Bakole dominates and batters Yoka


In an important heavyweight confrontation, WBA #9, WBC #15, IBF #15 Martin Bakole (18-1, 13 KOs) put a ten round beat down on previously undefeated IBF #5, WBC #9, WBA #13 heavyweight Tony Yoka (11-1, 9 KOs) on Saturday night at Accor Arena in Paris. The 277lb Bakole bullied the 241lb Yoka and dropped him in round one. Bakole continued to walk down, batter and bust up Yoka. Yoka went down again in round five, then mostly stayed out of range for the rest of the fight. Scores were 96-92, 95-93, 94-94!!!

In an eight-round lightweight contest, two-time French Olympian and 2016 Olympic silver medalist Sofiane Oumiha (2-0, 1 KO) outpointed previously unbeaten Mevy Boufoudi (8-1, 3 KOs) in a lightweight contest.

Unbeaten lightweight Christ “Little T” Esabe (12-0, 3 KOs) outscored Sander Diaz (13-9-1, 9 KOs) in an eight-rounder.

Lightweight Victor Yoka, younger brother of heavyweight Tony Yoka, won his professional debut by first round KO over over Gurami Kurtanidze (4-15-5, 1 KO).

Xhoxhaj upsets Fress, Deines wins by KO
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  • Wow… Yoka looked awful. I’m still not sure what Bakole’s got, but that was utter domination. Yoka was supposed to fight Hrgovic… he would’ve gotten smashed had he taken that fight.

    • Did not think Yoka was that good, but did not expect him to look this awful. Still recon Hrgovic is not as good as he is made out to be.

    • Recon Bakole has what most hw’s do not have nowadays, a two-handed fighter and really good left hooks.

  • Bakole dominated Yoka, even knocked down Yoka in round 1 and 5 and the one judge scores it 94-94, ridiculous. Yoka just does not have it as a pro fighter.

    • Due to the fact I don’t speak French, I never heard those scores announced. Is this the certain scoring? Yoka won *at best* 3 rounds, and that requires searching for every point to give. I had it 99-89.

  • I wss about done with Yoka anyway. He’s been a pro since 2016 ? 17? And only has 11 pro fights. I remember after he won his first or second pro fight he was carrying on like he just won the thrilla on manills.

    Arrogant all style no substance and clearly no heary or drsire.


      • Shut your mouth asshole, he wasn’t busted for steroids he was in holidays when the guy’s were searching him for a random testing.. isiot you are just a casual who throws so bad shit out there and run his big mouth..
        That’s a specialist website not a casual fan website..

        • So boxers can drugs themselves when there are not boxing? Wow. That why they’re call random testing. U should be clean EVERYTIME. AND IF HE GOT BUSTED FOR STEROIDS. HES IS CHEATING…. That’s not a recreational drug.

    • Dude. Never watch boxing again. BAKOLE BATTERED YOKA PILLAR TO POST.
      He was gifted gold as an amateur, and his whiskers have always been questionable as an Am and Pro.

      • I believe Julien is either joking or saying that he believed Yoka would win.

        I’d never seen Bakole fight before, so I was assuming he was there to be beaten. Of course, somebody forgot to let him in on the plan. LOL!

        • I believe what he meant was “i was picking Yoka to win this”

          Theres no way he scored it in Yokas favor.

  • All three judges illegally gave rounds, that Berkole won, to Yoka. This is what is wrong with boxing. The judges attempted on the outset to score the rounds in favor of Yoka. The writer of this article described the fight correctly, Berkole dominated the fight throughout. What the writer should have done but didn’t do, is criticize the judges.

    • I had it 9-1 for Bakole with 2 KDs. That’s 99-89. The fight was a wipeout. What does it take to have judges with some level of competence? Most rounds weren’t close as it was clear Bakole was hurting him with just about everything he threw.

  • When Bakole lost to Hunter 4 years ago, he went back to the drawing board and has gotten better. Great win for him today…

  • Bakole looked great! However, I think it might have been more Yoka looking terrible. That final round was him waiving the white flag.

    Note: I usually am willing to give the judges the benefit of the doubt, but 94 to 94 when one fighter was ruled down twice needs a long look. If I’m being generous, maybe Yoka won one round…MAYBE!!!

  • That’ why Bakole wouldn’t let Yoka out of this fight to go fight Hrgovic in that eliminator. Well played Bakole.

  • Never thought much of Yoka. Always thought Joyce and Hrgovic from his class of olympians were the future rather than Yoka.

  • It’s come to this: I hope for a knockout. Otherwise, who knows what’s coming? It’s hard. As disappointed as I am as a fan, what about the guys who get jobbed? Judges go in with a winner in mind. Disjustice to the fightersz, #1, and to folks like us who just want to watch fights. For every fight like this (and Bivol/Canelo), there are tons of fighters who just get effed.

    • Or David Price. Lots of upside, but more at home in the amateurs. It felt like all lacked heart, which is going to cost you when you fight a guy with comparable skills.

  • Neither of these guys looked impressive. Yoka has a seriously suspect chin(like a David price chin). Bakole is a big dude that seems to have some pop but he’s raw and doesn’t have alot of good technique.. he’s a pressure fighter and yoka didn’t really do anything but get on his bike after he got tagged clean. Bakole reminds me of a Sam Peter type. A top level fighter will make him look bad. Hard to tell what kind of chin Bakole has. He doesn’t have alot of talent but seems to have some power. Yoka isn’t going to be a fighter that will hold any of the 4 major belts. If he does, I’d be shocked.

  • It looks like Martin Bakola “broke-Ola ” Tony “Yoko Ono” Yoka. Tony’s cornerman after the fight, “You OK, dude? Cause yoka hammered!”

  • Didn’t watch the fight but damn I wasn’t expecting that.. Hope for Yoka it was a night off because if not he can forget his dream of being the first French HW world champ !

  • bakole had experience yoka needs help in the gym he could be a good fighter if he wANTS IT bad enough

  • Who ever had this fight at 94-94 should never judge again period….Yoka never won a round and suffered 2 knockdowns…I had it 100-88….Brutal….

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