Steele: Roger a great trainer and great human being

By Jeff Zimmerman

Hall of Fame Referee Richard Steele shared his thoughts on the passing of former 2x world champion and legendary trainer Roger Mayweather, best known for training his nephew Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who became one of boxing’s all-time greats. Steele and Mayweather knew each other for years and were good friends. Steele often brought fighters to Mayweather to evaluate and sometimes even train them.

“We met at the Golden Gloves Gym in Las Vegas and Billy Baxter was his manager.”

“If it wasn’t for Roger, we probably never hear of Floyd Mayweather. Roger helped put it together and helped keep it together all these years.”

“Roger was a great trainer and great human being.”

“He came up with the “Black Mamba” nickname. He was a hell of a fighter, great fighter.”

“He really attracted the fans and he was a winner and used to knockout out guys. He was a great knockout artist. He built a big fan base, especially the Hispanics as he would knockout a lot of the Hispanic fighters he faced, and they came to see him.”

“My prayers and condolences go out to the Mayweather family and the whole boxing community who loved him. May Roger Rest in Peace.”

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  • GOD Bless our Friend and his family. Our prayers are with them. Rodger was never to Big to stoop down and give the littlest in the gym some pointers. Thanks Champ

  • Roger suffered for many years. R.I.P champ, you’ve fought enough fights. Always an exciting fighter.

  • It’s amazing how people use ‘prayer’ and ‘God’ during tragedies and deaths. The Holy Bible already describes those of lip service ‘worship’ and ‘hearers‘ of The Word are utterly not worthy Of God. And that God O N L Y adheres, guides, speaks, honors and chastens the consistent doers Of The Word. If you humans think you have ‘standards,’ how much more The L I V I N G God. Therefore, all humans (no one is exempt) that — don’t do — The Word, as in live Holy ‘moment to moment,’ are not heard by God. Proverbs 28.9, Matthew 7, Psalm 18, 92, 113, 119. Moreover, mentioning God, The Most Holy One only when there’s a crisis or when one is forthcoming is like going to the bank exactly five whole minutes after they lock the door and turn off the lights. All the while, knowing the bank’s business hours. No human can ‘outsmart’ The Most Holy One. It was the same when the other ‘Black Mamba’ died. People used ‘God’ and ‘prayers’ as though God is literally a ‘slot machine’ for unHoly people. Saying God and prayers from people that utterly do not live Holy, is their way of ‘feeling,’ Holy, in that moment, but clearly don’t live Holy. There is a big distinction of living The Word and not.
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