Valdez stops Wilson, wins WBO interim belt

Two-weight world champion and boxing fan favorite Oscar Valdez (32-2, 23 KOs) scored a seventh round TKO over Liam Wilson (13-3, 7 KOs) to claim the vacant WBO interim junior lightweight title on Saturday night at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. Wilson got off to a good start, boxing at a distance. However, Valdez was able to draw Wilson in close where he had the advantage. In round seven, a barrage by Valdez prompted a referee’s stoppage at 2:48.

Oscar Valdez Vs Liam Wilson Action17
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

In a grudge match for ALL the female minimumweight belts, WBC/WBA champion Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (26-0, 9 KOs) took a hard fought ten round unanimous decision over IBF/WBO queen Yokasta Valle (30-3, 9 KOs) to become the division’s first-ever undisputed champion. Spirited battle all the way with Estrada winning 97-93 3x.

Seniesa Estrada Vs Yokasta Valle Action7
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

WBC #2, WBO #5, IBF #7 lightweight Raymond “Danger” Muratalla (20-0, 16 KOs) won an uneventful ten-rounder against Xolisani Ndongeni (31-5, 18 KOs) by scores of 99-91, 98-92, 97-93.

Unbeaten 2016 Olympian and WBC #9 super lightweight Lindolfo Delgado (20-0, 15 KOs) overcame a slow start to knock out Carlos Sanchez (25-3, 19 KOs) in round seven. Sanchez down in round five and down face-first in round seven. Time was :48.

Unbeaten U.S. Olympic super heavyweight silver medalist Richard Torrez Jr. (9-0, 9 KOs) maintained his 100% knockout ratio with a first round TKO against Don Haynesworth (18-9-1, 16 KOs). A barrage of punches prompted a referee’s stoppage. Time was 2:19.

Unbeaten lightweight “El General” Emiliano Vargas (9-0, 7 KOs), the youngest son of former world champion Fernando Vargas, went the full six against survival-minded Nelson Hampton (10-9, 6 KOs). Scores were 60-54 3x.

Unbeaten local middleweight Sergio Rodriguez (11-0-1, 8 KOs) topped Sanny Duversonne (12-7-2, 9 KOs) in a six-rounder. Scores were 60-54, 59-55, 59-55.

Wardley-Clarke Weigh-In Results
Weights from Hamilton, Ontario

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  • Just curious from the serious boxing consumer… does anyone think Torrez could be a legit contender? I’m waffling on it. I think he might wind up one through American promoters pumping him up, but I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who could beat many top guys.

    • For a silver medalist in the Olympic Games he has been put in extremely soft and still doesn’t look like a good prospect.

        • Torres….is an intriguing fighter..smallish heavyweight for today.and athletic..believe that is good..solid to superb background in amateurs….now examining the boxing package…Torres can punch…can fight from angles….good footwork….seems to have solid boxing IQ…fights like a lightweight fighter…..this will depend on how Torres is develop..have not seen enough to make a determination…maybe need to step up opposition…fight often… far the tools are in place ….

    • Torres appears too small for these modern day behemoths I think……….. only time will tell

  • When Torrez faces a good top 20 his run could be over. In the amateurs he was brutally kayoed by Bakhodir Jalolov

  • Female fights SUCK!! and this one is not the exception. i wish i could forward right to Valdez fight

  • I’m beginning to question my knowledge about boxing. I swear these judges are looking at different fights than I’m seeing. 97-94 seems a little wide to me.

  • Liam Wilson needs to retire NOW. His reaction to getting hurt is to just stand there and take life-changing punishment.

  • Great fight congratulations to both fighters the commentary were right about Liam Wilson need to fight smarter if he wants a longer career but anyway you done yourself and Australia proud and also great honesty sportship from Valdez

  • i thought Estrada actually lost she did not land as the biased commentators suggested and they do a fantastic job of i making a casual think their way watch the fight with no sound……..

    • The commentators were horribly unprofessional and biased in the Estrada-Valle fight. They were praising every move or punch from estrada and barely mention when Valle landed and when they did, they just limited most of the time to say “oh, oh.. good punch” with out saying Valle’s name.

  • I thought Valle won the fight. A side decision. Biased commentary all the way. I saw the Costa Rican pressing the action and landing the harder shots. I asked my wife to watch the fight with me….this is why she doesn’t like the sport much. I wouldnt say robbery, but I saw a pretty clear 6 to 4 or more for the Valle. Boos all over the arena

    • I really think valle won to and the crowd present though valle won too that’s why they booed Estrada…..the score cards were ridiculous she was acting foolish like she’s really unbeatable but in my eyes she lost im not saying robbery but you lost Estrada

      • I personally didn’t like the showboating from Estrada. Valle made the fight.

  • First off, Estrada did NOT win that fight. The ESPN commentators are becoming increasingly blatant in their biases toward ESPN’s “A side” fighters. Secondly, Liam Willson established the winning strategy in the first few rounds, then decides to play out his “Mexican warrior” fantasies in the 4th, and man, did he a price for that mistake.

    • Agree Michael….like watching an old baseball slugger that can’t hit the fastball anymore …get behind after a series of fastball and the pitcher … decides to continuously throw off speed stuff…old slugger using timing to hit a homer….Valdez is the old slugger now…Wilson started by throwing double end bag stuff….Valdez can’t deal with speed anymore started to swell then Wilson decides to layoff the speed stuff …Valdez just timed Wilson…Hats off discipline and boxing IQ succeeded over speed…. truthfully though Valdez has slowed down…was wearing down Wilson allowed this one to get away….Good win for Valdez though….

  • Valdez is not the same of 126 lbs but still some gas left I don’t see longevity on him he is easy to cut I give them 2 more years then retired

    Lindolfo Delgado is like abner mares a low starter

    I thought Emiliano Vargas wS going to ko in the 1 st round and he did not , I think that his victory by decicion was not so sweet

    You don’t need to be hard hitter for to be successful in boxing but muratalla needs more power (because his boxing is not so great ) I don’t see bright future in boxing for him

    Estrada vs valle was a great fight and I think Estrada won but it should be at least a split decicion / or for one point diference in each card , a draw was still fair for a direct rematch

    Thank you Oscar Valdez you made my night


      • It’s just semantics I know, but Paret wasn’t killed by Griffith, he died as a result of the fight. I’m not sure that fighters who have participated in fights where the opponent has died as a result of their injuries would ideally like it to be phased that way, with all due respect. And I know that Griffith has now since passed.

  • Yeah, I think he could of made it to the next round only 12 seconds left. Oh well, I’m not shocked. Muratalla did not look impressive and has likely opened the door for others to call him out.

  • Wilson only good for 6-7 rounds at top level. Where does he go from here one wonders

    • Wilson is an exciting fighter who makes for entertaining bouts but cannot beat the top guys and whose career will be fairly short.

  • Just so I’m understanding this correctly. You beta males actually watched that female fight from beginning to end and are offering commentary? Care to provide a “logical” explanation?

  • Usually the trainer comes to the center of the ring with the boxer for the ref’s final instructions. Valdez’ manager came with him instead of his trainer. Anybody know if something is going on?

  • I had Estrada Winning by a slim margin…6-4, but could definitely go 5-4-1? IDK what it is with Estrada with this constant switching from conventional stance to south paw at nauseam! It’s almost as she has attention deficit disorder I swear!! She was really having success in her orthodox stance landing her left hook and I believe it was getting the job done, however she never stayed that way for more than 10 seconds! I think she really confuses herself! Her team should really work on this! As for the other fights; Valdez is NEVER in a boring fight! IDK what Top Rank pays him, but I hope it’s good! Wilson should seriously consider retiring! Delgado is stiff as a board and gets hit too easily! Muratalla underperformed! Don’t know if it was his conditioning or what, but he just didn’t impress

  • Brilliant boxing by Valdez-the full package -movement skills power determination-Bravo Oscar

  • female fight should have been a draw or estrada 6-4 . great fight . awful biased commentators . rematch is in order but it seems estrada doesn’t want to fight her again .

  • Valiant effort by both boxers.
    Wilson changed his distance in the fight in the 4th to fighting in close, that was the beginning to the end for Wilson.
    Oscar got hit a lot

    • Valdez always gets hit a lot. Nothing has really changed with him. He has made attempts to improve his defense, but it’s in him to be in a brawl. That is why he changed trainers, but if you are not willing to buy into having a defense than you often resort to your fighting style that you always had.

  • The fight went as I thought it would after watching the first two rounds. Wilson was stepping straight back, allowing Valdez to gain confidence. Good win for Valdez. At 33, in the lighter weight divisions, the decline comes swiftly so he better make the most of these upcoming fights and make some decent checks. Wilson will be back.

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