getting beat by a smaller one.

  • Probably the biggest upset since Donald Curry lost in an exhibition to Lloyd Honeyghan. Mikey lost every single round.

  • Mikey’s a multi-millionaire who is set for life and no longer has the hunger. He should retire and enjoy his wealth.

    • In all essence, you are right. Once the drive for fighting dies down, normal life kicks in! Sooner or later, everyone’s era ends. Time to move on.


  • Never underestimate anyone that steps in that rings, no matter what the odds are or experts say…you still have to fight….Congrats to Martin,.showed guts and skill….Garcia looked flat…didn’t necessarily looked tight…maybe had to drop some weight…just didn’t look right… certainly did not fight like the Garcia we knew….sharp puncher…very efficient with punches…not spectacular but solid in every aspect..well rounded fighter…here….From the start just didn’t have it..a step behind…never got going…take nothing away from Martin did what a fighter suppose to do …show up prepared and perform ….Congrats again…

  • Wow. This is real boxing when the right boxer gets the decision he deserves regardless of who and where he is fighting… even the commentators where expecting a robbery.. saying we don’t know what kind of judges we are going have here.. lol. I guess they didn’t got paid that’s why the right fighter won

  • Very disappointing! Knowing that it was a 10 round fight, Mikey NEVER stepped on the gas pedal! And ZERO motivation from his corner!! It’s not that Sandor did great.., it’s how poorly Mikey fought!! Where was the discipline?!?!

  • Unfortunately for Garcia, he is not talented enough to take off for 2-3 years and come back in top form. The fact that he doesn’t realize this, shows that he is deluding himself, and in decline as a fighter. He seems to have lost his edge, and if he can’t get it back, he might as well retire. Kudos to Martin. He was underrated, hungrier, more determined, and more disciplined with his game plan. Congrats to him!

  • If you’re not going to be fighting, you can at least stay in a somewhat decent shape. The catch-weight might have been because if how much Garcia blew up. Just speculating.

    It’s a shame that most of his prime was wasted doing who knows what instead of earning multi-million dollar fights.

    Ever since he began his extended vacations, his skills eroded. The end came when he decided to go up in weight and play with the big boys.

    He MIGHT have 2 good years left if he gets serious about his craft again, but at 135-140, if he can still make it.

    • Garcia is done. He needs another trainer and to get away from the Garcia team. Family and business do not mix.

  • The García career path went from great to merely good. All his fault. What a waste.

  • Just got my money back 9,6 times. It´s worth to investigate youtube videos before fight´s. Speed wins power and timing win´s speed. Gongrats Sandor , great job !!

  • Takes from tonight for the DAZN team, LOL.. “We are witnessing history”..”One of the biggest upsets in recent years”Garcia is one of the BEST fighters of this generation”..Another thing is Jack Reese, that Paluka referee..Aside from giving Tyson a Shot at getting up in the Wilder fight, he is a complete AZZ. Can’t stand when he grabs the gloves and pushes guys around. He’s a punk.

  • I’m not really surprised as Mikey Garcia hasn’t been interested in boxing for a while now. He better be glad he wasn’t able to come to terms with Regis Prograis, because he would have been brutally knocked out.

  • As times passes all, yes all of the overpraised 12Rounds era – acronym belt collecting pugilists appropriately appear as lesser caliber to the 15Round Kings of yesteryear. Moreover, the 12Rounds era have low competition activity, shorter ‘reigns’ and lower to nonexistent boxing competition educational degrees within each bout. ©️ Coach Hilario 2021.

  • mikey was waving to the croud smiling like he had won before the fight. the fireworks went off before the fight. mikey was fat , soft, coming in after his embarrassing shellacking by spence after spending that pay day. al the talk about his family this and that . he is a fraud. boxing is about hard men. not soft stomachs. andy ruiz is a likeable fat fool who might have a career if he had “it”. he doesnt. mikey does not have “it” either. what would virgil ortiz do to him? seriously that might be a first round k.o. mikey looked like crap.

  • the idiot was waving to the crowd like he won before the fight as fireworks went off…what an idiot

  • Mikey Garcia is no Manny Pacquiao when it comes to moving up in 147, he needs to go back to 135 where he is a far better fit if he plans on continuing his boxing career with any hopes of continued success, which may have already passed him by.

  • Well, it looks like Mikey has only 1 dimension, a left-right combination. One of the most boring fights in memory because the first minute looked pretty much just like the next 29 minutes.

  • I am a big Mikey Garcia fan, I’m NOT surprised that Mikey lost this fight. He looked frustrated and a bit rusty proving the point that all fighters gotta remain active even if that means fighting no bodies.. His long time of inactivity did him in… He has the heart and the skills and talents but he’s got to stay busy.. If I were to tell him and his team anything, I’d suggest that he fights more and more often… However, this may have been both the fight ( and loss ) that puts him into retirement..Unknown how this loss has impacted him psychologically, not too sure he knows that yet.

  • Inactivity is a B!! Mikey looked a bit sluggish. Imagine if it were against Taylor or Prograis?!!!!

  • Mikey Garcia is no Manny Pacquiao when it comes to moving up in 147, he needs to go back to 135 where he is a far better fit if he plans on continuing his boxing career with any hopes of continued success, which may have already passed him by.

  • I’m glad that Garcia lost. He is another overhyped & overrated fighter like Danny Garcia. They are not P4P and will never win ‘the big one.’ Zero personality, also his cowboy hat and entrance carnival costume do not help his image. He is not getting any better folks.

  • I’m very disappointed from your comments; some of you were praising Mickey when he was undefeated and after the Spence loss you changed your mind about him so fast you were ahead of your shadow !! It’s a real shame because i’m really aware that the majority of you are really great boxing fans.. Mickey fought a bunch of really great fighters and ex-world champs like : Martinez, Burgos, Zlaticanin, Lipinets, Salido, Lopez, Easter Jr, Vargas, Broner, Spence etc.. I’m sure you are perfectly knowing those fighters i did name, they are great and tough fighters. Like Brook when he fought GGG, Mickey climbed 2 weight classes t challenge Spence nobody wanted even to fight and WENT THE DISTANCE WITH HIM !!! Mickey is not done yet and has plenty of years left, he just need to focus on boxing a bit more and actually fight more often that he’s fighting these last years.
    He’s a top top fighter and i’m sure he will become champ again, mark my words. Bye

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