Weights from Omaha, Nebraska

Photos: Stacey Verbeek

Bb Boxing05
Steven Nelson 167.6 vs. Derrick Findley 168.6
Note: Findley made weight on the third try.

Lawrence Newton 117.6 vs. Daniel Lozano 117.6
Abel Soriano 118.4 vs. Rondarius Hunter 111
Treven Coleman 138 vs. Ronnell Burnett 136.4
Jose Jacobo 144 vs. Justin Likeness 145.8
Raul Chavaria 155 vs. Steven Pulluaim 152.2
Reyes Marquez 170.8 vs. Wayne Collier 171.2
Kevin Nauden 147 vs. Emeka Ifekandu 146.8

Date: Sunday, September 1
Venue: Century Link Parking Lot, Omaha, Nebraska
Promoter: B&B Boxing

Bb Boxing04

Bb Boxing01

Bb Boxing02

Bb Boxing03

Rice KOs Mariscal in two
Avispa Ortiz retains WBA belt, Ocampo wins

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  • Why doesn’t Crawford fight Taras Shelestyuk (Banner Promotions) next? Was #5 in the WBO back when Horn was ready to fight Pacquiao in mid 2017. And Taras Shelestyuk (Bronze at 147 in 2012 Olympics, Gold in 2011 World Amateur championships) is undefeated and all of his pro fights have been in the USA. (Taras Shelestyuk got Gold in the 2011 World championships, and Egidijus Kavaliauskas got Bronze at the same weight class). Horn losing the way he did to Zerafa kind of tarnishes Crawford’s title win at 147. Horn should have known he needed to be stacked with muscle moving up to 160, and not believing that much in his win over Mundine. Taras Shelestyuk was rated #5 to #9 in the WBO at 147 from June 2016 to February 2018. Inactivity dropped him out of the top 10. I am not seeing Egidijus Kavaliauskas as any kind of draw or interest for fans against Crawford. Maybe if you had Egidijus Kavaliauskas vs Mikey Garcia (#10 WBO, 147), then the winner of that could get Crawford (and Crawford may even come down to 144 for Mikey). But Taras Shelestyuk is undefeated, no draws, no controversial wins. I stopped believing in Errol Spence wanting to fight Crawford when they met face to face that time with Bob Arum there, and Spence was like why wouldn’t I take easy money fights before fighting you. And Arum was like, the best thing you could do is not fight Terence Crawford. Spence doesn’t want to sign with Golden Boy or Top Rank, or even do a 1 fight deal with Top Rank. I doubt the fight comes off in 2020.

    • I totally agree! Only someone with a set of balls that sweep the floor with something to prove is gonna want to have a run at Crawford. No established boxer wants a thing to do with him. Because they know, without question that Crawford will pick them apart.

    • Are you sure Shelestyuk’ s team would even what that fight? They prob not even interested to challenge Crawford.

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