Roberto Duran hospitalized

By Gabriel F. Cordero

The family of ring legend Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Duran has announced on social media that the former four-division champ has been hospitalized and is suffering from a “complete atrioventricular blockage.” Reportedly Duran, 72, is in stable condition and will be given a pacemaker. The whole team at® wishes Roberto a fast and full recovery.

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  • Makes total sense in this case to place a pacemaker in Roberto. Why? AV blockages noted within the heart are neuro conduction issues affecting nerves that will not allow the heart to pump in normal rhythm. A pacemaker will override the heart’s rhythm and force it to comply with the mechanical device in how its electronically programmed by the clinician. Risk factors for AV blocks are advancing age, heart attacks, certain side effects of medications, and yes, possible genetic influence.

    • Thank you for the clarification Scoob. That’s a scary situation. Any cardiac event scares me to the core and Ive tried to reduce my future possibilities as much as possible and I’m disciplined about it. I hope that Roberto makes a full recovery.

  • “Siamo con te, campione!”, “Estamos contigo Campeon”….We’re with you Champ!

  • Hard to believe Duran is 72 years old now. Seems not long ago he was a terror in the ring.

  • Get well soon champ! The last time I saw him he looked pretty good. Had lost quite a bit of weight. Hopefully this helps him to stick around for many more happy years.

  • Roberto … one of the great ones who has become a good friend over the years … my prayers to THE CHAMP and his family … Chuck Williams

  • Prayers for the legendary Roberto Hands Of Stone Duran. Roberto Duran Manos De Piedra Duran…

  • Awsome, I was implanted a pacemaker as well for irregular heartbeat for years of athletic heartbeat and after retiring from boxing and doung nothing active, my heartbeat became irregular. He’ll be good in Jesus name.

    • Steve, good to hear your good. I remeber you well, always tuff in the gym ….you had about 5 to 6 split decisions in a row Really hard to stop. Still in Riverside?

  • In my top 15 fighters of all time. Chin, toughness, power, intensity, IQ, and could box when needed. Visited his restaurant in Panama. His sparring sessions were a thing of beauty. Footage on Youtube of him and Nigel Benn…good stuff. Get well, champ!

  • Steve Quinonez, respect, you fought a tough list of characters: Chico Corrales, Stevie Johnston, Jose Luis Castillo, Mickey Ward, Steve Forbes, and Lovemore Ndou.

    • DMV, thanks. Yes very tough fighters. It was a pleasure sharing the ring with them and many more not to mentioned all the champions I’ve sparred.

  • So sorry to hear this news. I’m wishing the best for the great Roberto Duran. He is, always has been, and always will be, one of the greatest fighters I have had the great fortune to witness during my lifetime. I wish the best outcome for him.

  • Get well soon Champ, it was an honor to have refereed you on P.P.V. Blessings for a healing.

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