Paul knocks out Woodley in six


Unbeaten YouTube cruiserweight Jake Paul (5-0, 4 KOs) scored a spectacular sixth round KO over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley (0-2) in a rematch on Saturday night at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Mostly an ugly fight with a lot of clinching. Paul suffered a cut from a head clash in round three. Neither fighter landed a big shot the entire fight until Paul connected with a monster right hand that sent Woodley crashing to the canvas face first and out cold. Time was 2:12.

“This has to be the greatest moment of my life,” said Paul. “Look at what I just did. Look at the year I just had. Unprecedented. One of the most valuable boxers in this sport. Four fights. Four massive pay-per-views in 13 months. I’ve knocked out every single person that I’ve fought. Every single person that I’ve fought.”

Women’s pound-for-pound best and current unified featherweight champion Amanda Serrano (42-1-1, 30 KOs) returned to the lightweight division and punished Miriam Gutiérrez (13-2, 5 KOs) for ten one-sided rounds. Scores were 99-90, 99-91, 100-90.

In a clash between unbeaten super lightweights, WBO #3, IBF #3 Liam Paro (22-0, 13 KOs) scored a ten round split decision over WBO #8 Yomar Alamo (20-1-1, 12 KOs). Alamo dropped Paro in round one, but it was Paro prevailing 96-93, 95-94 on two cards, with Alamo up 95-94 on the third card.

In an exhibition fight, former NBA star Deron Williams beat former NFL star Frank Gore by four round split decision. Both were gassed early on. Williams scored a knockdown in round three. Scores were 38-37, 40-35 Williams, 38-37 Gore.

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  • Paul needed that KO at the end. The fans were not happy and the KO keeps him relevant in boxing for a bit longer. The best thing about Paul is that he put Serrano out into the spotlight and she should be the main event.

    • While I am not a fan of the circus side show fights, I do give Paul the credit that was a nice KO. I guarantee you Woodley got a CT scan of the head with/without CT contrast to rule out any brain bleeds after the fight. That is pretty much standard precaution. Brain bleeds can show up as late as 72 hours after a fight in an acute setting.

      • Too bad they didn’t do that for Mago Abdusalamov instead of just showing him to the MSG exit.

        • I think it’s BECAUSE of what happened to Abdusalamov and later Dadashev (RIP,) that they do this now.
          It’s a small consolation to their respective families, but at least some kind of change is coming.

    • The worst thing about Paul is that he takes attention away from real boxers who actually face opponents with experience.
      Let this guy face somebody who actually has experience boxing.
      That I would love to see, even if I wouldn’t pay half a cent for the pleasure of watching.

  • Omfg. Thank goodness for that right hand to end it. Both of these guys TRULY suck!!! I really hope they realize that. My love for the sport kept me watching this fight, but i was just as disgusted as the commentators were.

    • the basketball/football one was even better wasn’t it. LMAO. Months of training and neither knew how to punch. Ive seen that so many times. A top ten middle weight would of knocked either one out.

    • I agree, very true. However, the baby steps he is taking is all about gaining experience, confidence and the number one factor: money! His faithful “Click, Like, and Subscribe” fanboys are duped into paying cash to see this goofiness. Paul milks it all in, gets wealthy, and he maintains his Youtuber cult following. It’s a circus show.

      • I agree. Put him in with a decent, regional attraction type fighter at cruiser. Let’s see if this guy can actually fight a real boxer. I doubt it. And if he does win? All credit to him for stepping up. Fighting other non-boxers just seems useless at this point. He’s clearly got a few skills- at least more than the guys he’s fighting- so put him in with an actual test. But I guess when you can get this kind of press coverage beating non-boxers, maybe it makes sense to keep the O for a while longer. Unfortunately, the more non-boxers he fights, the longer the side show atmosphere continues.

        • He has legit power and that might make some of the newly-minted boxers/former MMA fighters think twice. Seems like it will be harder to make a compelling match for him because he simply cannot put in enough sparring rounds to give him world class level defense.

  • He beats yet another over aged non boxer.ZZZZZ He should fight an up and coming 10 and 0 contender. Maybe an old boxer like kovalev?

  • This is an embarrassment to the sport of boxing! My son comes home from school and his friends think Youtubers can beat elite fighters… this needs to stop!

    • As opposed to the old days when boxers fought bears and kangaroos and heavyweight champs belittled themselves against wrestlers. Boxing will survive this….easily.

    • Tyrone:
      – “My son comes home from school and his friends think Youtubers can beat elite fighters”.
      – Put it in perspective for your son: The YouTubers have not beaten elite boxers. Plain and simple.
      – Take care.

  • Serrano pummels this former champion for 10 rounds rocked her in about 7rounds having her hold on for her life womens boxings needs to be 12rounds 3 minutes long just like the men

  • I caught the tail end of the fight, but from the looks of things I missed nothing. They’re pretty equally matched accept Paul is much younger and much taller. Woodley wasn’t in shape. Paul was training for the fight of his life with Fury. I’d like to see mcgreggor vs Paul just for shits and giggles boxing doesn’t have much to offer anymore anyways

    • Woodley was already in training and in shape because he is planning to continue boxing & wanted to have the rematch after Fury. After the fight Woodley said himself he didn’t want to hear anybody saying “oh he only had 2 weeks so he wasn’t in shape & ready”. He straight up owned the loss like a man, didn’t go crying about it.

  • Quite a shame that pseudo-boxer Paul gets listed here with real boxers. He’s cruiserweight but hasn’t fought any real fighters. This was a predictable win over a former MMAer who took this fight on two weeks notice. Paul can’t be taken seriously as a fighter in the sport of boxing. His opponents have a profile:
    – Over-the-hill
    – Older
    – Smaller
    – Shorter
    – Not a professional boxer

    • Rubicon, that’s been going on since the beginning of boxing. For example if I was Kevin McBride, how can you truly say and think you beat Mike Tyson with a straight face. If it was young Tyson, McBride would of been crushed. And this crap in boxing happens all the time. The sport has gone to crap like everything else.

    • I’d bet it did pretty well. And it’s because of this that we’re gonna get more of it. It’s sad when real fighters in real fights don’t draw anywhere near the numbers this does.

  • Jake needs a left to match his right. If so, in time,, he could be the next Tommy morrison. He talked about going to mma. He should stay where he is pay for the best trainers and finish what he started.

    • “If so, in time, he could be the next Tommy Morrison.”
      – Not sure if this is good or bad.
      – You do know how Tommy Morrison’s life unfolded after HIV ??
      – Take care.

  • Good for him, obviously we’re not fans BUT if he can bring countless new young fans which the sport desperately needs, and has fighters like Serrano getting showcased, i thank him.

  • Did Woodley really wear trunks advertising “Dude Wipes” or was that photoshopped in? That pic is just rubbing salt in the wound. I admit, I was interest in the result, but had zero interest in watching this fight. My interest in Paul is to see how he does against an actual boxer, any legit boxer. I guess even Tommy Fury would have passed as a legit boxer, barely, but I would have been interested. Former Light Heavyweight champ Tavoris Cloud has been calling out Paul. I highly doubt Paul would take that fight, but I would pay to watch it. No question Cloud was badly faded at the end of his career in 2014, and came back last year to KO a 3-12 fighter. He’s still only 39, old but not ancient. I think he could easily handle Paul who essentially is a 6-0 amateur.

  • Jake Paul is the truth, the sooner they give him his honors and let him fight for a title belt the better.
    Taxi Driver in 2!

  • boxing is the legitimate sport of kings. it has historical value. this shit is terrible, and boxing needs to purge itself of such sport killing crap. womens boxing too. 99% of womens fights are fixed in the fact one has skills and one doesnt at all. watching a skilled black chick beat up a midwest tuff poor chick who bartends nights is bullshit and makes me puke. tommy morrison tried it and bentt almost decapitated him. that was morrisons moment of career treason. fair, even matches is incumbent in saving/maintaining the overall sports credibility. this should not have to be said.

    • im interested to which women fighter or fighters your referring to? i agree they lack the over all KO power but still there are a few exciting to watch although the the highest promoted females fighters are snoozers at best lol

      • did you watch the women’s fight on the Beterbiev/Browne card? That was a prime example of what he mentions above. One chick had a few decent skills and the other was bascially a gym rat fighter with very little training. Within 15 seconds, you could see how it was going to go. I actually like womens boxing and would support it, but these atrocious matches are hard to watch.

  • do not buy this crap or click on it….PPV? anyone who pays for this deserves kimbo slice PPV vs anybody…fools

  • What a joke. All about money. Boxing shouldn’t always clowns like him and McGregor to fight. As usual it’s always about money and people are stupid to pay to see those clowns

  • Clinch hold clinch hold clinch hold great fan friendly fight. First legitimate top 20 guy he fights hes one and done.

    • First top 20? More like first top 100 guy he faces, hes done. I would probably go deeper than that

  • He gets good money beating past there best fighters, who never were real boxers, I know athletes that compete against the countries best and worlds best for nothing!!!

  • To all the people saying Paul should fight a real boxer are just hating. It’s not his fault Fury pulled out of the fight. Woodley is a world class striker and you never saw him get knocked out like that in the UFC. I can almost guarantee anyone on here posting negative comments didn’t expect Paul to win that fight. The kid can crack. And I have no issues with more eyes on the sport of boxing. Circus or not

    • There’s a difference between a boxing striker and an mma striker. This was not really boxing. It was amateur hour. Jake Paul’s a pussy. He can’t fight he’s just making a lot of money fighting other people who can’t box. I’ll catch highlights cause you know when I was a kid I used to watch hulk hogan and stuff but I’ll let the rich pay for this retarded boxing (that’s what it’s called now) if they want to

  • Who on earth pays for this? The “fight” was at worse “rigged” but what can the boxing officials do? They cannot do anything. Money talks but bull**** walks. Saturday night saw Parker fight Chorisa and that was a fantastic fight. But this was an absolute farce!

  • Told Ya!!! Woodley is simply there to collect a bag of money and make up for what he didn’t make in UFC. Woodley at his best had pride and wouldn’t have lost to Paul. For the past few years he became a 1 round fighter. I’m not mad at him or Paul if people are dumb enough to buy this. I certainly would be making the money if people were willing to pay me.

    • Woodley had zero boxing skills – ever, even in his prime. He would never beat a real boxer. hell in mma he simply waited and waited and then would finally throw a right hand. With those baby gloves, anyone hits hard. That stuff won’t work in the ring. MMA fan boys are simply getting a hard dose of reality that just because you are considered a striker in mma does not mean you can box between the ropes. See pretty much any mma against boxer match. Same on the flip side. Being a good boxer means zero in mma. They are Two separate sports. Let’s keep them that way!

  • I cant stand Jake Paul, but hes not getting fair feedback here.

    First great job by the ref! He stopped the corner men from coming in and called the doctor. It was great to see him doing this.
    Summing up Woodly for those who don’t know he is one of the best fighters from the UFC. Clearly he is not in his prime, but hes far from washed up or ready for the old folks home. I think the hardest part for him is fighting so much above his prime weight, but he was trained and has real fighting skills.
    Jake paul… What can really be said or expected? He has a whole 19 pro rounds and being commented on like he should be better. For somebody who was never a fighter or boxer he shows some promise.
    On the KO:
    That was proof that the kid has KO power. Having been a boxing fan for 35 years Ive seen a lot less power from guys and they did well, not that power is everything.
    The best thing to come from this is Paul is showing boxers and other combat fighters they should be making more. Promotors are walking away with more money than the man or woman in the ring. Its clear that money is not going to the right places.
    I think Paul will make a good promotor. He’s helping Amanda Serrano more in two fights than anyone has for her whole career. Maybe its because Paul already has money and fame from that other crap he does, but he’s not doing anything wrong so far.

  • Does anyone think this is boxing!? This whole concept is an insult to sports in general let alone boxing. Who gets conned into paying for this crap

  • The biggest insult to boxing was the Nevada commission allowing Floyd to pad his record to 50-0 by sanctioning a farce between he and some featherfisted MMA guy from Ireland making his boxing debut! Floyd didn’t even throw a punch for 2 or 3 rounds. Lol

  • said Paul. “Look at what I just did. Look at the year I just had. Unprecedented. One of the most valuable boxers in this sport.”
    – No, you are not.
    – Stop it, now.

  • If anyone thinks that was a legit fight and finish, Vince McMahon has some real fights to sell you

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