Munguia defeats Rosado in war

Photo: Kevin Estrada/Golden Boy Promotions

Unbeaten WBC and WBO #1, WBA #4, IBF #9 middleweight Jaime Munguia (38-0, 30 KOs) won an exciting twelve round unanimous decision over WBA #4, WBC #9, WBO #11 rated super middleweight “King” Gabriel Rosado (26-13-1, 15 KOs) on Saturday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Rosado landed a lot of clean shots, but Munguia’s power combination punching and non-stop work rate won him most the rounds. Scores were 118-110, 119-109, 117-111.

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  • Outstanding, action-packed fight as expected. Rooted for Rosado because I am from Philly. Jaime Mungia was landing combinations all night long like it was going out of style. Both fighters were warriors that exhibited solid chins. Another good night for boxing.

  • I think Rosado got punched stupid if he thought the fight was close or did enough to win. Lol
    Great exciting fight, but Rosado was waiting for the one punch despite not being a knockout artist. Plus, he did not punch enough and eventually Rosado used his face as a defense.

    • Agreed. Munguia’s jab was excellent in the fight and much improved. Gabe was battered up in the later rounds and was wearing down using that old tactic of holding more on the inside to save more time recovering from fatigue. Munguia’s combos and jab were the keys to his victory right along with his youth and perseverance. As for Gabe, he needs to re-evaluate his future in boxing now as his advancing age of 35 he is not getting any younger.

  • Mungia is definitely improving with every fight. Can take one hell of a punch! Would love to see him get in with an elite top level fighter. But damn, Rosado is tough. Wow!!!

  • Now THIS was one of the best fights I’ve seen this year. Both fighters gave and took for a lot of the fight but Jaime was just doing more. LOVED it. Been calling for Mungia GGG for about 2 years now. At first I was picking GGG in a close all out war. As the years go by I’m leaning more toward Mungia.

  • When is Munguia gonna step it up and fight Charlo or Boo Boo?. This Cat looks good against Taxi drivers nothing more nothing less.
    Charlo in 2!
    Boo Boo in 12!

    • As if Charlo is a knockout artist going the distance 4 out of his last five fights. You are definitely not an avid boxing fan. Lol

      • Charlo does have power he’s either put them on the canvas or had all of them hurt. You notice GGG hasn’t been knocking guys out lately that’s because he’s fighting better opposition. The same can be said of Canelo the 168 lb division is weak his best opponent at that weight is Benavidez.

        • Smh. GGG is half a shade under 40. What do expect at this point? No one was saying that when he was running through everyone.

    • it amazes me how many of you clowns know nothing about boxing, Munguia knocks out Charlo and Andrade

      • all three are c fighters who will be nobodies in a few years. Raphael Pineda’s

    • Mr. Roy ‘Boo” Charlo, styles make fights and nothing is guaranteed. What if your favorite boxer in the universe doesn’t like the matchup and is simply looking the other way?

  • Gabe thought he won the fight is enough for retirement after taking a beating tonight… great fight though

    • he threw two right hands kinda…he had one hit jamie with the one punch jamie cannot get out of the way of…and gabe didnt throw it…horrible

  • Man Gabe has a big head. Probably what’s help him take so much on punishment over the years.

  • There are twists and turns for Munguia’s next fight because Jermall and GGG will look for the money prize against Canelo (at 168). For several reasons, Andrade and Canelo will never fight.

    Munguia will have to wait and see if Eubank, Jr. (EJ) and/or if Andrade win their upcoming fights. Munguia vs. EJ is a war where the devil dwells (winner fights Lara). Munguia vs. Andrade is a nice contrast in styles. I highly doubt if Canelo has any rematch interest in knocking out Lara at 168.

    Therefore, if Jermall does not fight Canelo, then I want to see Charlo vs. Munguia (1st choice); Andrade vs. Munguia (2nd choice); EJ vs. Munguia (3rd choice/winner fights Lara); OR Munguia vs. Derevyanchenko (last choice). I hope Andrade and EJ win their upcoming fights.

    • E man i rarely agree with your comments but man you hit it spot on. I agree with your choices and assessment.

    • hilarious..the first guy who throws a straight right at jamies big caveman head will knock him out of boxing. ggg walks through him. dont believe me ask people who sparred with both. Lara is a nobody . Risk over reward is so high even considering is showing a poor business sense and terrible boxing sense. Dervenchenko too. He is nobody and beating him means nada. carry on though.

  • Rosado underestimated Munguias ability to take a punch. He was waiting for that perfect punch all night.. trying to use his experience and let Munguia punch himself out.. but he was using offense for defense. Instead of investing on the body he just wanted to connect on Munguias Chin. Even in the interviews he wouldn’t mention his KO of the year and that he felt he can hurt Munguia. Wrong game plan he should have went to the body more and let his hands go more often. Munguia didn’t slow down like they expected him to. Still both fighters showed heart .. their styles matched up pretty good. Rosado just had to do more to win.

  • Jaime is evolving as a fighter, his defense is improving, at this rate it’s only a matter of time before he lands a huge fight against GGG, Charlo or king Canelo. Good 4 him.

  • Y’all do realize that Rosado has 14 losses, right? Let’s not get carried away here. Good win for the kid Munguia and a great fight for the fans, but there are levels to this thing called boxing. Munguia would have major trouble against the likes of Charlo and Andrade. Someone on here mentioned that Charlo has gone the distance in 4 of his last fights. When you are fighting at the world class level, the KO percentage goes down, there is a reason fighters are competing at that level, facts. Charlo hurt all of those fighters, and almost had Derevyenchenko almost out of there on two occasions, watch the fight. To further my point; Manny Pacqaio only had 1 KO in an 8 year period that encompassed 13 fights, however, he is revered as a fearsome puncher. Jaime’s good, but still needs some fine tuning (especially defensively) IMO.

    • Rosado will never be on top. He’s not made to be. Still you don’t need to be on top to be entertaining. Rosado has always been entertaining as that’s what the fans come for. Much like the late Arturo Gatti was never on the level of guys like Mayweather.

  • The biggest trouble counterpunchers have is with volume punchers. Anyone remember Pacquiao and Marquez? If Mungia and Rosado went the same 36+ rounds you might see Rosado knock Mungia out cold like Marquez did to Pacquaio but many of those rounds would go to Mungia as they did Pacquiao.

  • ugly . hard to watch. never throwing a straight right, ever , never ever..ok twice the stupidest thing considering , lets see…..jamie loves to be hit with every single straight right hand that was ever thrown at him …AND..lets see, gabe has exactly one punch…and that would be the straight right hand…that he never ever threw ever…well maybe twice…horrible …then claim victory …which PROVES he is a nub, and will and should go down in history as having every single big fight in his career. he may have been the luckiest nub in boxing history tho..getting beaten up by every good fighter he has faced and he keeps getting paid to lose and complain…boxing never ever fails to entertain, and disgust me

  • the photo tell all. open to a hook or a counter cross, jamies head is so open and right there. he will be knocked silly when he faces someone who times that huge mistake (s)

  • I really enjoyed this scrap. Rosado once again delivered a good performance, but he has not adapted his style to suit his older body. Munguía showed improvement and a great chin. If he improves his defense, he will be a serious problem for anyone. This was a stock raising fight on both ends that we can watch over and over.

    The fight I really wanted in the past was Munguía vs Hurd, but I’m just being greedy.


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