Shocker: Resendiz KOs ex-champ Hurd

0035 Jarrett Hurd Vs Armando Resendiz
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

By Rocky Morales at ringside

In an upset, Armando “Toro” Resendiz (14-1, 10KO) stopped former unified world champion, Jarrett “Swift” Hurd (24-3, 16KO) in the final round of a scheduled ten round middleweight bout on Saturday night at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California.

Resendiz pushed the action from the beginning with Hurd content to mostly throw counterpunches that enjoyed early success. It was a rough fight with Resendiz warned for head butts and Hurd twice warned for low blows.

By the middle rounds, the superior activity of Resendiz was the difference maker as Hurd was unable to find the counter punches to keep Resendiz at bay.

The eighth round saw Hurd’s face start swelling up like a balloon and he was bloodied, as well.

The ninth round was all Resendiz as Hurd looked like a shell of his former self. Only after the ninth round did Resendiz finally show some celebratory emotion as if he finally knew he had the fight in the bag.

Just as the tenth round started, the ringside doctor called a halt to the action to examine Hurd. After a few seconds, the doctor informed the referee that Hurd was unable to continue due to a severe laceration on his lip and, with that, the referee waved off the fight.

By way of knockout at 0:05 of the tenth round, Resendiz is the winner and instant middleweight title contender. Resendiz suddenly looks like a logical choice for a Jermall Charlo comeback fight / title defense.

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  • Extreme bias by the reporter on this fight (Rocky Morales). Yeah, I said it. First off, it was a TKO as the doctor stopped the fight, and not a KO. Second, the fight was close and Hurd landed his fair share of telling blows and actually landed at a higher percentage than Resindiz, who threw more. I’ll be impartial in my assessment: Hurd has always had porous defense and being off for 2 plus years, he chose the wrong guy. It seems like Hurd’s arms are extra long and he sometimes slaps with his shots and gets hit like two or three times when his long arms are hanging at his knees. Resindiz was ripped, which is not normal for Mexican fighters, may be on the beef (Canelo, Marquez, Vargas come to mind). Nonetheless, he looked good as he was not your typical Mexican slugger and showed a good mix of effective pressure, counterpunching, defense, and a good chin. Hurd should hang em up; while he dishes it out, he takes too much punishment, money isn’t worth it.

    • Do agree with your post about Hurd slapping….noticed that also…Hurd not turning his punches over…producing that snapping effect…you are absolutely correct DMV great observation….

    • I always thought Hurd was overrated bum, he’d just rehydrate in all his fights and come in super heavy and have huge advantage over his opponent, good chin and stamina but that’s about it

  • Excellent fight…fun to watch…Resendiz just outwilled Hurd….great test for the young fighter…Resendiz showed text book stuff in defeating that shoulder roll style of boxing displayed by Hurd…damn that was fun to watch….Again Congrats to both fighters for being professional and showing amazing heart… expect Resendiz to learn from this amazing win…understand and agree with the stoppage..thought that was a lot of blood spit out by Hurd’s corner before the stoppage…wanted to see that last round though!!!!

  • No shocker here. Prior to the fight, I informed my friends that the Resendiz kid will get the victory because Hurd has run his boxing course for retirement. I hope Hurd found ways to properly manage his finances. Even if Hurd won, I would say he should retire.

    Shame on Hurd’s camp for arranging a fight with this kid because they should have arranged a couple of easier fights before dealing with a tougher opponent.

    A nice win for Resendiz.

  • With this win, Resendiz should — take a breath !
    He should fight 15 – 20 more fights to [ solely ] increase his experience. Learn his craft to become malleable. Instead, he is going to be rushed.
    For what and for who ? No one cares for Meldrick Taylor today. Yet, he was rushed to Chavez (3/1990) and rushed to ‘fight again’ in August of said year. Oh ye pf little faith.

  • Everyone said it about Hurd on his way up that he needed to get his defense together (Lara even said it after they fought) and he just never did. He’s 32 which is a fine age, but if he does continue on, Jarrett Hurd will take some awful punishment and I hope he calls it a day because he barely fights anyway and another long break (which is coming if he does choose to continue) clearly doesn’t repair anything for him.

  • This was not a SHOCKER
    Hurd was exposed by Julian Williams
    and has never been the same, hd fell off big time
    And Williams is a C level fighter in my opinion

  • I disagree with the writer that Hurd is a shell of himself. That undermines Resendiz’s effort. He took Hurd’s best shots and kept coming, finally wearing Hurd down! Sure, Hurd looked a little rusty, but at the same time, never faced that kind of pressure before!

  • Hurd’s last win was three years ago. He hasn’t been in the ring in almost two years and then he lost to Arias.

    Hurd seems to have lost that mental strength in recent years. There are doubts, it’s like he doesn’t really believe in himself deep down anymore, he neither wants nor can walk through a wall.

    Even though Hurd is 32, he would have needed a different type of matchup to build up what is not working today.

    Now instead Hurd faced a mentally tough, young fighter who never stopped coming forward and everything went wrong.

    Is there time to rebuild Hurd? Or is it time to look around for something else? That’s the big question for Hurd and his team.

    At the same time, congratulations and hats off to Resendiz for a well-executed fight.

  • To come back and pick a live dog after being absent for years from the ring is never the right choice. Resindez just raised his stock with Hurd on his resume. The fight was competitive, but it lead down to being in fighting shape.

    The hinting of additional supplentation mentioned here is not a far off observation, and would not be a surprise either.

    Resindez needs to keep moving up in the ranks and Hurd should give it another go, but with a couple of tomato cans to sharpen the blade.

  • This reminds me of July 18, 1982. The day that former WBA lightweight champion Art Frias lost in a major upset to Ruben Munoz Jr.

    Unlike Hurd, Frias actually knew how to box. Frias was a very good club fighter who got lucky in a world title shot. He boxed GRADES above his level.

    After the overachieving Frias lost to Boom Boom Mancini, he was finished. Still, few expected the then 13-1 Munoz to do what he did.

    Hurd’s problem is that his boxing skills are minimal, his defense is horrible, and he only won matches because he was strong and had a steel chin. Now that he is DECLINING, Hurd will continue to lose to guys like Resendiz, and worse.

    Like Ruben Munoz Jr, Resendiz is not going anywhere. Hurd needs to retire and learn a new trade.

    • why? cause he beat your guy? hahahaha
      when you have proof, let us know Mr Butt Hurt.

      • Beat my guy you idiot ?! I don’t give a f about Hurd but Resendiz is full of peds like a good quantity of Mexican fighters..

        • Regis, com on man Hurd is good and was once the boogie~man @ Jr. Middle~weight. He has outgrown the jr middleweights and he does not have the same phcical advantages ad middle. He needs some2

  • Just for you haters. Good thing about California’s Athletic Commission is that there is mandatory urine test for all 10 round fights, Toro Resendiz was tested and is clean.

  • Interesting for me was the post fight interview. Armando “Toro” Resendiz said he sparred alot with Vergil Ortiz. Would love to see footage. If Ortiz dominated Resendiz than Ortiz may be unbeatable.

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