Ruiz: I Give Myself a 60%

By Miguel Maravilla

Former unified heavyweight champion Andy “The Destroyer” Ruiz Jr. (34-2, 22 KO’s) of Imperial, California spoke about his win over Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola (38-7-1, 33 KO’s) of Riverside, California Saturday night at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California in the first-ever all-Mexican heavyweight showdown on FOX Sports PBC Pay-Per-View.


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  • One BIG upset win does not make a fighter great! Andy got the better of AJ that June night. AJ trained for another fighter for months then had just about a week to change styles to fight Ruiz. It was a great win for Andy, but it was if anything a one time fluke. Before AJ, Andy could barely fill seats and was never exciting. Has great hand speed yes but that’s about it. He wont e beating AJ, Tyson Fury, and other top heavyweights anytime soon.

    • U have to be out of your mind if You believe Andy’s win was a fluke against AJ. Quit making excuses for AJ, he got soundly beat by Andy and stopped. There was no fluke as he broke him down and made him quit. A fluke would’ve been one punch and a knockout. The ONLY reason Andy lost the rematch because he ate himself out of the championship. AJ was on his bicycle in the rematch all night and took Andy’s power seriously and did not exchange. Obviously u r still butt hurt over AJs loss, who will get soundly beat by Fury. AJ has power and overall decent boxing skills but he can be outboxed and has a sus chin.

      • Your reply is warranted. Good assessment with the rematch. People mostly do not assess facts. Mr. Joshua did his best not to engage in their rematch. And did fight very cautious. These acts fulfill there first bout was no ‘fluke.’ Even before that with Lennox Lewis in his rematch with Hasim Rahman. He returned respecting Mr. Rahman. And previously, Joe Louis in his return with Max Schmeling. HalleluYAH To The Christ.

      • i think fluke is the wrong word, but Ruiz does now have a status above his level because of that one win. He put in a great performance against AJ and got the win. Noone can take that away from him. But in reality, he caught AJ when AJ recklessly tried to finish him after knocking him down. It wasn’t like Ruiz was busting him up from the first bell. I agree AJ fought very cautiously in the rematch, but noone will ever know how much that was necessary.
        The fact is: Ruiz looked pretty awful last night against a vet he should have been destroying. AJ, Fury, Wilder, Whyte would be torn apart by the boxing community for that performance.

    • Not fury but definitly Joshua he is soft as grapes he can fight and is huge like Hercules but he has no chin is not a real champ Andy has more heart but neither Joshua or Ruiz are real champ material

    • AJ has a weak chin. Andy has impressive hand speed. Hopefully, his new regime will help acquire power. If it does, Andy will be able to take the top guys. Was his win over AJ lucky? No. AJ has a weak chin and he got clipped.

  • Andy Ruiz, be grateful you won the fight, and don’t say much. Go back to the gym, lose more weight, and work on your weaknesses. Work your way back into contention, or drop to 219, and fight at a bridgerweight.

    • Jennifer he’s trying to convince the REAL boxing fans he just had an off day, but further looking into his fights and now, he will NEVER be champion at this level. That 60% is a BS lie, the dude trained his fatness off with Canelo and this is the best version

    • Jennifer Diamond: Actually Arreola would straight away be able to fight at bridgerweight. Same with Povetkin. If they want once last chance and not have to fight these fighters that are like 30 pounds heavier than them.

  • 60% LMFAO That is all you will ever reach with that statement. Ruiz will NEVER again be champion. That was a Buster Douglas moment for him. He made excuses when he lost the belts, those were excuses of a man who will never rise again. Instead of embracing the 1 moment of opportunity, he blew it away. You can lose another 100 pounds and you will NEVER succeed. He could never beat any of the top-heavy weight fighters. Sure, a punches chance, but Wilder, Ortiz, and the gypsy King will destroy him.

    • Who r u joking! As if u know boxing, all boxers have an off day, just like AJ, Wilder, and Whyte. If u think he cannot beat a top ten then u r out of your mind. U r obviously butt hurt that he actually beat a world champion who was considered the undisputed best at one time, and he did it being a fat kid. Muscles don’t mean shit in boxing; boxing skills go a long way and he soundly beat AJ. He got the W against Arreola, maybe not as pretty as he wanted to, but he got it non the less. He has a better chance at winning a heavyweight title than over the hill Ortiz and one dimensional fighter Wilder.

      • Ruiz is a bum he barely fended off 40 yr old Chris he lost all this weight yet he still fought slow no foot movement no head movement he fights like “rocky” only in the “real”world unlike the movies Apollo wins

  • This looks like the real Ruiz and I would like to see him fight Wilder or Ortiz. An interesting boring fight would be Ruiz vs Parker rematch. As bad as Parker is, Parker has a 50-50 chance of winning.

  • A lot of hate for Andy on this thread. I don’t see why. He’s an underdog who pulled off something great. Everybody wants to see that, but then the knives come out. Andy is a VERY good boxer with good skills and fast hands. He gave himself 60%… So what? We all know he’s capable of better because we’ve all seen it. Whatever happens from here on in, he’s been to the top of the tree and no one can take that from him. Good luck to him.

    • 60% of what fury is (sure)
      But that’s 100% of what he can do
      Fat or not he is slow and fights like a statue with fast hands fury will kill him Joshua is soft as grapes Whyte will kill him wielder to too big and will kill Andy before he gets inside Andy will never be champ again call him sonny liston becouse this boy. Is done for also liston would kill any fighter today so retrospect they all suck except tyson

  • He almost got knockout. He still needs a lot of work. If Arreola would had pushed more he probably would have taken him out.

  • Okay Ruiz, Jr., to prepare for the big dogs in future fights:

    1) Work on your conditioning/weight;

    2) Work on using your jab to set up your combination punches; and

    3) Definitely work on your defense by not lowering your left hand, by staying off a proper line and by not squaring up too much.

    I look forward to seeing a slimmer Ruiz, Jr. with better defensive timing and offensive timing.

  • Isn’t this his first fight with the new trainer? He’ll probably continue to improve as the fighter-trainer relationship builds but I don’t think he is a threat to fury aj. He’s a legit top 5 -7 heavyweight

  • ok Ruiz, keep training, get into better shape, keep losing weight, and be better against a better opponent next time. it will take him a year or two or maybe more to be at his best.
    everybody is waiting 🙂

  • You guys that keep making excuses for why Ruiz beat Joshua’s ass the first time know nothing about boxing.

    Arturo seems to hate Ruiz and Lou and Jennifer are just casual fans that know nothing about boxing but what all 3 of you have in common you like men with muscles like get over it already if you want to lust and see men with muscles go to a chippendales show and scream while the men dance for you! Geeez this is boxing not a body beautiful contest!

  • Even in shape, Ruiz is fat. A strange body type. Although Ruiz did win, the judging was dodgy af

  • More titties on display than a wet t-shirt contest in Miami during spring break. It’s a shame that these two breast boys are considered elite athletes now days.

  • Ruiz looked good, but not dominating.
    Arreola did NOT punch enough. He could’ve. He did NOT hit the body, if he had, he would have won.

  • In the first AJ fight Ruiz was letting both hands go, which has not been the case in his last two fights.

  • He barely got by a 40 year old fighter who was chillin at home. He’s not beating AJ again and he damn sure isn’t beating Fury. One-hit wonder. He might as well get fat again. He looked a lot better when he was fatter.

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