Golovkin, Derevyanchenko make weight

Ggg Derev Weigh In

Gennady Golovkin 159.2 vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko 159
(IBF middleweight title)

Israil Madrimov 153.4 vs. Alejandro Barrera 152.6
Ivan Baranchyk 139.6 vs. Gabriel Bracero: 140
Ali Akhmedov 167.2 vs. Andrew Hernandez 167.6
Brian Ceballo 148.7 vs. Ramal Amanov 148.4
Kamil Szeremeta 159.4 vs. Oscar Cortes 160
Nikita Ababiy 160.6 vs. Isiah Seleon 159.4
Joseph Ward 173.4 vs. Marco Delgado 173.8

Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York City
Promoter: GGG Promotions

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  • Derevyanchenko may be small but he looks intimidating – one of those guys no one is eager to get into the ring with.

  • GGG looks good at the scales! However, I still feel he needs to jump onto the speed wagon and make statements now before he gets old over night. Since he is in his mid-30’s, my claim can be legit and worthy to mention…..

  • Whatever Golovkin had to prove, he already proved it (the guy has been fighting stateside mostly, for the past 7 years). The guy should be 18-0, or 17-0-1, over the past 7 years. Some say he was close with Canelo the 2nd time, and close with Jacobs. He is just trying to pick back up some title(s) that never should have been taken off of him to begin with. And things change some for him now with a different trainer. Of course, Golovkin is a money maker boxer, one of the top 5 highest paid fighters up to 200 lbs, not sure what the heavyweight champions make these days, maybe Golovkin gets paydays similar to those guys.

      • @Canyada: there are very few serious boxing fans who think so. The general consent among boxing experts is that GGG won both fights: the first one decisively and the second with just enough margin to get the UD.

  • When a fighter is close to a household name and they get beat, legit or not, they get dropped like a hot potato
    ggg built his name on ko`s, fans want knockouts, sad but true but of course he`s still got it

  • I am definitely glad to see GGG fighting someone with talent and close to his actual size.. his last fight was a joke and shld feel disgraced by fighting someone of a much lesser caliber. If he can dismantle this guy quick and easy as he did the last, then he will get my respect and deserves that 3rd shot at Canelo.. Right now, I have it 1-1. GGG first fight and Canelo second. We need to see that 3rd and both fighters need a dramatic finish on either side to shush fans of all sides..and we can all move on

    • @ Tony: you are asking too much here. There’s no one in the division, incl. Canelo and other top tier fighters who can “dismantle Derevyanchenko quick and easy”. Its ludicrous to think this would be an easy fight for anyone. It seems that you have no idea who Derevyanchenko is. You may want to watch his fight against Jacobs.

      Any type of win over Derevyanchenko is a good win.

      • Stonefree: yea I understand what u are saying bud. I know what Derevyachenko brings to the table. Hes a freaking beast. I said that more so be facetious being the last guy GGG fought didn’t belong there. This will be interesting and I feel an upset. But wld it really be an upset? My opinion says no, he is jus as good or even better than GGG/Canelo. But yea man. I agree with ya…

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