Morrell retains WBA super middle title

Morrell Jr. Vs Fox Fight Night 16
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Unbeaten WBA super middleweight regular champion David Morrell Jr. (6-0, 5 KOs) scored a fourth round TKO over Alantez Fox (28-3-1, 13 KOs) on Saturday night at The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Morrell dropped Fox in round four and Fox’s corner threw in the towel during Morrell’s follow-up barrage. Time was 2:06.

“I was just listening to my team and following their instructions,” said Morrell. “We were just working in there, just like we do in the gym. They told me to let my hands go, so I did. Fox didn’t have the power to keep me off of him. So I knew that I had to take advantage of it. I felt comfortable in there and that made it easy for me.

“I respect everybody in the super middleweight division, but I want to fight all of them. I’ve got this belt right now and I’m open to fighting any of them. They just have to step up.”

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  • Fox was way in over his head. I like Morrel’s style and punches. Reminds me a bit of Benavides, but not as a fight just yet. He needs some polishing up still. Perhaps change how he is pushing his shots once an opponent is hurt. The punches that get him close to the knockout are the short sharp ones. No need to overdo it.

    • They got rid of interim champions. Super champions, world champions, champions in recess and gold champions are still in play.

      • Gold champions are also no longer included but again the WBA created a mess with these extra champions especially one like this kid fighting home depot workers and hes supposedly a champion? i guess hes champion of the full time workers part time fighters….

        • I said Gold because they actually still list them on their website and only the interims are gone – all of those are now ‘OC’, official challenger.

  • Fox, ranked 14th by the WBA, with very limited skills gives Morrell some trouble while the fight lasted, Morrell might be some kind ?? of champion, but he doesn’t belong with the top 168 fighters, at least not now to be fair

    • Fox gave Morrell no trouble whatsoever. He tried to clinch and crowd Morrell a bit, making it difficult for Morrell to get his punchesoff as he would have liked, but he offered no offensive threat. I do agree that Fox was more difficult than I thought he would be, but it was more a matter of his awkwardness.

    • yea but this is just modern day money marketting with another bogus title to boot lets go ahead and let this kid morell fight berlanga then let them “earn” their top 5 ranking but lets be honest this kid along with Berlanga would get trashed by Jacobs, Lemeuix, and Benavidez and if Charbroil or Andrade move up these kids have no chance until they all retire

  • Interesting-You have two cards last night (actually more, I know) One featuring some of the most skilled up and comers in the sport (Puello, Valenzuela, and of course Morrell) for free on network TV. The other, a PPV card, with a guy everybody says is a ridiculous fraud and can’t stand him, and on the undercard- a retired football player and basketball player making their boxing debut, yet that post about that fight has received 5 times the comments as this one. People come on Fightnews blasting other posters for being “casuals” yet that’s where their interest lies… Hmmm

    • Good observation, and thats why the Paul brother make the big bucks.
      People arent called casuals because they are interested in YouTube fighters. They are called casuals because they dont know $hit about Boxing. Boxing fans are interested in whatever goes on in Boxing, and they show respect for what it takes to get in the ring.

    • Urb- Morrell Jr is the guy who all the big names in the division will be running from for the next year or two, until he makes a name for himself. Then people will be lining up to fight him to collect their payday. Don’t worry, you’ll become very familiar with him in the next several years

  • I agree with you kris he will something to deal with he’s a hard puncher but i want too see if he can take it?

  • Morrell has only had 6 fights. How can he have a title and be called “champion”?

    • I agree, his title is total bs. He won the title after only 3 fights by beating some Guyanese fighter named Lennox Allen for the vacant WBA belt. In no way is his title legit, but his skills most definitely are

  • Other than WBA world champion Morrell, there is some cruiserweight named Canelo claiming to be undisputed world champion of this division.

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