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    • Mike, well said, especially when they tend to promote their backgrounds using their fathers’ names. However, the media does a great job pointing out who the “legend” fathers are, and we draw our own conclusions.

      • On a side note: Evan Holyfield was just KO’d this evening in the first round in an upset. Wow! McDonald delivered the upset!

  • This is terrible! The news says that this is his “2nd” amateur fight, even though he’s been fighting for YEARS (21 years old) in his home country. Now he comes over here and fights under USA Boxing rules as a Novice (10 or fewer sanctioned fights) and now everyone is saying how good he is?! It’s easy to beat up on a REAL amateur boxer with only 1 or 2 VERIFIED fights…..such a farce…..

  • Let’s put this in it’s proper perspective. He won on a 3rd round DECISION! This tells me that had he been fighting an Open division Amateur Boxer (over 10 sanctioned fights) instead of a Novice division Boxer, he might have lost…..

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