Rigondeaux returns Feb 24

Former two-time world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux (20-3-1, 13 KOs) will return to the ring for the first time in almost one year when he headlines the fight card at Hialeah Park on Friday, February 24. Rigondeaux, whose last bout was a unanimous decision defeat at the hands of Vincent Astrolabio last February in Dubai, has been sidelined since suffering severe facial burns and eye injuries in a freak kitchen accident at his home in Miami nine months ago.

Now 42 years of age, the former WBO/WBA super bantamweight and WBA bantamweight king will attempt to tap the fountain of youth in his 25th professional fight as he looks to win for the first time since defeating Liborio Solis in February of 2020. Tickets are already on sale.

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  • I am glad to see that his eyes have recovered to the point where he can fight. Not sure if he should be fighting but I thought that kitchen accident damaged his eyes to the point where he could barely see. I am hoping and assuming he must have recovered. That said I think fighters have been licensed with questionable vision in the past.

    • There’s an old UFC fighter named Michael Bisping, ended up as champion before he retired who fought a few fights with, literally, one eye. So there are ways around tests, apparently. I’m hoping this is just some type of ‘victory lap’ for Rigo to show that he’s recovered, but I know there’s no way in hell that’s the case and he’ll likely win this fight and begin calling out Fulton and Akhmadaliev or say he wants to go “monster hunting” again.

      • I know of Bisping. I went to a local pub to see him fight St. Pierre. I am not much of a UFC guy but I watch when a match intrigues me. This was St. Pierre’s last match…at least as of now. Bisping does some of the UFC announcing now I believe. I maybe wrong but I think in one of Arron Pryor’s late fights the commission where he was fighting was advised that he was legally blind in one eye. The alleged response was “He has another eye!” I am not sure if I have the facts right or if any of this is true but as wrong as it is the story made me laugh as it was so shocking that a commission would say that!

  • Prime Rigo one of the best masters of the Sweet Science.
    He is long in the tooth however and so many will see him as a stepping stone for the younger hungry fighters coming up. Save that money Rigo and plan out that exit strategy. Rigo is an artist of fisticuffs and would be a great trainer.

  • After only a year? I dont think its a good idea for his health after how bad his injuries were…and lets be honest, with his performances even prior to the accident his career was basically going downhill anyway. Not that he cares about a random internet guys opinion, but this seems like a poor choice.

    Wasnt always a fan of his style but Id prefer to see him healthy and retired after such a decorated amateur career.

  • Not sure where he goes from here but he’s certainly done enough to prove himself. Maybe one more title run but he better do it fast (and stay out of the kitchen).

  • In his last fight, was a sorry excuse for him, he ran the whole fight and I don’t know why he’s coming back?

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