Haney, Loma make weight

Haney Push
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Devin Haney 134.9 vs. Vasyl Lomachenko 135
(undisputed lightweight title)
During the face-off, Haney lost his composure and shoved Lomachenko before storming off the stage.

Loma: ‘He’s mine. He doesn’t have power…he’s scared!”

Haney: “You see how easy I pushed him back? He’s a smaller man and I’m going to impose my will on him.”

Junto Nakatani 114.6 vs. Andrew Moloney 114.5
(WBO super flyweight title)

Oscar Valdez 132.1 vs. Adam Lopez 132.1
Raymond Muratalla 133.9 vs. Jeremia Nakathila 133.6
Nico Ali Walsh 158.4 vs. Danny Rosenberger 158
Emiliano Vargas 133.8 vs. Rafael Jasso 134.7
Abdullah Mason 135.8 vs. Desmond Lyons 135.3
Floyd Diaz 119.8 vs. Luis Fernando Saavedra 119.8
Amari Jones 160 vs. Pachino Hill 161.9

Venue: MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Promoter: Top Rank

GIANT Haney-Loma Weigh-In Gallery from Emily Harney


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  • I don’t know who’s a bigger classless slime bag, Devin or his father.

    • You do realize these guys do this to market the fight right? People want to believe these people hate each other.

  • Blink blink, wow so out of character for DH. Might of made a mistake, you woke the sleeping giant . Pressure causing nerves?

    • Are you hinting Lomachenko should have handed a fluffy pizza slice to Haney to smooth out the situation?

    • But remember, that was a ceremonial weigh in. All those guys weighed in at 900 in the morning and made weight. He had several hours to eat and hydrate.

      • Important point!

        Lost his composure?
        Not sure. Might have been planned.

  • Haney is far from scared. Adding a bit more hype and probably cant wait for the post fight interview when he tells the world he told you so. Loma blames the war and says he is getting up there and age when he loses.

    • All the years watching Loma, never seen him make an excuse for his losses. Never. So, you are full of it.

      • So him using his shoulder excuse after the Teo loss wasn’t an excuse?

        • No, that was a fact. Fighters fight hurt, ill, whatever. There is no disabled list. No injury list. He had surgery after, no? Fighters only get paid for fighting and if they don’t fight, they don’t get paid. Loma even said, losing to Lopez made him better. So, no, it was not an excuse.

    • Hey, this might be your night of redemption after all those years of watching Lomachenko clown your favorite fighters.

  • Linares Sunned ,hurt Haney I can See Loma dropping him a few times…Haney nervous…

  • Everyone is easy to push back when they’re not ready for it. Dick move by Haney. I hope Lomachenko schools him but I done want to hear from Lopez afterwards hahahaha

  • Haney shoves Loma at the weigh-in…will spend the fight holding Loma like he’s his date at the prom.

  • All publicity choreographed bullshit, but the fight will be interesting but I’m leaning towards Loma,he’s had time to heal properly,he knows how to cut off his opponent (Kambosos failed) from dancing around the ring and manages to keep calm leading up to the day. If anything a draw. Mind you it depends on what judges turn up on the day!

  • I never realized that Haney was so ignorant and low class. He is obviously shaken by Loma because in Loma, he sees a level of character that he himself doesn’t possess. I think Loma is going to outlast Haney and win a decision or late round stoppage.

  • I can’t wait for after the fight and Devin wins by WIDE UD! 9-3 or 8-4
    I want to see all the excuses all you Haney haters will have. See ya after the fight.

    • I also have Haney by victory due to youth and speed. UD all the way…

    • Yeah Loma pissed away several early rounds against Ortiz in his last fight, but was able to overcome that deficit once he finally got going. He can’t afford to give up too many early rounds here, but that’s what I’m thinking will happen. I think Loma will probably make things uncomfortable for Haney later in the fight, but will fall short on the cards.

    • Well it’s not an excuse not before the fight I can tell you that is old and out of his weight class
      Haney just try to build up his record with this old boxer

    • Haney narrowly winning a decision against a 35 year old man who’s two weight classes smaller with a bum shoulder doesn’t erase the fact that he’s a classless little prick. So if we are Haney haters, we have every right to be.

    • The only thing wide is Devins nose. No way he wins easily if he wins.

  • Somebody in the YouTube comments section said that push was the most exciting moment of Haney’s career

  • Those of you that been to prison/jail or worked in one, know that was a straight PC move by Haney. A fighter that risks his payday even with a push is nervous, scared, and looking for a way out. That was no send a message push, you do that in the ring. His youth showed and he is scared. Loma is going to simply out class him and make him look foolish. Haney thinks he is just going to come charging in at Loma. I’m not saying Loma has one punch power, but he can crack too. Wbitch move by Haney.

  • … You don’t tug on superman’s cape
    You don’t spit into the wind
    You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger
    And you don’t mess around with Loma

  • Haney comes from father who spent time in prison for drugs. This is typical behavior.

  • Haney is a weak minded little man and has already lost his composure. This fight is his to lose, and with this mental midget mentality he may just indeed lose a fight he should have won.

  • Good young guy against good older guy. I’ve got to go with Haney by decision. Found a good place to watch these PPV fights in a local Mexican restaurant with a lot of young local boxers and their pretty girlfriends wearing traditional style dresses. And dark Negro modelo beer on tap.

  • Haney is looking more and more stupid. I am going to laugh my ass off if Loma wins and I virtually GUARANTEE Haney will come up with excuses if he does lose.

  • Haney sounded like he was gonna cry explaining why he pushed Loma, Saying Loma should have fought him 4 years ago bla bla bla. 4 years ago he wasn’t Devon Haney … he was Devon Who?

  • I have never liked neither trash talk nor a slimy attitude. It does absolutely nothing in my eyes.

    Boxers from Eastern Europe usually have a much more humble attitude towards the sport and life itself. I prefer it.

    I unfortunately think Haney will win and I think he will do it quite comfortably.

    If Loma wins, I’ll probably be the happiest of all of us boxing pundits who were wrong.

    • Good and realistic comment zockerbit. Will be great if Lomo has one more good fight left in him.

  • Total bitch move by ugly ass Haney. I hope Lomachenko demolishes him!!! He shoved him hard enough that he could’ve easily fell and got injured and now the fight is off. Classless, cowardly move. Of course he’s going to go flying when you shove someone who doesn’t expect it and is totally relaxed. Haney acting like he’s some kind of tough guy. Pillow bitch hands is scared and he’s showing it.

  • Haney working on his street cred! Rooting for Loma (as I’m tired of ‘thug culture’).

  • Seems like Loma has got in Haney’s head.
    Loma super relaxed and confident and all the pressure is on Haney.
    Hoping Loma can pull this off!

  • haney is scared loma may make him quit in the late rounds loma by far the better ring technician hope they have a good referee for this fight haney will do a lot of holding and he is the not that great he has never fought anybody of lomas skills

  • A Lomachenko win would be great but I’m not seeing it. With 36 hours to rehydrate Haney could be 155+, with Lomachenko in the low 140s. Plus Haney is 11 years younger. Haney by an uneventful UD, 116-112.

  • The only reason I want Haney to win is so TANK can beat Haney up. Tank is not just going to beat Haney, he is going to fk him up. Seriously, fk him up.

  • Haney is going to get a NoMasChenko assswhooping!!!! Let’s Go LOMACHENKO

  • Could be just to get those extra tickets or PPV sold. If Hayne goes in trying to prove a point, he’s going to be eating leather all night. Be cool and fight your pace.

    I want Loma to win, but logic says Haney by decision because of the weight class since we age faster at the lower weights.

    Either way, Arum has it set up so the belt stays in-house. Whoever is leaving Top Rank first, is guaranteed to have the judges against them.

  • I live in Africa and all I can say is that if Darwinian forces applied to humans they would be on the road to extinction. Their destructive nature and victimhood are a stain on humanity.

  • Haney has all the physical advantages ti beat Loma my biggest concern for Haney is his chin, Haney stating to show negative energy one of a nervous
    Fighter, he is not scared but he is doubting.
    If Loma finds his way around the jab its over for Haney

  • It is funny how simple minded and clueless these little 12 year old goof balls are in the comment section. You know why Haney pushed Loma? Because people want to believe and need to believe these guys hate each other. That is why they have press conferences. So these guys who can yell and push each other and you people at home get excited over it

    • Yes, it’s commonplace to see somebody getting pushed, or for fighters to be separated during these press conferences. Likely just a cheap attempt at selling this. Seen this a thousand times.

  • Would be hilarious if the tough guy freezes in the actual fight and falls behind tactically.

  • Haney that was uncalled for but maybe Loma indeed did get in Haney’s head. I’m pulling for Loma he has a chance unless Tony Weeks is in action.

  • Fingers crossed for Andrew Maloney today,may you create a bit of history and be a world champion like your twin brother Jason

  • Rolando Rolly Romero with his referee Tony Weeks will probably be fighting Haney in a unification winner take all. After Romero’s impressive come from behind victory with the help of Weeks earned him this oportunity. This is Rollys shot at greatness. Rolly will have Weeks inside while Al Haymon, Leonard Ellerbe and the and the PBC boxers posse will be there trying to trip Haney from the outside of the ring, eventually Mayweather himself distracts the referee when PBC boxers Tank Davis and his pal Caleb Plant double up Haney and knock him out cold all while Romero is laying on the ropes almost senseless himself. Caleb Plant shows Tony Weeks that Haney is out cold on the floor and Weeks declares declares Romero the winner! Soon every WWE wrestler and every UFC fighter will be boxing for the PBC. While Haney and Barroso will have to fight for the newly created WBC Junior Bridgerweight world championship for half their pay in sanctioning fees. Afterwards WBC president Mauricio Suliaman will write about how it’s the greatest championship ever in the history of boxing right here on good ol’ Fightnews.com and that the winner must face Jake Paul in 30 days or be made the champion in recess or some BS like that. Thats most likely to happen next after this fight. I think this fight has been rigged in Haney’s favor by the promoters before it has begun and just like last week this fight is a total sham. Welcome to boxing in 21st century folks! It’s a well oild BS machine. You gotta love it folks! You gotta love it.

  • >