Verdejo charged with murder

Update: Verdejo is now in custody facing murder charges for the death of Keishla Rodriguez and for intentionally killing an unborn child. He allegedly punched the victim, injected her with a syringe full of substances bought at a drug store, tied her hands and feet, tied her to a concrete block, threw her off a bridge into a lagoon, and then shot at her from the bridge with a pistol. The death penalty isn’t off the table.

Lightweight contender Felix Verdejo is being investigated in a murder case involving a pregnant 27-year-old woman with whom he was allegedly having an affair. The story is front page news in Puerto Rico, where the press reports that police have seized a Dodge Durango owned by Verdejo and are combing through his phone and text records. Authorities also reportedly have an informant who is providing substantial evidence. The FBI will likely take over the case, which could involve carjacking, kidnapping, and murder for hire.

Top Rank, Verdejo’s promoter, issued the following statement: “Top Rank’s thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Keishla Marlen Rodriguez Ortiz, and with the entire Puerto Rican people at this time of mourning. We are deeply disturbed by the news reports, and we will continue to monitor developments in the case as it progresses.”

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  • Pretty obvious when the FBI gets involved there are more pieces to the puzzle to solve than what we are reading about in this article.

    • I guess the thumbs-down is all about disrespect to the FBI? LOL

  • The stuff about the informant sounds like police planting a false story to try to get Verdejo to sweat and maybe make a mistake. I’m sure he’s lawyered up to the max.

      • You ever see the TV show “The Closer?” Police lie and use all kinds of shady tactics to entrap perps. Hopefully Verdejo is proven innocent if he is actually innocent.

        • Just because you saw something on television this is a Verdejo witch-hunt? You may know something about Verdejo the boxer but my guess is you know zilch about him as a person. Somebody’s daughter / sister / granddaughter got murdered and heaven forbid one day you need the police to come to your aid!

          • I never said he was innocent. I just questioned the unauthorized leak. The way it’s being reported, it looks like an open and shut case. That fact that Top Rank dropped him like a hot potato speaks volumes

      • If you have to ask…then you must not know the history of the fbi

  • I am having a Rae Carruth (NFL) flashback for now, but we will see how this case develops from initial allegations to possible subsequent arrest(s) and/or filed charges.

    • I agree, Ian. Obviously loads of info we don’t have but my gut feeling is this ends badly for Verdejo.

  • Prayers for family friends …and just be fair and balance….

  • Geez I hope Verdejo has nothing to do with this but anything is possible.

    Police when they have their eye on someone whether he’s even truly guilty or not will go the easy route and try and force a confession even from an innocent man! It’s happened to me it’s extremely taxing spending hours being harassed with accusations and to be accused of something you didn’t do. I am a God fearing strong minded person but I can see how a fragile minded person could give in just to get the police off his back as they will make it appear that saying you did something will get them to stop the ruthless questions and everything will be ok, how shady and twisted is that?! I held my ground and thank God the perpetrator was caught shortly after. No doubt in my mind there are innocent men sitting behind bars thanks to lazy police with zero scruples.

    • There is nothing mentally fragile about a guy who goes in a ring and trade. If you are inocent and not confortable taliking to plice there is one word to say only LAWYER case close.
      I am not saying he is guilty or inocent as i know nothing about him or the case but people need to stop accusing police of cons[piracy verdejo is not that important in the world

  • Lock The Scum Bag Up.
    Let him do 30 years for this.


  • MAGA, GGG was definitely robbed against Canelo and certainly Gatti was murdered. As for you my friend I am certain that you have a tattoo on your tush that says Trump with a heart! He’s your daddy!

  • He’s been arrested and charged in federal court. Prosecutors will likely seek the death penalty.

  • Wow reminds me of Edwin Valero and Carlos Monzon all over again. I’ll be sending prayers that’s sad story

  • Sounds like a great guy. The type of man every father dreams to marry his daughter.

  • Wow!! I am now having flashbacks to Rae Carruth’s (NFL) case. I am now 100% sure more names will soon follow.

  • Damn, dude is a straight psychopath. If he’s legitimately convicted, then they should just go ahead and save the taxpayer the trouble and hang his ass.

  • another mental case that wants to spend the rest of his life in prison

  • Hope they throw the book at this piece of shit!!! I wish I could be there to watch him fry!

  • Die MF, you weren’t even a good boxer or a great human being. Die

  • Happy 100th Birthday, Sugar Ray Robinson.

    Let the murderer rot in prison. I want to remember today for SRR turning 100.

  • Is it just me or has the format completely changed? I am not liking it! Anyway, because his relationship with the deceased is described as an “affair”, I’m assuming he’s married. I can’t begin to speculate what his motivations were for killing her, but generally speaking, athletes are rarely criminal materminds. Whenever an athlete has done anything like this, they are usually caught within hours. This wreaks of Rae Caruth. Also, one has to wonder how much taking blows to the head for a living affects ones judgement or impulse control. There are killers in all walks of life, but it’s food for thought.

  • If he’s guilty, then there’s only one way to deal with this animal.

  • His cellphone matched with the story told by the witness and the evidences, it seems that his boxing career is over.. What a scumbag if he’s guilty !


  • The question is who had a motive to kill this woman. Only Verdejo, and possibly his wife but hope she was not involved.

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