Benavidez stops Davis, Canelo next?

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Unbeaten WBC #1 super middleweight David Benavidez (25-0, 22 KOs), considered the main threat to undisputed champion Canelo Alvarez, scored a seventh round TKO over game late sub Kyrone Davis (16-3-1, 6 KOs) on Saturday night at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Two-time former WBC champion Benevidez stalked Davis the first three rounds. Davis then stood his ground in an exciting two-way round four. Davis continued to fight valiantly while taking a lot of punishment. The towel finally came in in round seven. Time was :48.

“Everybody wants to see me against Canelo, right? I don’t care what his assessment of my fight is but they keep putting these contenders in front of me. My last fight was a WBC title eliminator and that’s why I’m here holding my belts. They need to give me the opportunity. I’ll go through anybody. Whoever they want me to go through. If (Jermall) Charlo wants it, he can get it too. But he doesn’t want to get in the ring with me.”

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In his first bout in over three years, former WBA interim 140lb champion Jose Benavidez Jr. (27-1-1, 18 KOs), now competing at middleweight, battled to a ten round majority draw against Emanuel Torres 17-3-1, 5 KOs). Both had their moments. Scores were 96-94 Benavidez, 95-95, 95-95.

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  • Everyone in the world knows Torres won. They need to start dishing out corporal punishment to these cheating scum judges. Ridiculous.

  • Benavidez jr fought awful tonight. Hitting after the bell AND his style of random spurts of punching.Cannot believe Rubin taylor actually had benavidez up. Bad scoring again.

    • If canelo fights Benavidez Canelo wins by knockout bank on it, Benavidez fought a nobody & was knocked on his ass, Benavidez watch what you wish for if your calling out canelo he will beat you easily.

  • ANOTHER disgusting decision, the fans knew who son as did most of us who watched this fight.

    Benavidez looked slow, tired and unmotivated while Torres showed movement and excellent counterpunching.

  • Feliz Navidad, Jose Benavidez, Jr. (JBJ)!! After 3 years away from the ring, JBJ and his camp made a big mistake: they underestimated an Argentinian fighter.

    From what I have SEEN through my years, Argentinian fighters provide quality professional fights (no chumps allowed). JBJ’s camp should have known better, regardless of Torres’ limited punching power.

    JBJ was also fighting at a higher weight, so they should have allowed 1-2 easier fights for JBJ to physically settle at 160. JBJ better thank his lucky stars for a draw in his hometown. Maybe JBJ can eventually work his way to 154.

    I want to see JBJ return to steady training for a rematch outside of Arizona and for restoring the confidence of his Arizona fans.

  • Davis is one tough SOB. He will do very good at 160 or 154lbs. D. Benavidez was spectacular. I think he would destroy Charlo. GGG would be a great fight! Canelo would be a very interesting fight. I think he is the only fighter that would go toe to toe and give canelo problems.

    • He would destroy Charlo but GGG would be a good fight Lmao, GGG in my opinion lost to Derevyanchenko but Charlo easily beat Derevyanchenko and his style is exactly the same as Benavidez pressuring with the body attack.

  • Hats off to Davis for trying his best at 168, and hats off to the Arizona fans for objectively appreciating Davis’ efforts while cheering for D. Benavidez (DB). Kudos to Breadman for saving Davis to fight another day.

    It is time for Canelo and DB to discuss terms for a TEXAS BRAWL FOR IT ALL (September/2022). However, I still favor Canelo to defeat DB, but I need to SEE IT to BELIEVE IT.

    DB also better get his sh*t together to make 168.

    • Don’t know why you got a thumbs down, but based off David’s last 2 or 3 fights Canelo stops him by rd 10

      • I think if Canelo beats benavidez he would beat him by decision I don’t think that he would stop him but I do believe that if benavidez beats Canelo he will stop them but this is my opinion and everyone has one the only way to find out is for the fight to happen

        • You must have see Benevidez take some huge shots against big hitters to come to that conclusion. Nobody else has seen that.

  • The limit for SMW is 168, David Benavidez was heavy yet again. Haters calling for Canelo to move up to LHW, I don’t recall Cinnamon ever coming in heavy. I would rather see Boo Boo or Charlo in May than >168 Benavidez.

      • the only reason canelo would go down again is to chase it all, i think hes waiting for one of the 160 clowns to unify so he can go take it from them. as it stands, boo boo or charlo have no right to make demands against the p4p champ, he is the shot caller, he earned it and they will have to pay the taxes in order to participate.

        • Dood your a clown andreade been trying to fight canelos ass when he was at 160 canelo the coward ran to 168 to weak ass fielding smith yilldrim everyone he’s fought recently were easy fights he want undisputed until he saw benividez lose that belt david will beat his ass he stops canelo

          • EBT clown? He fought fielding quickly to test 168 waters. Happens all the time. He fought Yildrim because he was contracted too. Smith was the Ring mag champ at 168 and the best belt holder. He fought BJs as well. He was criticized for not fighting BJS or Callum when he fought Fielding. He destroyed all of them. Benevidez would’ve been in that mix if he layed off the blow and could make weight. Which he didn’t again. Get out!

    • Benavidez did not come in over the limit it was a non championship fight and the limit for this 10 rounder which was agreed on by both sides was 169

      • That doesn’t mean anything. You need to represent yourself. Fighting 10 rounders with no strict weight restrictions is for guys coming back. Not for young champions.

  • Junior looked shot, maybe it was the long layoff. If you can’t keep David Benavidez off of you, you will get punished. If Davis had some pop, he could have made it interesting.

  • David Benavidez stops canelo, David Benavidez too strong for canelo, David Benavidez by TKO over canelo

    • Hahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha. Benavidez gets smoked by cinnamon top. Easy work.

    • Canelo would have destroyed Davis under 4 rounds. benavidas may not be able to keep canelo off him.

    • Won’t say he’s to strong but his activity and body work would definitely push Canelo’s conditioning to the limit.

  • Benavidez will be destroyed by Canelo and his brother needs to find another sport-The Argentinian was mugged tonight-shameful judging!-These judges should be banned!-They bring dishonour to the sport

  • it doesnt seem that David Benavidez is dedicated enough to the sport to have a real chance to beat Canelo. Seems he is is getting by on youth and natural ability. he will probably need more.

  • well until he can clearly make the weight then fights with Canelo should not be coming out of his mouth he needs to chase Bivol or Beterbiev since hes a lightheavyweight

  • A pay day Vs Canelo and Benavidez would cum in weight mark my word. Massive pay day to be anorexic is worth it.
    Benavidez in 2!

  • After watching the Canelo plant fight it’s only fair to say that canelo’s next fight should be David benavidez I am a fan of both fighters and I think the only fighter that can beat Canelo at 168 is David benavidez that fight would be a huge fight very lucrative for both of them and the pay-per-view numbers would be huge and everyone knows that if he doesn’t fight benavidez he is not the undisputed 168 lb champion forget about your legacy you’ve already accomplished a Hall of Fame career please the fans you’ve already got more money than you’ll ever spend and with a win over benavidez wood cement your legacy as the king of boxing or have Charlo and benavidez fight and Canelo fights the winner of those two but honestly the fans deserve the benavidez Canelo fight

  • Stop calling out Charlo, David. He started his career as a Junior Middleweight and is now a Middleweight. He is not in your weight class, just like Davis wasn’t. You are a Lightheavyweight who comes in heavy for Supermiddleweight fights and used to fight as a heavyweight in the amateur’s. That’s like Canelo calling out Andre Ward who has been retired for 4 years.

    • but its OK for charlo to call out canelo at 168 but not OK for DB to call out Charlo at 168? dude, you are seriously looking at this from a biased lense.

      • I have no knowledge of Charlo calling out Canelo at 168, sir. I recall some chatter about him wanting Canelo at 160. BTW…who is Canelo calling out at 160? And if Charlo is calling out Canelo at 168 as you profess, most likely it is for the payday, the belts, and the glory. He won’t get that fighting Benavidez who doesn’t even have a title, and can’t even make 168. Bias, I think not.

  • DB vs. Canelo will be a war, and is THE fight all boxing fans wanna see! Since I highly doubt we’ll ever see Crawford fighting Spence, we all want to see the biggest super middleweight fight in history!

  • What did this show? Benavides defeated Davis (16 – 3 – 1). No disrespect, but Davis did not have much in his luggage in terms of qualitative opponents at this level before this fight.

    Benavides himself has not proved much before a possible fight against Canelo either. He has some decent wins, but honestly, what else? I mean to challenge Canelo?

    Canelo should only face the best of the best. Benavides and everyone else who will meet Canelo in the future must be prepared to the teeth in order to be worthy opponents of him at all. We can see quality and a potential in Benavides, but he is not fully prepared for Canelo. He might be in the future but not now.

    Those who are in the top 10 in the Super middleweight must go fights against each other, several fights, as a long period of worthy and tough preparation for the day they might be allowed to enter the ring and face Canelo.

    Otherwise, they will be nothing more than another simple figure among all of Canelo’s wins.

    • Didn’t Floyd give a young not ready Canelo a shot? So what difference? Canelo is cherry-picking still taking tune up fights and get great praise for it.

      • The problem with Floyd was precisely that he almost never faced his opponents when they were at their peak.

        Canelo’s last 10 opponents include cherry-picking and tune- up fights like Plant, Saunders, Smith, Kovalev, Jacobs, GGGx2, Chavez Jr, Fielding and Yildrim.

        Honestly, when I read it, it hits me that he´s truly bad at cherry-picking. I mean, can it be much more competitive?

        And I do not envy Benavides a fight, but I think that if he is to have a realistic chance of winning, and not just being happy getting the fight, more water needs to flow under the bridges, more competitive experience is needed.

        • Canelo didn’t beat”GGG”
          That War was given to him
          No questions about It!
          Close never counted ?.

          • The results against GGG will be discussed at length. I have to watch both the fights again. Back then I saw GGG as the winner, maybe in both fights.
            Regardless of whether the judges were right or not, no one can say that GGG was anything but a very worthy opponent.
            Canelo is usually facing the very best, certainly GGG was among them, that was what I meant above. Canelo is mostly not cherry-picking in that way.

      • Ok so you will feel better if he fights Benavides? What next you want him to go to heavyweight? Was he cherry picking when he fought GGG, Jacobs? The fact is no matter what he does people will always complain. You do understand Canelo is 5’7 yet people want him to go thru every weight class. Why don’t we have him go down in weight and with the flyweight title? Now that would be something,

    • Definetely agree! Benavides still too green for canelo. Canelo will destroy him in 3 rounds.

  • Benavides vs torres was a disgusting robbery!!!!!…Benavides vs davis was an uneven match, he definately not ready for canelo!!! He has punching power and???? Canelo has exellent defence,footwork,power,stamina and can take a punch all 12 rounds..benavides(david) needs to improve on those skills before can call out canelo!!!!

  • Props to Kyrone Davis. The guy came to fight and gave it his all. Good job by Stephen Edwards saving his fighter from additional unnecessary punishment. With this exception of Jose, Jr’s hometown gift draw (and including the Mungia / Rosado fight on DAZN), another good night for Boxing.

  • Benevidez won, but it was a uhhhhh win.
    1.He beat a dude WAY smaller than him.
    2. He lost the belt for weighing 169, so why contract this fight for 169, what does that say??? Canelo ain’t gonna let him weigh 169.
    He needs to go to 175.

  • Well he would have fought Canelo already had he not been snorting coke and missing weight. That’s his fault. But honestly Canelo stops Benavides late just like he did Plant.

  • I love the Charlos but they can’t even beat the guys in their division. Didn’t both of them just defend against nobodies and barely squeak out decisions? And you think they deserve the lottery fight against Canelo? Cmon guys get serious

  • Jose Benavidez LOST! Point. Blank. Period…. I couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like against the 54 elite! He’d get stopped. If I were his Dad and/or management team I’d get him 3-4 fights before any conversation of a title fight!! Danny Garcia could actually use him as a stepping stone @54

  • David Benavidez is ready for Canelo PAYDAY!!!!! Win or lose it’ll be a great fight!! Way better than fight than Charlo as he’d have to come up in weight?! We haven’t even seen Jermal at this weight anyway

  • I honestly want to see the fight. But because he’s been stripped 2x, 1 for weight, the other for drugs, plus missed weight for this one. That’s too much professional risk for Canelo. Boxing is unique especially with big fight promotions a lot can be risked for both fighters signing the deal. If he’s serious he should take the next best opponent Canelo fights next. If Canelo fights Charlo or anyone 160-168 he should fight at 178 and take out Bivol or Smith. If Canelo moves up he should fight a similar opponent. He should campaign regardless at 175. Stop the excuses. He said nobody will fight him because he doesn’t have a belt. Who’s fault is that?!

  • No one expects David Benavidez will win this match. He’s not even the top dog in the elite circle, Caleb Plant will put this guy out cold.

  • No way Benavidez is ready for Canelo. You see him doing good and now you wana put him against canelo? You must want another Plant/Smith or Kovalev fight cuz Canelo will tear him and his core body up. He won’t wanna fight anymore. Canelo I’d a Beast!

  • I didn’t believe Carnelo would beat with K.O against PLANT,but the GOAT IS FLOYD MAYWEATHER. We hang only winners.

    • Canelo learned from Floyd Plant learned from Carmelo rematch it will be different outcome. ? No

  • benavedes got hit a few times davis fought a good fight even though he got stopped

  • Match the top contenders to rank the pecking order for the next “ALL FOUR BELTS” Alvarez fight. Everyone eligible, tournament platform style. That will sell every Friday and Saturday night TV.
    I’ll help set it up at no charge.

  • David would give Canelo a rough time. Plant has zero pop and won the first half of the fight. Canelo gives away early rounds in every fight to wear down the body, if Benavidez trains his body right (huge IF) and can stay on his feet in rounds 9-12 he has enough tools and just enough pop to take a decision from Canelo.

  • Canelo will dispose of Benavidas in 4 rounds or less. After nullifying his jab, he will fold to Canelo’s unrelenting body punishment. Absolutely not at Canelo’s level.

  • Is their a rematch with Canelo and Plant I believe in a rematch it will be different outcome!?.

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