Bryan targets Joshua, Fury and Mike Tyson

WBA heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan is chomping at the bit to take on all comers as he continues training in Florida following winning the title.

“I’m the only heavyweight champion in the United States,” said Bryan, who calls himself The Dream. “I’m the young lion and I’m hungry. Bring on Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. I’ll take their belts and become the undisputed heavyweight champion. I’ll even give Iron Mike Tyson the opportunity to come back and fight me for my title.

“I’m more than ready, so let’s get it on. We are ready to go. I’ll take on Mike Tyson for a tune-up and then I’ll fight either Joshua or Fury the same night.”

Bryan’s promoter, Don King, is ready to get Bryan back into the ring with his belt. “Let’s make a deal,” said King. “Trevor is ready to get back into the ring and claim the other belts.”

The 31-year-old Bryan won the regular WBA championship on Jan. 29 of this year as he stopped Bermane Stiverne in the 11th round. Bryan is 21-0 with 15 KOs.

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    • Wonder if King influenced him in any way to call Tyson out? King/Bryan obviously see potential $$$ and a lot of exposure that would surely come with a Tyson fight, and King would stoop to any level to get that. Agreed though, not a good look at all for a current belt holder to be calling out a 54 year old man.

  • I’m sorry but I cannot take a man who was protected and fought opponents with a total of 254 wins with 229 losses. No way should he be challenging any of the names he just mentioned. I heard he called his own dog by name and the dog never responds to him.

  • The announcer must introduce Trevor in a redundant way like “And in the Red corner, fighting out of Florida, is a guy who DREAMS of being a real champion TREEEVOR BRYYYYYAN! BRYYYAN!!”

    Wow, that’s so NICE of him to extend a offer to Iron Mike. Wouldn’t DKP love that? You could almost imagine a elderly gentleman whispering the idea in his ear to shout out M.T.

  • Bryan is on the confidence train making himself marketable for a bigger paycheck. It’s that simple! However, when I watched him fight against Stiverne, he looked more like a tune-up-sparring partner for bigger named fighters. Here is my suggestion to Mr. Bryan. Why not call out Wilder and take him as a tune-up fight and let’s see if you can get past Wilder first before bigger and better paydays?

    • The problem with him calling out Wilder is that Wilder isn’t really doing anything – he doesn’t have anything going on. Fury and Joshua are trying to fight each other so they’re certainly not interested in Trevor Bryan, but if he calls out Wilder, he might actually accept and then what does Bryan do???

      • The latest word is Wilder is now being trained by Malik Scott. Hey, calling out Wilder may bring Wilder out of hiding and get some action going for us to see in the ring. Nothing wrong with calling anybody out. It’s a simple response of “no” if not interested.

        • My point was that, though I’m not the biggest fan of Wilder’s at all, he would absolutely run right over Bryan.


  • Bryan should watch what he asks for, especially this early in his career. Whyte would be one and Wilder another along with Ruiz winner as future opponents.

  • Bryan looks like a tub of lard. Absolutely pathetic. Instead of running his mouth, he needs to do some serious ROAD WORK and get serious about conditioning if he has the capacity to do so. His skills are not the least bit impressive either. Tough sell.

  • If Bryan calls out Wilder and Wilder accepts, I’ll tell you what Bryan will do……..he’ll get his ass kicked into the next week, that’s what he’ll do.

  • Let him fight one of the top five heavyweights so he can get obliterated and we will never hear about him again.

  • So funny that all of a sudden he is ready to fight anyone? He fights once a year and has a body like the old Andy Ruiz!! Coincidentally, King was recently seen having lunch with Tyson!! Lmao

  • Bryan is a clown. He must feel like a real tough guy calling out a middle aged Mike Tyson.. a 19 or 20 year old Tyson would have blown this clown out in 1 round without even breaking a sweat, then pissed on him!

  • The fact that Trevor Bryan is Don King’s only heavyweight of note is an indicator of how irrelevant Don King is now. While he’s at it in calling out older former champs, why doesn’t Bryan call out Larry Holmes. Larry is a shade past seventy years old and should be a good test for him. Seriously though, this guy has no business being in the ring with any top ten heavyweight. The fact it took him eleven rounds to dispose of a way-past-it Stevern is embarrassing enough.

  • AJ hold the real WBA (Worth Bugger All) title – you hold some toy that you paid sanctioning fee’s for – nothing else.

    These grub organisations and their bogus belts are ruining boxing.

  • WBA has another champion? How many champions are there in each division? I thought the HW champs(*all orgs combined) are Fury and Joshua right now. Who are others that call themselves world champions? That’s so weird.

    • Right now the WBA alone has four… which tells you the level of joke the WBA has become.

  • The WBA has lost all credibility. This guy doesn’t deserve Jack. Let him fade away..Paluka

  • Bryans team knows no one has an interest in him. His fight against Stiverne was a sleeping pill. Two out of shape boxers slowly moving around in the ring.

    Stiverne has given up, only one victory since 2015, he’s not a name to beat nowadays.

    So let’s do the thing with trash-talk and call people out. You never know. Someone might be bored. Maybe Bryan can get one solid paycheck before his career is over.

    The truth is that Mike Tyson at 54 probably beats both.

  • After seeing the picture of King & Tyson eating together, can’t say I didn’t see this one coming.
    Mike better jump on that shiiiiittttt millions in pay and a belt (fake as fuckatashi),but a belt in the books and at least o e more big payday after that.

  • Puh-****ing-LEEZE… Trevor Bryan is, thankfully, the last of the Don King-era bum heavyweight holding a belt. He couldn’t fight the likes of Fury or Joshua with a damned gun and come out on top.

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