Ruiz says Twitter account was hacked

By Gabriel F. Cordero

Former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz claims his former girlfriend hacked into his Twitter account and posted a video of Ruiz carrying two bags that appear to be containing marijuana and also an image of Ruiz receiving an IV to allegedly mask drug use from VADA testing. The same woman has made sexual abuse charges against Ruiz. Andy denies the allegations.

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  • Chickens coming home to roost, maybe this he why he no longer in the works for later this year

  • If you are dating Ruiz,,,you have issues. All her allegations are probably true though.

  • Moral of the story: When you don’t take boxing serious enough during some matches and half a** your training, I guess dealing dope can bring in some cash as a side job!

  • He had his brief moment of glory. Looks like it’s downhill now.

  • He’s one guy that I actually believe when he says he doesn’t juice. Cuz be real, if you juice and still have that shitty body, you’re doing it all wrong.

    • Remember James Toney? I’m sure he washed his roids down with a 2 can dine for $8.99 meal.

    • Being on the juice mean you are going to be ripped. James Toney, Jarrell Miller have both being caught on the juice and they have crappy bodies.

      • In the case of Ruiz, Toney, and Miller… I think the anabolics were being taken because they were lazy slobs and needed a shortcut. If you only go to the gym once a week, steroids will at least get you a bit. But you’re still not going to keep up with an un-roided gym addict. Steroids are a shortcut, but you still gotta put in the work.

    • The juice just gives you more of what you have thats it ,if you dont look the part no amout of juice will change that!

  • I thought Andy Ruiz was married to Julie? She was at all his fights. Who is this girlfriend?

  • If Ruiz and Fury had fought, the WBC, could have made a new belt, calling it the ‘Dramma Queen belt ‘.

  • Legit pics, he’s using the hack ishhhht to get off the hook! After he beat joshua the first time, he went psycho mode and careless! Now, ishhht is hunting him!

    • Ruiz had one great night and it coincided with a bad night for Joshua. He has refused to fight any legit fighter since then. He’s not and never was better than a fringe contender.

  • Why is it that I believe it 100%-This guy made every mistake in the book after finding success.

  • I find it hard to believe a heavyweight boxer would use steroids, smoke weed and pay for hookers. The allegations just seem so absurd.

    • I remember when Leon Spinks got robbed of his gold teeth by a hooker!

  • The ole “my ex-girlfriend hacked my account” excuse. No one is buying it. You got busted.

  • Please stop using the word hacked when someone knows the password or gets a hold of their devices. Hacking is more complicated.

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