Shields-Habazin fight in jeopardy?

By Bob Ryder

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Chaos erupted at the Claressa Shields-Ivana Habazin weigh-in this afternoon. Habazin’s trainer was attacked and knocked to the ground. James Ali Bashir had been engaged in some verbal sparring with someone from the Shields’ camp when shortly after he was punched from behind by an unidentified assailant. Habazin was tearfully trying to comfort Ali as he lay on the floor when an ambulance was called. Ivana then accompanied him to the hospital. Where this leaves the status of tomorrow’s fight card is unknown at this time.

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Bashir Habizin

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  • This is some serious assault. The attacker has to be found – with so many people and cameras around its hard to believe that the attacker is still “unidentified”. Horrible incident.

    • I agree this fighters need to tell their “Posses” I am the fighter and this is my job, not yours and put them in their place all these fake gangster personas.

    • All Sheild’s fights have been great and fun to watch. Female boxing is really fun to watch if your a true boxing fan. It’s getting a lot better too.

        • I’d take a world title female bout over some of these fringe flyweight men’s bouts. Like I said If your a real boxing fan it’s great to watch.

          • Personally I dont like seeing women fighting. Its my choice not to watch. I prefer womens beach volleyball.I admire that skill for obvious reasons.

  • Shields and the whole camp should be suspended. Shields and her team are always loud acting like wild animals instead of professional athletes.

    • @ Scott: I didn’t want to say this, but since you wrote it, I have to give it a thumbs up :)) What’s even worse in this case is that the assault happened from behind. Nasty coward(s).

    • True-don’t understand this. When she was in the Olympics she came across as the girl next door.

      • Amateur and pro boxing is extremely different in this regard: Pro boxers have to sell fights, which often prompts some of them to put on weird shows. That’s why I love boxers like GGG, Pacman, Jennings, Loma, etc. – they always act like gentlemen outside the ring. No low class antics ever.

      • I think Clarissa is trying hard for press and the girl next door just doesn’t work as well as the Heel.

        With that said, this type of character can draw the wrong element. She has already missed the opportunity to condemn this cowardly attack. Women’s boxing is bad for many reasons, but Shields was at least getting exposure. I think she lost serious ground with this incident. The sad part is that she and her team probably had nothing to do with it.

        • They didn’t, Shield’s clearly tried to deescalate the situation while Coach Ali continued to ad fuel to the fire which resulted in him being burned.

  • Showtime and the promoter need to be sued for allowing Shields who’s a hood rat to have her thugs and other hood rats in any fight venue. Shields got big mouth and like her posse are all low class ghetto mother fuckers with no class. Reports say that Habazin’s trainer is about 70 years old. Shields and all her hood rats should be locked the fuck up!

  • There is something about Shields that puts me of. She is a load mouth clown, and it seems like the people around her are weaved from the same cloth. I hope that lot is sued for everything they have. It must be a Flint thing, Andre Dirrell`s corner did the same thing as well, and he is from the same Place.

    • It is exactly a flint thing, and it appears that the contaminated water didn’t put the inhabitants of that failed city to their appropriate deaths. What a shame 🙁 Scumbag ‘filmmaker’ Michael Moore is also from Flint. Just sayin. Some cities just breed failed subhumans.

      • You can argue his politics but the “scumbag” has pointed out exactly why Flint breeds “subhumans”. You should consider educating yourself on what happened in Flint, a city that was poisoned in the last few years by profiteering leadership at the state level. You know what lead does to children? Yeah. That.

        • Lead? Does this explain why every ghetto in America is like this? Do they all drink lead? No. It’s 100% upbringing or lack thereof that conditions these children to remain children well into adulthood. Even someone with an IQ well below normal can be raised to be respectful and civil.

  • Punk ass wanna be gangsters the entire team should be suspended should never have a big fight in thug land Flint or whatever terrible or place Shields wanted to have an easy win shame on you and your crew I was looking forward to this fight but she is a thug suspend her make his sit out for a while gangster

  • Shields used to come across as a humble respectful person now she is always running her big mouth even bragging about kicking men’s ass and holding her own with champions bla bla bla she is just a thug hanging around thugs a bunch of classless POS’s her and her gangster team because believe me this would not have happened if she was a decent human with no low life’s in her entourage.

      • Really Diego? How many assaults have you seen remotely close to this involving anyone let alone fighters connected to Hayman? Hayman had been in boxing since the 80’s so you got a lot of fights to chose from. I’ll wait….

  • 1) This is a serious assault and I hope law enforcement figures out and prosecutes who did it.

    2) But….it didn’t stop Balboa from fighting.

    • They won’t do anything about it…There’s so much crime in these big cities now that they don’t do much prosecuting anymore.

  • There is a growing Culture within Al Haymans fighters that is disturbing no room for this in the sport.

  • Ghetto thugs. Who did you expect to be in ratchet Shields corner but a bunch of low-life inbred hoodrats? I hope the fight gets called and shaniqua doesn’t get to make any money at all. Haha-hahaha-bwaahaaahaahaa!

  • They cost both fighters money because the fight is off I hope shields gets sued so she knows the real cost of her teams action.

  • What a damn shame. I’ve been to many weigh ins in the past. And i can tell you this, some fighters think that bringing 20-30 plus imbeciles with them makes them a better fighter. I am disgusted that a 70 year old trainer has to be put in the hospital because we have someone who thought it was in their best interest to hit an old man in the back of his head. Since this is a WBC, Showtime fight, both entities are responsible for ALLOWING such a side show at a weigh in. Shields is also someone that needs to pay for this. WBC I.M.O owes some big money here to not only the man that was hurt badly, but to the fighter that her trainer was assaulted, Showtime lost here because their whole promotion went to hell,. Now with that said, they should know by now it’s not necessary having an army attend a weigh in, and from past experiences I myself have seen many times, hordes of imbeciles looking for any excuse to start a war not just of words, but trying to start a major blow up. Since the WBC gets it’s VIG from their SO CALLED title fights, I think they must pay for this assault. And SHOWTIME is also not new to boxings weigh ins, they also must be held accountable, next Shields,I do not know who hit this trainer, but I do know if it was a member in her camp, she should be liable, and make it cost her a pretty penny. And I might add, I don’t know if she has any right to fight again while she CREATED an atmosphere assault and intimidation. Once we know the who what and where anyone involved must be held accountable, and I.M.O needs to either be jailed, put out of the business, and held ACCOUNTABLE with some real $$$$$$$$SSSSS.

  • Shields should automatically be fined the amount of the purse owed to Habazin. Shields team should be banned from participation in a fight for a set amount of time. Shields and her team should undergo mandatory anger counseling as the typical resident of Flint Michigan become overemotional and can’t control their dangerous outbursts. The actual assaulter should be charged with aggravated assault.

  • My advice to Habazin. Lawyer up girl. Get a box cutter of a lawyer/legal counsel and go straight for the throat/juglar of all responsible. Retire in Monte Carlo. Lol!

  • And as the costs mount…………..and the parties involved pay a heft price, showtime, the WBC, the weigh in venues lack of proper security, Claressa Shields will become a hot potato no one wants to touch. A once promising career shattered by a moment of stupidity by an overemotional thug team/entourage. Yes……………some of us need a major dose of humility before we get it. My guess she is already consulting a PR firm for collateral damage control and you will see her team will tear filled eyes begging for forgiveness as a 70 year old man lies in a hospital. Emotional pain and suffering that can only be relieved by a hefty lawsuit.

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