Stanionis-Ortiz venue announced

WBA “regular” welterweight champion Eimantas Stanionis (14-0, 9 KOs) will travel into hostile territory to defend his belt in the hometown of undefeated knockout artist Vergil Ortiz, Jr. (19-0, 19 KOs) on April 29 at College Park Center at The University of Texas at Arlington campus. The right will stream worldwide on DAZN.

Vergil Ortiz, Jr: “I am beyond happy, knowing that we’re finally here, fighting for a world title. The work that we’ve done inside and outside of the ring and the obstacles we’ve overcome has led to this moment. Stanionis is a great fighter with massive power and I know we are going to put on a good show for everyone.”

Eimantas Stanionis: “Vergil asked for this fight, so here we are. I feel like this is going to be a special fight. We have mutual respect as competitors but make no mistake it’s going to be an absolute war.”

Oscar De La Hoya: “There will be war inside the ring on April 29 as these two dangerous fighters clash to be at the top of the welterweight division. Ortiz and Stanionis are elite level fighters who will be unafraid to unleash treacherous power and pressure to be crowned world champion.”

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  • I that this is going to be a good scrap for as long as it lasts. Ortiz has to use his jab effectively and make sure that his legs are loose to fight off of angles.

    Stanionis comes right at you, but can be beat to the punch. He does have a chin and decent heart. He will most definitely try to pin Ortiz against the ropes or the corner as that is where he can do his best work.

    I see Ortiz catching Stanionis at the half step coming in with his lead right, causing hesitation and constant resetting.

    We will find out of Vergil is the real deal.

    We won’t be hearing the final bell on this one. Ref stoppage win for Ortiz, but I would not be surprised if it’s the other way around.

  • I like this matchup as well. We have to take any big fights we can get at this point. I’m sick to my stomach with the lack of intrigue I have right now with my favorite sport. Nobody has anything going on. All BullShit!!! Thanks PBC. And that greedy scrub, Al Haymon.

  • Ortiz should win this but he’ll have to go thru hell. Credit to both fighters for making this one. This will be very close .. late round stoppage with tense moments like Yarde-Beterbiev. No surprise if Stanionis pulls it off. Edge to Ortiz late knockout.

  • This is gonna be wroth watching. I see Ortiz taking over after some feel out rounds early.

  • The venue and location of the fight pretty much says who the “A” side fighter is. The champ although interim is the visiting team.

  • Great upcoming scrap between two young lions.

    During rounds 8-11, Ortiz, Jr. (Ortiz) will use enough pressure and power punches (especially to body) to make Stanionis fight in retreat. I want to see how Ortiz’s chin holds against Stanionis’ stiff jabs and solid combinations. I also wonder if tough Stanionis will fully recover (1 year later) from the Butaev fight?

    The winner of this modern day gladiator scrap will put out a HUGE notice to other champions at 147, and it will also notify Ennis to elevate his competition (try Thurman).

    I believe Ortiz will use his size, pressure and power punching to earn a TKO victory in the 11th round.

  • These Mexican and Mexican-American Fighters never travel outside of their comfort zone. These Eastern European Fighters are the ballsiest on planet Earth and fight anywhere, anybody, anytime. Stanionis is the champion so why does he have to travel? It’s racist and oppressive against a marginalized ethnicity of people from a vulnerable part of the world.

  • Interesting match but maybe they should’ve waited until both were champs and have a unification bout. But none the less interesting fight and I will not miss it.

  • “knowing that we’re finally here, fighting for a world title” – Regular one at that

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