Stevenson looks to shed ‘boring’ label

Former featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson has two objectives Saturday night when he challenges WBO super featherweight champion Jamel Herring in Atlanta.

1. Defeat Herring
2. Not be boring

Stevenson was ripped by fans and media for his safety-first performance against Jeremiah Nakathila in his last fight – and he didn’t like it.

“I feel disrespected when the media calls me a boring fighter,” Stevenson told ESPN.

“That African dude was a real strong dude looking for a big punch. I didn’t let it happen. I did what I was supposed to do to win.”

The brash 24-year-old says the 35-year-old Herring isn’t a big puncher so he promises he’ll “whoop his a$$.”

As a 9:1 betting favorite, Stevenson is widely expected to dethrone Herring.

The main question may be will he be boring or exciting?

Boring didn’t work for Guillermo Rigondeaux.

It probably won’t work for Stevenson either.

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  • Here’s the thing. I think it is beneficial for a young fighter to be boring at times, it will extend your career. Not saying he can’t “mix it up” once in awhile. Case in point: Floyd Mayweather. You don’t have to be Mickey Ward or Arturo Gatti(RIP). Ask Mickey Ward how he feels about the choices he made (ironically he used to box rather than slug but felt the need to be more exciting). As long as Stevenson makes money and has his health and family, what else does he need? Fudge the critics. Now, having said that, styles make fights, and he will be forced to be more “entertaining” depending on who forces the fight. Some guys are too good at boxing for the lamen to understand…smh. They wanna see you end up like Roy Jones, Shakur, don’t let em, be the best version of yourself. One!

    • “They wanna see you end up like Roy Jones”
      – If RJJ would have retired after beating John “The Quiet Man” Ruiz, he would have gone down in history as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

    • Mayweather isn’t the best example. Its widely known he develop bad hands and changed his style. If you look at Pretty Boy Floyd against Gatti. He was exciting and took him apart. Most of his knockouts came early because he didn’t have the hand issues.

  • like Boo Boo this cat Stevenson stinks for entertainment value. You expect the people that watched Fury v Wilder to tune into this? lol good luck.
    Herring in 2!

    • Unlike Boo Boo, SS wants to fight often and wants to fight the best fighters.

      A boxer should fight whatever style they are most comfortable with that still wins fights. I prefer to watch exciting fighters but I can’t criticize a style thats totally effective despite finding it ‘boring’ I wont watch many of SS fights but i have to admit he’s a really good fighter.

      Herring is a good boxer, a good sport, a good champion and a good man. I hope he wins but he’s going to get outboxed fairly soundly. SS ud12.

  • I hope SS dont let media influence his untouchable style. No need to take unnecessary risk. SS is right, Nakathila was strong and looking to knock his block off. He was right not to slug it out and give his opponent the only chance he had. If he got caught the media would have said he should have fought smarter.
    BJS was called boring also but he gets the big fight against Canelo. SS should know he’s on the coincidental list and will never get love from the media.

  • Stevenson will win in impressive fashion.
    Mark my words. KO – TKO – No Mas.

    Speaketh … FJB.
    Fredrick J. Brandon III.

  • Stevenson’s performance was so boring in his last fight, I think fans will tune in just hoping Herring knocks him out.

    Back when Greg Page (RIP) defended his heavyweight belt against Tony Tubbs, both fighters showed up out-of-shape sporting man boobs & neither one came to fight or looked like they even wanted to win. The title “fight” was so bad, I don’t think fans ever forgave or forgot the mockery they made to the sport of boxing! Fans today feel the same way about Stevenson.

  • shakur must show that he is a exciting fighter or no one will show up to watch him fight that is the nature of the boxing business if jamal knocks shakur out he willbe the one that draws the fans in shakur cant draw enough fans i

  • I hope this fight does not involve a lot of inactivity and/or excessive clinching because it is hard to win, and it pisses off fans.

    For adjustment purposes, I have no problems with fighters studying each other during the early rounds. However, as a fight progresses, I like to see fighters maximize their offensive strengths and defensive strengths for a possible victory.

    It is possible this fight may involve a decent punch output, but both fighters may show a lot of defensive skills to slip/avoid punches. Casual fans may not like it, but technical boxing fans may enjoy the fighters’ defensive skills during decent punch output efforts.

    We will see.

  • People who don’t know any better mention Floyd. Its common knowledge, Pretty Boy Floyd didn’t have bad hands so he looked to close the show more often. As Money May, he had a series of hand problem and changed his style to preserve his career. He understood the art of creating a gimmick. Die hard fans appreciate the art of boxing (hit without being hit) and various other styles. Stevenson should look to close the show more often against opponents who aren’t as dangerous or at least look amazing putting on a clinic. Unless he’s an extraordinarily skilled fighter and established like a Mayweather, Duran or Pernell Whitaker, he has to ask himself would anyone want to see this shit on tv? Be more spectacular against lesser guys without getting sloppy. Just find the balance of boxing to win and boxing to entertain.

  • Do your thing young champ…do what is necessary to get that ‘W’ & move on…you’re young, a child on the way & an exciting career ahead (SHAK to dethrone the Marine within 8rounds)

  • Give him a chance, he’s just a growing kid. Yhe future looks bright for him, he’ll grow into some power. As long as he stays with slower older opponents he’ll be fine.

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