Ruiz 256, Arreola 228.6

Ruiz Vs Arreola Weigh In3
Photo: Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

Andy Ruiz 256 vs. Chris Arreola 228.6
Omar Figueroa Jr. 146.4 vs. Abel Ramos 146.6
Sebastian Fundora 152.75 vs. Jorge Cota 153.5
Jesus Ramos 150 vs. Javier Molina 149.25

Venue: Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, Calif
Promoter: TGB Promotions

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Conlan edges Baluta, remains unbeaten

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  • Judging by their weights it looks like both men mean business, especially Chris Arreola. I don’t remember the last time Arreola came into a fight weighing less than 230. The 23:1 odds in favor of Ruiz seems absurd to me. I could understand 5:1, 6:1, or even 10:1 in favor of Ruiz but not 23:1. This should be a darn good scrap.

    • I don’t recall Arreola being under 230 either. A shame he couldn’t get into that kind of shape during his prime around 10-12 years ago when he was fighting guys like Klitschko and Adamek. Nice to see that he at least dedicated himself for this fight, but that doesn’t erase the mileage he has accumulated over the years. I think Ruiz would have beaten a prime Arreola, much-less an eroded version of Cris at 40. I doubt this will be all that competitive. Hope I’m wrong, because Arreola is a guy I always wanted to see do well. He had some talent, but apparently wasn’t as dedicated as he could have been.

  • So Andy is only 10/11 pounds lighter than when he fought AJ the first time. I thought he should be like Arreola under 230. No way will he ever beat a Tyson Fury or AJ ever again.

    • arturo
      its baffling to me just how many people are so impressed by a little less obesity from Ruiz.
      they cant see just how much better he can be, if he is in great shape/condition…

      • Muscle does not weigh more than fat!
        5lbs of fat and 5lbs of muscle are the same, I get that all the time. I train folks.

  • Ruiz beating Joshua was akin to when Rahman beat Lewis or when Brewster beat Wlad. Sometimes the much better fighter just has an awful night, and the heavies can make you pay for it. I don’t rate Ruiz anywhere near the top of the division, and the fact his camp had to trot out Chris Arreola for a fight reeks of a lack of confidence in their fighter. Arreola hasn’t been near the top of the division for a decade. With so many talented fighters trying to make fights, this is where Andy Ruiz went looking? I expect him to win tomorrow, but no way does he ever recreate himself to a title win. Based on taking this fight, my hunch is his camp is just angling to get one more big payday.

    • That isn’t anywhere a close comparison. Ruiz has fast hands Joshua has no answer for. The best he can do is try to stick and move. A in shape Ruiz will get him. In those fights you said were one punch shots. All those champions dominated in the rematch. Joshua didn’t even engage and Ruiz was insanely out of shape.

    • Let’s make it clear, Ruiz beat Joshua the first time because of his skills, not because it was a fluke. Ruiz beat himself in the rematch because he did not prepare and ate himself out of a championship. Even Ruiz at his worst Joshua couldn’t beat via knockout. So for u to say that he is not a top ten heavyweight is ridiculous. He beats the majority of the top ten heavyweights out there. Heck, he even beat Joseph Parker but was jobbed over due to fighting at Parker’s back yard.

      • While I get the sentiment and skills of Ruiz, he only beat a weird out out of sorts AJ. We ain’t ever going know what was going on with AJ, but something was. Fair play Ruiz he was champ briefly and unlike most champs who’s confidence goes up after winning the world title his clearly did not and scoffed his way out of anything chance to repeat the victory against a very gun-shy AJ who looked scared. The Mexican heavyweight champ will be lucky to ever be in that position again.

        • Agreed. Joshua was totally unprepared for that fight; he wasn’t expecting Ruiz to throw punches in bunches. He got decked and never got back on track. It was the best Ruiz could fight against the worst Joshua we’ll ever see. And let’s be real, if that Ruiz win was indicative of what he was really capable of, he’d be fighting Joe Joyce, Usyk, Wilder, or someone else of how quality tonight instead of Arreola. His camp won’t put him in tough because they know he loses any of those fights.

    • styles…hurtado was kicking sweet peas butt till pea caught him…pea is hall of fame..hurtado ?

      • Hurtado was also swinging hard against Kostya Tszyu but also was KO’d – no good
        Competing to be KO’d no hall of fame there….

    • I’m with Anthony here. Ruiz at under 260 beats joshua again. The first first fight was not a fluke anyone who thinks so doesn’t understand boxing. Some boxers will never be body beautiful period! Stop comparing boxers to weight lifters it’s stupid go watch chippendales dancers if you want to see that kind of crap.

      Ruiz in his 250’s he will be quick and hit hard enough to keep anyone in check. I hope the 270+ Ruiz will never show up again then he is just wasting his time and might as well pack it in. I like his weight he will never be 220 lbs I believe if he were he would lose power it’s not beneficial. I think he can make big things happen again.

  • That’s a career low for Arreola as far as I can tell. That’s fantastic for the age of 40. I still think he loses, but good for him!

    • Yes, you make a point. I wish Chris Arreola dropped that kind of weight when he was more in his prime. At the age of 40, this will be his biggest obstacle in combating his inner self of the aging process. I think Ruiz will break him down as the fight progresses since Ruiz has youth on his side.

  • Ruiz 256lbs thats a good start. nothing more……
    i will be impressed when he enters the ring in the best shape and condition that is possible for him.
    this is not it. but like i said, its a good start.
    lets see what he does after he wins against this mid-level hand picked opponent who is just about at the end of his career.. does he keep training and conditioning, or does he blow up to 300lbs again?
    thats what remains to be seen

  • Arreolas face tells you he has TAKEN many a punch, and his last fight’s record output shows he can dish them out. Combine that with some weight discipline on his part (and relative discipline on Ruiz’s) end and I expect it to be entertaining but going some rounds. Will have to watch it at a CASINO and make some $ on props. I hadn’t checked the odds on who wins outright but anything like 25 to 1 is excessive. Ruiz won’t be effective on the world stage after this if he can’t even bring it down to 250 or lower.

  • On a non-financial basis, I pick Ruiz, Jr. to win. However, in case there is an upset, I placed a little money on Arreola.

  • Andy is fat. He eats wrong. If he eats alot of moms typical mexican diet..he will always be fat. There are 10000 times as many fighter that reach a fraction of their potential from discipline issues. Any adult who buys the …growing into his weight b.s…is saying you cant be the weight at 30 , you were at 18. That is b.s….Manny Pac is a complete freak of nature and his will and determination plus skills are never before seen in boxing. His success makes normal fighters think they can go from lightweight to jr middle and retain skills. So they eat. I love Pernell, but at 135 he was unbeatable.147? Great but not as great. Shane at 135? WOW!…He was a killer at 135. Hagler at 160. Stayed there.
    Terry Norris was a killer at 154 . Anyways I like Andy. If he were 222 he would be amazing…he will be good, but never a all time great.

    • Kirtis, nah. Going down so much might drain him to what his body isn’t used. Now if he was to work with someone like mike dolce then maybe he can drop a little more, but too much may be too much compromise.

  • I know Ruiz lost with Joshua because Joshua understimate Ruiz but that loss will stay there for ever for Joshua

    It’s not Ruiz fault Joshua was not a professional boxer

  • Ruiz 27 1/2 pounds lighter than he was for the last Joshua fight; Arreola lowest weight he’s ever been. This should be a good one.

  • Both in great shape. But basically Arreolla will be too light, too small fighting against the faster, heavier Ruiz.

  • This maybe a good fight, Ruiz should win but I think Chris will put up a decent scrap….we know Chris has a chin, is durable and is capable of throwing alot of punches.

    Hope Ruiz is as prepared cause he could get shocked tonight….

  • How much is this fight? Is it too late to order? I have FOMO!…There’s so much talk about Andy’s weight, there is no way in hell he can come in at 230lb. For him, that would be emaciated. Andy is a fat dude and will always be a fat dude. He performs well fat! He just can’t come in at 290-300lb. The first time I saw him fight was very early on in his career and he weighed 300lbs, but was lightning quick; he can’t get away with that at this level though. He’s prolly at his perfect weight now.

  • Every body is focusing on Andys weight. Thats awesome that he has droppen so low and its a huge advantage for him. BUT lets not forget he is trained by Reynoso now with guidance from Canelo. That can only add to his arsenal. I not only expect to see his speed and endurance back, but also expect to see more craftyness, movement and defense kicked up a notch or two.

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