Rice KOs Mariscal in two

Heavyweight Jonathan Rice (13-4-1, 9 KOs) of Los Angeles by way of South Carolina quieted the hometown crowd supporters of local favorite Christian Mariscal (13-4, 6 KOs), stopping him in round two on Saturday night at the Big Punch Arena, in Tijuana, Mexico.

The fit-looking 6’5 Rice came out in round one pumping his left jab. Mariscal took them well and fought back gamely. In round two, it looked like more of the same when Rice abruptly ended things with a quick straight right hand that put Mariscal down and out for the count. Rice won the WBC silver intercontinental title.

Unbeaten featherweight Donald Brown (7-0, 5 KOs) was supposed to be in the co-feature. Word is that he had to pull out due to a minor car accident but will be back in action soon.

The event titled “Battle at the Border” was promoted by GM3 Boxing and Gonzalez Boxing Promotions.

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  • Jerry Quarry would’ve knocked out Rice inside of 7 rounds. Razor Ruddock would’ve obliterated Rice inside of 3 rounds. George Foreman would’ve annihilated Rice inside of 2 rounds. Mike Tyson would’ve taken Rice’s head off inside of 50 seconds.

      • I’m just sick of the lack of talent in this division. Yes, there are levels, and all the levels are pretty low. This is my point.

  • Some fight fans like tough journeyman spoilers like Mickey Ward, Mike hercules Weaver,Jesse James Hughes, Freddie Pendleton, Billy Conn, Jesse the boogeyman Ferguson, Buster Drayton,Jamal Woods,Vampire Johnson, Sir Henry Cooper, many learned on the job after all I love watching a decent journeyman fight and Rice has potential he has a good chin power reminds me of a young Ross the boss Purrity in some ways, Kamil Sokolowski is another spoiler way better than his ugly record 7-15-1 not everyone has a padded record of 20-0 or 200 amatuer fights under there belt I would like to see more journeyman tournaments actually of course decent ones fighting each other for experience instead of showing up with 2 days training for a ok pay check to take on an olympic superstar, this is a sport after all it does have levels and each fighter has to gain the experience to advance A level pro boxers should only be allowed to face A and B fighters Journeyman would require recorded hours of training to be allowed to face a b fighter or they would have to stay in the c and d leagues this would wake up the sport a bit give them a better chance I would like to see Rice vs Dawejko or one of Tommy Morrison’s sons fight Rice or some of these up and comers instead of them being used as a sacrificial lamb to a top 20 fighter on a days notice make them useful let them fight in there own league unless they prove they can hang with the best.

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