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Smith beats Ryder to retain WBA 168lb title

Photos: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

WBA super middleweight champion Callum “Mundo” Smith (27-0, 19 KOs) won a twelve round unanimous decision over John “The Gorilla” Ryder (28-5, 16 KOs) on Saturday night at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.
Callum Smith V John Ryder,
25:1 favorite Smith was frustrated by the much smaller Ryder the whole fight. Smith suffered a small cut to the side of his right eye in round four. Smith finally starting to connect in round six, but Ryder clearly outworked Smith in round seven and continued to bring the pressure in rounds eight and nine. Smith able to keep Ryder on the outside in round ten. Ryder got the better of rounds eleven and twelve. Scores were a very generous 117-111, 116-112, 116-112 for the hometown hero.

Other Results:
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Anthony Fowler W10 Harry Scarff (super welterweight)
Sean Dodd W4 Tom Farrell (super lightweight)
James Tennyson TKO11 Craig Evans (lightweight)
Stephen Smith W6 Jonny Phillips (super lightweight)

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  • One of the most corrupt decisions I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching. How a pro walks down another pro, outlanding him and beating him every step of the way to then lose 111-117. Stay classy the sport of boxing /s

    • Such a disgusting outcome, I think most sane people watching had it 7-5 Ryder at the very least, but 8-4 in JR’s favour was probably correct result.

  • Smith looked absolutely TERRIBLE!

    Canelo will now demand a fight with Callum in 4 weeks!

    That will give Canelo 28 days to consume as much “fajitas” as he wants!

  • Ryder was robbed! I thought it was pretty clear he won by at least a round. Even a draw would’ve been very generous to Smith.

  • Smith got lucky tonight. Don’t know what was wrong with him. I am not writing him off against the better guys but he looked like shit tonight. I don’t think it was the clear robbery that others do, but it certainly could have gone either way. He couldn’t deal with an opponent using the basics of covering up and forcing their way inside low. And where was the power?!

  • Welp here it goes. Everyone and their brother who hated on Canelo and beefed up Smith are reeling. Ryder lost to Fielding who Canelo destroyed. My guess is now Canelo can’t fight Smith or it’s cherry picked. Canelo would beat both these guys. Too bad Floyd won’t comeback to beat Paq and Canelo again. Most likely called cherry picking anyways. Callum over rated! Over rated! Over rated. Lol

  • No one should be required to fight in the UK except those indigenous. Total sham, in 50 years of following the sport the most shameful decision I have ever seen!

    • come on dude. why make it about the UK? First of all both fighters were English. Secondly, these bad decisions are happening everywhere. When bradley beat Manny, GGG drew with Canelo, fury drew with Wilder or even Lewis drawing with holyfield, noone said abandon the USA. Even the decision of the fight i am watching this very second (Ceja Figeroa) is being questioned by the commentators and booed by the crowd. it is a big problem in the sport. i dont know if it is corruption or just shit judging, but it is happening everywhere

  • It was a close fight with Ryder the aggressor most of the fight. I had it for Smith by two rounds, but a swing by one round would have made it a draw.
    Smith spent too much time covering up on the ropes and Ryder had him on the ropes often.

    I knew Ryder would give him a tough fight. He’s much better than people think and his last few performances have been impressive. However, it was a very unintelligent fight by Smith, who had trouble with Ryder’s head movement and was swinging and missing wildly in the final few rounds. He was also covering up when he should have been jabbing and moving his hands.

    Smith really needs to regroup and think about his future in the 168 lb division. David Benavidez would have beaten him easily tonight. It’s possible that he can’t make the super middleweight limit at this stage of his career without draining him. He didn’t show his usual power and never really hurt Ryder at any point. In fact, Ryder appeared to be the stronger man most of the fight as he pushed Smith around the ring.

    Smith was extremely vulnerable in this fight and Ryder could have been given the decision considering the superb way he fought. This actually makes the 168 lb division more interesting since Smith’s aura of invincibility was severely damaged tonight.

    • Thanks for bringing all these casual Smith haters down to Earth AP. I was actually surprised how tough a time Smith had with Ryder, but we’d never seen Callum in there with a squat fighter who tunnels in up close. I’ve also been saying that Callum should stop waiting on the Canelo, or unification fights because they’re not happening anytime soon and it’s going to severely cost him because of his weight making issues. Callum is too prideful to make excuses about his weight, but the obvious truth is that he’s outgrown 168. 175 will be better for him, and there are marquee match ups with guys he can fight that will suit his style. Ryder was a bad match up for Smith to look good against, even though I agree Callum edged it. Callum needs to drop the fantasy of getting Canelo to come to liverpool, ’cause even after this terrible showing of vulnerability, that shit still ain’t happening.

      • There are no Smith haters. There are only Canelo fans who were told by many Smith followers and Canelo haters this guy could destroy Canelo. Not happening!

  • Massive reality check for Callum Smith!! I thought Ryder won but not as big of a robbery as people make out ! American fans don’t really understand boxing skill or don’t rate it as much as they should imo. I think Callum Smith will be a much better fighter after this . It goes to say the state of boxing where someone can get to no1 in a division and not really be tested. Groves wasn’t fit or interested when they fought shame really

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