Arreola criticizes judges’ scoring

By Miguel Maravilla

Heavyweight Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola (38-7-1, 33 KOs) of Riverside, California was emotional as he talked about his valiant defeat to former unified heavyweight champion Andy “The Destroyer” Ruiz Jr. (34-2, 22 KOs) Saturday night at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. Arreola immediately ripped the judges that scored the fight.


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  • I just don’t respect any man (or woman) who speaks this way in front of his (or her) kid. Absolutely disturbing and disgusting! No class, no refinement. What a loser.

    • I’m sure 99.99% of human beings swore in front of their kids. Who cares how he speaks, worry about it he is a good providing father who loves his kids.

      • I bet you wouldn’t say that to his face Arturo. You seem to really dislike Ruiz and Arreola who would both slap you and have you like a rag doll

      • Lol Arturo come on man “get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich”…. Arreola can sure make you a sandwich and stuff if right up your you know what and there wouldn’t be a damn thing you can do about it tough guy! You will become Miss Arturo when it’s all over!

  • fury, Joshua, wilder would finish areola early. The fact Ruiz had to go the full 12 and get dropped in the process shows he doesn’t deserve a title shot. Areola was a better fighter than Ruiz in his prime. Andy is an complete ‘fluke’ champion & an embarrassment to Mexico… Well actually he’s not even Mexican, was born in the US lol.

    • Well L, Valdez struggled his first 2 fights with reynoso and then…it all came together.

  • You lost Arreola! What do you want a moral victory? Ok 8 rounds to 4 rounds ruiz wins, you still lose! Your 40 yrs old and still talk like a 18 yr old thug, grow up and speak with maturity, especially for your kid.

    • Arreola didn’t dispute the loss. It seems he put a lot into the preparation for this fight….that was his lightest weight in ages, maybe a career low… it’s understandable that he’s disappointed that the result was a near shutout loss. Maybe he would have been OK with all judges having it 8-4 in Ruiz’ favor. Probably feels that his work in the ring wasn’t appreciated, and that he deserved 3-4 rounds in his favor, which I think most people here seem to agree with. Either way, as you said, it was going to be an “L” no matter what.

      As far as the cussing in the interview: I don’t know Cris personally, but he always struck me as a good guy. He seems like an emotional fellow who can’t always articulate himself without cussing (see Klitschko post-fight interview). You would think he would be mindful of his Son’s presence and maybe try to set a better example than that, but we all have flaws of some sort. That, in my opinion anyway, is a flaw that Cris has….

  • Chris said that he’s not punch drunk and he’s coherent but something is definitely wrong with this guy to speak in front of his child in public that way what a loser he’s disgusting you can just imagine the way he speaks in his house to his wife and children What a Limited vocabulary. Sorry but I can’t imagine anybody being a fan of his

  • Boxing is the sport where controversy is one of the hallmark traits. I think we can all agree that judging in some circumstances can be an external influence rather than the fight being judged in itself. Yet, the sport is a business, and money rules the direction in how the sport is played out. The sad thing is…Some fighters have to knock out or stop an opponent in order to be saved from the I crooked scoring on some fight cards. I would love to see a freelance journalist make a modern documentary on the corruption and social influences that dictate the sport of boxing and expose some BS that follows it. Would be a great show to watch!

    • @Scoob Tyson-Douglas is a good example of what you just described. They had that fight even on the cards, even though Douglas was dominating that fight. Good thing Douglas scored the KO there. Toney-Tiberi is another great example.

  • I like Chris. He is a talented fighter who never reached the heights he could have. No question he still has talent and could give any top fighter a lot of trouble. Last night was a good night for him, he just came up short against a very determined opponent. He did not disgrace himself and certainly did not lose by the margin the judges suggest. That said, using obscenities the way he did provides fodder for his critics, makes him look classless, and shows him to be a sore loser. He did not help himself with his behavior.
    Chris, always control the narrative. No one needs an own goal.

  • I agree scores were not as close as they should have been. Arreola lost and I understand why he’s angry. This was his last chance for a title shot. Totally not classy to swear like that when doing interview kid there or not.

  • I don’t know why everyone is so worked up about his choice of words. He’s crushed and is just expressing himself. I doubt he treats his kids like crap and I’m sure his boy knows his dad is upset. The wood I fixation of America is what’s happening here.

    • Exactly, he has his son right next to him after the fight and with him at all times. This is how Mexican-Americans from rough neighborhoods talk yes it’s stereotyping but look at Vargas he would spit the “F” bomb all the time and the guys loves his kids!

  • Understandable why he is upset, but look this guy fought for world title three times, should be more proud than upset, alot of fighters never had the chance to fight for world championship one time, plus an in shape ruiz could not knock him out or dominate him from what I have read.

  • He did lose almost every round. He did better than I thought he would, but he wasn’t winning rounds. Too inactive. If he made more of an effort he might have gotten knocked out. No risk, no reward.

    • You have it right KP. People forget that scoring is round by round. Yes Chris had the memorable moments with the knockdown and a couple of almost knockdowns…but that happened in two rounds and in the 3rd round Ruiz did not go down and even came on strong for the rest of the round. Chris won 2 rounds tops and even the the 3rd round is debatable. So at best he gets 10 -8 for the 2nd and 10-9 for the 3rd. There was noting controversial about the scoring imo.

  • Besides the fact he’s dropping F-Bombs in front of his kid, how many times is Chris Arreola going to try after losing a fight? I vaguely remember him crying after the Klitschko fight too. Not saying you can’t be emotional after a fight, but to constantly sob after losing matches? He’s a solid fighter and he obviously works hard, but if he keeps coming up short in big matches then at some point you have to say maybe I’m not as talented as the world champions and hang it up.

  • Chris just being himself! This is how he talks, I don’t talk that way but won’t judge him by his vocabulary. I don’t see him as a sore loser, he spoke the truth about judging. I think he put a great performance the score was closer and easily could have been a Split Decision. Anyone else noticed the “boos” when Andy was getting interviewed after the fight?

  • First and foremost for anybody who doesn’t like the way if fighter expresses his reaction about 12 round heavyweight fight and you judging him for expressing is discontent towards judges decisions, you really need to go watch golf instead don’t judge the man for expressing his feelings in front of his kid, there’s nothing wrong with cussing in front of a kid I’m pretty sure throughout his life he’s going to hear worse than that if that the worst this kid will grow up with he’s going to be all right through his life, it was a close fight and he has the right to be mad those judges did not give him anything, at the end of the day he did lost a fight but it wasn’t the way the judges saw, I like ANDY RUIZ but he has a lot of work to do still …. for AREOLLA nothing but respect

  • BOY BYE!!!!
    You don’t want none of what Wilder is giving out. He will knock that butt outstanding! Stop it please. You lost to Andy…end of story potty mouth!!!

  • Although Arreola’s sexually explicit comment after the fight is protected speech, it was not professional. Ruiz, Jr. even looked shocked Arreola said it.

  • Cursing was distracting….notably troubling in presence of child…slightly takes away from the fact that Chris was discipline and not throwing those sloppy slappy like punches Chris usually throws….Chris actually looked good..could have stopped Ruiz if he picked up the pace in the late rounds and followed the advice of his corner involving throwing the short right hand.

  • The fight wasn’t close at all. It was competitive, but not close. There is a difference. Ruiz won 8-10 rounds, but many of those were competitive, even with a clear winner.

  • most of us have said or did stupid sh%% when we were upset, not excusing him in any way but fighters put alot out in training being away from family and etc.. when i fought i didn’t no much about the fight until i watched it back, thought i did good when i didn’t and vice versa, ruiz won.

  • This bloke is nothing but a grub, swearing that in front of his little boy. I actually agree with the 2 judges, he only won the 2nd round. When he was getting fatigued and picked apart, he feigned a shoulder injury. He was ready to quit

  • At the end of the day he lost. Yes the scoring may have irked him but he did much better than expected and his stock will have surely risen in defeat and he will surely get more work from that.
    I personally don’t think it was right to swear like that in front of his kid. I would understand it more if they interviewed him straight after the fight in the ring and he had his kid with him. But I would have thought he could have had someone look after his boy while he did the PC. And it wasn’t like it was just a slip of the tongue , every other word seemed to be the F one.
    I’m no snob and swear myself but just feel he could have avoided this.

  • Unfortunately, that is Boxing. The young promising fighter who is the promoter”s darling gets all the love from the judges.

  • It was a good fight. It was closer than the score cards, but I think Ruiz won, but not like the score said. Hey Chris looked great, but he waited too many years to get in prime shape. That cost him @ Ruiz if he lost more weight, with his skill he can be Champ again.

  • Comment on people who want to censor Chris A’s words:
    We can be quick to call out a person’s negative ACTIONS involving theft of another’s property or violence to another individual. But not their selection of wording when they are relating their true feelings of actions done to them. Chris rightfully felt the judges committed a “crime” of poor scores. And because it’s boxing he can legally hurt others in a ring.

    So no REAL crime committed. Just bad judgement on the choice of the judges, and for SOME people’s opinion poor judgement on Chris’s words. But he has the RIGHT to say what he would like. Just like we have the RIGHT to purchase or not purchase the fight. Or the RIGHT to read this article and watch the clip or NOT.

    Also the KID might just have heard those words before at home.
    I look at other things too. If you are more leaning on the conservative/moral “proper” language viewpoint (that EVERYONE) should use the words that YOU prefer consider this. Both of those fighters were being pretty good/cool dads. They involved their boys in the fight process, brought them to the events, and had them at the interviews and in the ring. That’s what they will remember in the future. If one of the kids decides to teach English or get a doctorate in theology he won’t look back as a adult with your same pessimism on the event to fixate on thoughts like, “Dad really kicked @$$ in there” but I really look down on his foul language. That’s no f-ing o.k.”

    And if any of us has strict standards in the household where you censor which fight events you watch to “protect” your kids from language you don’t like: That’s your option. But don’t be surprised that bars serve alcohol (don’t try to force them to only serve soft drinks) and by the same token, don’t complain about Showtime when Broner wants to comment on life, or when Triller has a PPV with rap music and/or suggestive dance routines and legal weed or if you don’t know by now that a 40 year old man named Chris Arreola speaks in the manner of a stereotypical sailor. (Don’t ask him to change for YOU)

    Focus should be on the cards.
    It’s like if a “believer” and his/her sibling “non believer” both witness a harsh crime like assault with a deadly weapon, 1st degree murder, etc.
    The believer calmly tells the cops what happened
    but the bare minimum detail necessary to aid the cops.
    The non-believer gives a more detailed account of what he witnessed, with passion and energy relaying his anger and desire to find and hold the attacker responsible even with a vigilante revenge. Frequent and loud profanity but accurate and descriptive.

    After their reports the believer takes the sibling aside and admonishes him/her for the profanity and the desire to personally avenge the crime. the believer tells the non-believe to just “trust the process” and “let the cops handle it”. Besides, there could be children on the sidewalk who also witnessed the murder and we wouldn’t want them to learn bad words, would we? 🙂

    The boxing public has been allowing the “governing body” and state bodies to fix the judging for decades.

    Hasn’t really happened, has it?
    Do we really need to censor the losing fighters words based on their true emotion in the post fight interview? I think not.

  • A little too much profanity for my liking. You lost take it and move on. You should’ve jumped on him in the 3rd.

  • Everyone including professionals said it was a close fight except the judges, that should tell you that Chris was right, he admitted Andy beat him,but it wasn’t like the judges said.

  • Chris, I am a seasoned boxing spectator. Brilliant contest but you did not do enough to win despite the knockdown – you gained my respect though . Ian

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