Saunders: I’m sick of hearing their BS excuses

The worst-kept secret in boxing was officially announced Tuesday morning. Undefeated WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders (28-0, 13 KOs) has signed a multi-fight promotional deal with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing, with his next fight to be announced next week.

“This move is going to benefit me massively,” said Saunders. “Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing can put me right out on the branch for those big fights. I’m on Golovkin and Canelo’s turf. I’ve made this move to make them fights because I’m sick of hearing their bullshit excuses. Those fights make financial sense and they make sense because we’re on the same network.

“I will go where the big fights are and I can fluctuate between middle and super-middle. If the big fights are at middleweight then I’ll have them at middle. If they’re at super middleweight then I’ll have them at super. I’m a world champion at super middle so if anyone wants to come and try to win a belt then I’ve got one of the most recognized belts out there and I’m open to big offers.”

In addition to Canelo and GGG, the move to Matchroom opens up potential fights for Saunders against Demetrius Andrade, Daniel Jacobs and Callum Smith.

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  • F^^^ OFF! You lousy pathetic clown. You stink Billy! You are a Drug cheat. You can take your little spoiled brat son with you too that little prick should have had Willie Monroe’s’ son smack that little prick ladyboy son of yours ass for punching him in the nuts! figures you would teach him to play with men’s genitals all Monroe was doing was being kind and nice to him! You then proceeded to bore the living crap out of everyone with another one of your safety first dreadful performances they should have disqualified you for no effort and refunded everyone their money back.

  • These PED converts are always barking, but N E V E R making it right with the paying public. Mr. Alvarez,
    Mr. Saunders, Mr. Briggs, Mr. Miller and Mr. Whyte as of late.

  • Right move but why is he always blaming others? He had a rep for pulling out of fights – a bit like Calzaghe used to.

  • Saunders needs to learn how to be humble and stop blaming others for not having yet the dreamed marquee fight. No one, but him should carry the blame for being inconsistent and going into troubles with the law. I was expecting a new person now that he has the opportunity to a new fresh start, but he still the same low personality guy. He has some decent skills, but not enough IMO to be a real threat to Callum Smith or Canelo, maybe to Jcob or the aging GGG. Still though, he is a great matchup for any of them

  • BJ is the same brat as his lil son. Striking grown men in the groin, for no apparent reason. Except BJ like to pay the disadvantaged to perform sex acts and crimes for money. Trash

  • He is whinging a bit here. The only other person who deserves some of the blame is Frank Warren, who these days is bad for anyone’s career. Saunders is good , but his record is shit. Too much emphasis is placed on the Lemieux win. He schooled him yeah, but Lemieux was made for him. All his other wins are meaningless. Andrade would have been good, but we know what happened there. Saunders needs to hurry up and map his career like he is actually trying impress the fans. He has given the top boys every reason to not fight him.

    • He needs to make that Andrade fight to undo the wrongs. I don’t think DAZN wants him in with any of the key fighters until they settle their business.

  • Oh gosh please! Saunders vs Andrade? I wouldn’t go if I was given ringside seats! In fact they would have to pay me big $$ to watch that boring fight! It will be remembered as “One wouldn’t vs One couldn’t”. Horrible boring styles from both of them. Safety first vs Safety first. Clown vs Clown. I’d rather watch my grass grow! Watching this fight would be like chugging a liter of codeine.

  • Yeah right, Saunders would only fight $$ Canelo or old triple G. No way he goes near Andrade or his own countrymen Callum Smith. Jacob’s is a possibility but brings nothing to the table anymore. I’m also not sure that the pikey can make 160 without cheating.

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