Spence charged with drunk driving

The good news is WBC/IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. has been released from Methodist Dallas Medical Center. The bad news is Dallas Police have charged Spence with driving while intoxicated (DWI), a class B misdemeanor. Spence was involved a fiery one-car crash in his Ferrari in downtown Dallas last week. The spectacular crash was caught on video and Spence, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, somehow came out of it with no life-threatening injuries or broken bones.

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  • Very very lucky guy.

    When I saw the footage , I also thought how lucky that no one else was on that stretch of road at that time as ES could have ended up on a manslaughter charge

  • For someone with such great discipline in his life, he put many other lives at risk the moment he decided to drive that car. Selfish behaviour, not one of a role model. The taxi driver would probably have given him a ride home for free! No excuses.

  • Wow after seeing the footage it’s unreal how lucky he was here. Hopefully this is a serious wake up call

  • So disappointed in this guy, though i still respect him as a fighter, i have lost all respect for him as a person. It seems like the rumors about him being a drunkard are true, if so he has reached his limit. Alcohol destroys you. He seems like another Jon Jones looking for somewhere to happen. This is 1 talented career going down the drain before it has got really started.

    • You really are quick to throw a person in the trash! I’ll bet you aren’t perfect and like everyone else needs understanding and a chance. You’re a fair weather fan! Probably a worse friend!

  • I like to hear what Spence will say and do about this matter. Second chance is a right we all have in life.
    Truly regret is the beginning of redemption, but disdain about what happened surely will guide him to destruction. Time will bring to the surface which one he has chosen. Sincerely I hope he will choose the first one.

  • Agreed Mike. This was a horrific accident and luckily no one got hurt except that precious car of his. Truth be told, alot of us have jumped behind a wheel after drinking. We’ve learned from it or hope that we did. It is his duty as a elite athlete to do things right since he was gifted by God a second chance in life. I hope he turns things around and does better for everyone. Spence deserves a second chance from us too. If he pisses it away, then he is no role model for anyone but more so an example.

  • Come on! Give the guy a break. Most of us have drank too much and drove a car in our lives. It’s wrong but it happens.The spot light is on him because he’s one of the best talents in boxing today. My advice would be don’t listen to negative people about the arrest. Like I said shit happens. Keep training hard,win all your fights, drink and have fun after those fights. Just don’t drive drunk. Don’t give negative people a reason to talk shit!

    • You right Joe, how many athletes like to drink? The problem is perform any activity that demand to be sober to be under the law. Spence has enough money to pay a designated driver, if he wants to have some drinks and go home safe. The problem (and big) is if he does this again, then is when some jail time and and public community service should be enforced IMO.

    • “Most of us have drank too much and drove a car in our lives” ummm no, we haven’t Joe. It’s a criminal offence, not a traffic ticket. It’s like saying most of us have robbed people or assaulted someone. It’s people like you who condone this behavior who will add to the drunk idiots driving 3000-4000 pound weapons around while hammered. Give your head a shake.

  • What do you mean the “bad news” I’m so happy he is ok but he deserves to face those charges for being reckless. Thankfully no one else was around, had there been other people present if could have ended horribly. Hope he learns his lesson.

  • Errol’s attitude has gotten downright nasty in the build up to the past 3 fights or so, what’s happened to him? He used to be so professional and positive, now not so much. And, now a drunken driver charge??? It’s starting to add up. I thought he was The Truth??!

  • Sorry to hear he was drunk. Glad he is ok. I was hoping he was going to be the next Andre Ward in terms of a boxing role model.

  • Absolutely agree, he doesn’t deserve the support of the fans. On another day he could have quite easily killed somebody. He was lucky. I hope fans turn against him. A disgrace and 100% not a role model. His response of ‘I’m a savage’ said it all. No class or remorse. Juvenile and immature at best.

  • It’s like this, many people that buy Ferraris or Lamborghinis simply have no clue how to drive them. It’s not that they do not know how to drive a car, but a SUPER CAR or a RACER they have no clue. To anyone that buys one of these machines, make it your business to take the machine to a speedway where they have trainers that teach you how to handle these machines. And I might add take the course for the driving on ICE as well, because you never know when you’ll hit black ice, and get ICED OUT. I’m certain Spence went out bought his new toy without ever taking any courses on what to do, and what not to do in these Super machines. Glad to see that he will be alright, and hopefully this adventure will make him think about his future behind the wheel.

  • He put many other lives at risk the moment he decided to drive that car. THEY SHOULD LOCKED HIS ASS IN JAIL The taxi driver would probably have given him a ride home.I HOPE PACMAN KICK HIS ASSSS FOR THAT

  • I follow Spence and I think he will be champion for a long time. He just has to learn from his outside boxing mistakes.

  • “I’m a savage”…. what a total Dip-shit this guy is to say something like this. He should be ashamed of himself when he should be thanking God almighty for not having perished in that crash. The sad thing is he actually believes all the hype about him he’s also very lucky to have survived the Porter fight with a win. He will end up just like Donald Curry just wait and see.

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