Rozicki: I’m here to knock Rivas out

8:1 underdog and late sub Ryan “Bruiser” Rozicki (13-0, 13 KOs) plans to shock the world when he takes on Oscar “Kaboom” Rivas for the WBC’s new bridgerweight world title on Friday night at L’Olympia in Montreal. Rozicki previously competed in the cruiserweight division with a 200lb weight limit. At bridgerweight, he’s allowed to weigh up to 224 lbs.

“I’m sick of food!” Rozicki told reporters. “I had never eaten like this before to gain weight. On the other hand, I don’t feel slower, and I’m still just as powerful.

“…it’s a dream come true for me and all the pressure is on Oscar’s shoulders. I’m really here to do my best and knock him out!”

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    Stop with this “Bridgerweight” nonsense.

      • When the Cruiserweight division was created, one of the sanctioning bodies…the WBA if I remember correctly…called it Jr. Heavyweight, which would probably be a better name for this new division than Bridgerweight or Super Cruiserweight.

        • @USFBulls727: Jr Heavyweight actually does sound the best, most descriptive and people would easily relate to it.
          Super Cruiserweight also works. Bridgerweight is the worst name for a boxing weight class ever.

  • Ryan will get bruised, busted up, and KTFO.
    Oscar is going to do a number on this guy.
    Oscar’s performance will be a work of art.

    Speaketh … FJB.
    Fredrick J. Brandon III.

  • I hate to be disparaging….but Rozicki = glorified club fighter. Rivas should win easily. TKO 7.

  • It’s so simple, but I think Rivas has one of the best nicknames in sports right now. This fight should be bombs away until someone falls and I’m thinking it’ll be Rozicki in about five rounds.

  • I’ll be very surprised if Rozicki doesn’t leave that ring 13-1. Has he ever fought outside the Cruiserweight division? If not, he’s sort of a random guy to be fighting for this belt.

    • Technically. His pro debut was at 200.75. That’s the highest he’s been so far and he’s been as low as 188. Rivas has been as high as 251. If boxrec has the correct weights for this fight, they have Rivas at 222.25 and Rozicki as 203, not looking too good for Rozicki, but I’m thinking that he’s probably getting paid pretty well and, like he said, there’s no pressure on him at all.

      • Marciano was 185
        Tyson was 215 in prime
        Etc etc etc

        20 pounds difference is nothing in heavies (or Bridgerweight for that matter)

        • I get your point, anyone THAT big can hit hard and, who knows, maybe Rozicki comes out and runs Rivas right over. But Tyson and especially Marciano fought in different eras than now. In Marciano’s day the really big guys weren’t any good. The best of his opponents, Moore, Walcott, Charles, weren’t naturally much bigger than he was, if at all. And Tyson was in his prime before people like Lennox Lewis and Riddick Bowe were in theirs.

          But Rozicki is going to be giving up 20lbs to opponents who can really fight. So, even if he were to win this fight, I would think he would probably use it to get a big fight at cruiser because if he stays at bridger (ugh! its just feels strange to type!), he’s likely going to have to fight potentially considerably larger men who have actual talent.

          • @Lucie: Good you explained the eras and how the big HWs earlier years were mostly very clumsy fighters. Not the same nowadays.

  • Should be an entertaining scrap for sure, don’t turn away when watching this one.

  • Beware of those late replacement. They sometimes have a few tricks up their bags that no one have seen, yet.

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