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Rolly Romero: He didn’t even try to engage

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Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

“I don’t think I had a bad performance,” said newly-crowned WBA interim lightweight champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero after his controversial unanimous decision over Jackson Marinez. “I thought I won the fight. Regardless of everything, I’m the world champ now. I’m happy. He came out a little bit tougher and slicker than what I thought, but all he did was move around the entire fight. He didn’t even try to engage.

“It’s hard to knock out someone who doesn’t try to engage. I hurt him multiple times with body shots and a few hooks. There was one moment I hurt him with a right hand and he pulled my head down. It was just hard to finish him off. Yeah [I would give him a rematch]. He didn’t do anything special.”

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  • Look, the fight was entertaining and hard fought, but Rolly lost that fight. Rolly is a tough fighter, but this kid outboxed him, even the Showtime judge had Rolly losing.

    • I agree. I was rather disgusted over that decision and it’s no wonder people get distracted from the sport due to this kind of crap/corruption. Romero has a lot of work to do as a boxer to improve his style and defense. Nearly all his punches were shot-like material similar to a catapult and the word “telegraph” was written all over his offense.

      Must be nice to get gifted decisions in a sport where monetary investments and high entertainment potentials govern one’s resume/record. Hope you read my comment Mayweather! Yes, I must add Oscar to the list as well.

  • I like Rolly I think he still has a bright future but tonight he lost and if he’s a man he will quit insulting the public’s intelligence by claiming he thought he won. He was schooled and what really makes him look bad is his preflight talk of knocking Marinez unconscious it only made him look really bad when instead he received a schooling and thorough domination at Marinez hands. The only reason why he won is that fake ass GOAT promoter of his who got his ass kicked by Castillo I. made sure the judges filled out their scorecards with Rolly as the winner before the fight even started.

    • Another decision where the house fighter gets a decision if he goes the distance. Would be difficult to find two rounds that he won

  • I didn’t bother to watch this fight, because now a day, every unworthy fighter gets a titular opportunity while an influential person is behind him, in a whole package, with the win included, if the fight goes the distance. Corruption is rampaging now more than ever, and might turn worse, because there is no public in assistance to protest in behalf of the fighter that got robbed, just silence and frustration.

  • This decision was a robbery of the worst kind a utter disgrace and indefensible

  • YOU CLEARLY LOST! Bro I’m sure you reach great heights but you lost that one last night!

  • Boxing is one of my favorite sports to watch but b.s. corrupt decisions like this ruin it for me. If Rolly fights a puncher soon he will get ko’ed. He has a lot to learn skill wise.

  • Romero is a rank amateur at best. Engaged? He got jabbed to death. This is why Dana White constantly wins promotions. Can’t wait until he gets knocked out with his washer woman wild, no technique style. A bum.

  • It was obvious to any knowledgeable observer of the sweet science that Rolly lost. The judging was shameful.

  • He’s delusional! Spent the whole fight trying to land a big one. Got outworkrd and out fought! Those three judges should be fired!

  • I saw Rolly’s last performance and he looked like a crude boxer who relied heavily on his power. Last night was no different and he looked vulnerable against a decent boxer. I wasn’t surprised with the decision because unlike UFC boxing is unfortunately very predictable. They sell you a rock and swear to you it’s diamond.

  • Bro
    You got outlanded, outpunched and controlled.

    I wanted you to win and was rooting for you but the wrong guy won tonight. Nothing to hang your head about but man up and re watch the fight.

  • 130,000 Instagram followers v 578 Instagram followers. You can work out who is who – factor this into your betting next time

  • You got blessed with that win because clearly you lost. I wouldn’t want a win like that.

  • He is the only one that saw the fight that way. He says that Martinez didn’t try to engage, of course!! boxing is not just trowing punches to prove who is stronger. He is a bad “winner”

  • rolly became famous for trash talking Ryan garcia, and “roughing him up” in sparring. Then out of nowhere, he fights for the interim title? LMFAO..all the signs were there that this kid wasn’t losing LOL

    • As I stated the game is predictable and rigged. Kinda like WWE the outcome has already been decided.

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