MMA legend Silva defeats Chavez Jr.

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MMA legend Anderson Silva (2-1, 1 KO) scored an eight round split decision over former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. (52-6-1, 34 KOs) on Saturday night at Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico. Silva simply outworked Junior all night. Scores were 77-75 Chavez, 77-75, 77-75 Silva.

Silva: I feel so happy…I needed to do this because I love fighting and boxing is my dream for many, many years…maybe I’ll fight again very soon.

Chavez: I did enough for a draw….He never hurt me. I don’t think he did enough to take this fight.

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Making what was billed as his final ring appearance, boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. fought an entertaining four round exhibition against Hector Camacho Jr. They wore headgear for the first three rounds. Both removed the headgear for the last round and were forced to put it back on.

In the rubber match of their trilogy, middleweight Ramon “Inocente” Alvarez (28-8-3, 16 KOs) beat Omar “Businessman” Chavez (38-6-1, 25 KOs) by eight round unanimous decision. Alvarez took the fight to Chavez, who bled profusely from a cut caused by a head clash. Scores were 80-73, 79-73, 80-72.

Other Results:
Damian Sosa W10/split Abel Mina (NABF super welterweight title)
Jorge Luis Melendez W8 Kevin Torres (super lightweight)

Calderon remains undefeated
Inoue destroys Dasmarinas, retains WBA/IBF belts

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  • Well, if you want a silver lining, at least Chavez Jr. didn’t quit, lol. Every time he complained to the ref, the ref warned Silva so maybe he should have complained to the ref more.

    • Great points! Can we finally say we are done with the presence of Chavez Jr in the boxing world? Good grief!

    • Chavez Jr. did everything he was supposed to do except for actually throw punches. In the last 20 seconds on the 2nd round, anybody notice that long, awkward clinch initiated by Silva? He refused to let go. Fighters normally do that when they’re hurt, but Silva wasn’t even hit there. That was a bit strange.

      Wonder if Jake Paul would consider fighting one of these guys. They are both close enough in weight where the fight can be made. I think Silva may have shown just enough for Paul to avoid him, but he’s the type of opponent Paul and his team seem to look for (older MMA guy). Jr. is a former champion, which Paul might be interested in having on his resume. Just a little side-show logic to consider…

      • Boy, personally, I hope Jake Paul sticks to YouTubing and stays away from boxing. LOL, what a circus!

    • Omar was fighting a legit guy. But, I agree it is time for Jr to retire before he gets hurt. I am super tired of these boxing exhibitions, and boxers v. MMA. The only Chavez fight I want too see is Sr. Vs Oscar in a real fight.

  • No promoter should sign Chavez jr again. This guy is a liability not an asset.

    • Right up there with Butterbean. I didn’t bother to watch this, but I’m sure it was as bad as I figured it’d be.

  • Junior keeps getting big matches because, like Broner, he’s the fighter everyone loves to hate. As long as people tune in to see him lose, he’ll always command PPV purses.

  • How fat is camacho, shorts are holding in the gut. Macho time or KFC time

    • Career is disappointing. At 140 he had the talent to be a champion. At least some huge paydays with other champs. We can knock Chavez Jr, but at least he became a champ. Camacho Jr is vastly more talented and wasted it away.

  • Chavez Jr. was once a pretty damn good fighter. Seems he just totally lost his passion for the sport around the Fonfara fight. Wish he just made up his mind at that point to dedicate himself, or get out all together.

    • I trained alongside Fonfara here in Chicago. Dude was absolute beast. I was surprised he called it quits so early.

    • I agree, Chavez Jr started out with good intentions and wanted to be the next inline in the Chavez family as a big star. However, I feel Jr. fell astray once he realized a bigger income brought nice cars, women, stardom, etc. Jr. tried to balance everything with the high life and boxing and loved the high life too much. Once his checkbook was low and he was bored, his multiple comebacks with failures ensued. What a shame! I recall in 2009 he tested positive for the loop diuretic called Lasix to make weight. Yep, he was that lazy and was coined a professional fighter.

  • After watching the three Chaves It looked like SR was the only one who trained. Omar looked like he didn’t want to fight, Chavez Jr wanted to win based on his name and not his ring work. Chavez SR on the other hand did the best even if it was against Camacho Jr.

  • First 2 fights were good. Canelo brother was in great cardio shape, clearly winning that fight. Chavez Jr got beat almost every round. Embarrassing to boxers n boxing fans losing to an over 40 year old MMA fighter. Only reason I bought the fight was to see Chavez jr the boxer knockout the MMA fighter. Silva won but didn’t look good as Chavez jr was not in the best of shape. Now the MMA fans will talk shit.

    • “Only reason I bought the fight……”
      – Buying this “garbage” = “Not Good !!!!!”

  • Average people cannot get in the ring and perform like these guys so compared to a lot of crazy mismatches 2020 had the entertainment was Good,especially if you are not in fight shape

  • More old MMA fighters should fight Chavez Jr. He will take the fights for the payday and they will beat him in Mexico. He will quit against most of them, he will complain to the ref during the fight, because they are too rough with him, and they will make an extra $150,000 or $200,000 because he won’t make weight. I think it’s written in Jr contract that he won’t train and will smoke a lot of weed during camp.

    • It’s funny you say that because it almost does seem like he attempts to do horrible and disappoint. It’s like one fight after the next he fails to make weight (even if the weight is higher than his last fight) and performs worse than last time out.

  • The great Julio Cesar Chavez still has a true warrior heart, the fight was much more fun than I expected. Glad to see the mutual respect and admiration between Canelo and Julio. I enjoyed very much. For me Julio won the fight 40-36

  • If Silva had gone into Boxing in his twenties he would have gone far

    • Not true at all. He DID box earlier and he was horrible. This is more a testament to just how unmotivated and terrible Chavez Jr. has become.

  • Chavez Jr is like a turd you keep flushing and he won’t stay done. He lost in a boxing match to an MMA fighter. This guy will be back, unfortunately.

  • Gotta say that was entertaining and really glad Silva at 46 got the win! Cheers to him, rather than trashing Chavez.

  • When your father has broken the barriers to escape poverty and make it to the top, it’s hard for the kids to be motivated. There’s nothing to fight for. JC”s kids were spoiled and there’s nothing wrong with it, but it also means that they lack the drive to be successful.

  • The most ridiculous fight I have ever seen.. the sad part is that some people actually paid 50 dollars to watch this stupid show. They could have just stay at the gym if the wanted to throw a couple of punches at each other.

  • It’s almost as if Chavez Jr. is trying to self destruct. Again, he’s off weight. Probably didn’t train at all. And he’s happy with saying “I should have gotten a draw” against an old man with almost no boxing experience??? He really needs to stop embarrassing himself. His heart has not been in the game for a long time.

  • Boxrec has yet to record the results of this fight, and any fight on that card.

    • I noticed that, and they are usually really fast. I wonder why that is.

  • I had a feeling Chavez Jr. would loose, he’s a bum. This man hasn’t won a meaningful fight since 2012. He should retire. At this point who can’t beat him?

  • Just the fact the Chavez said I did enough for a draw tells me that he did his usual….and that is not being 101% prepared. He never seems to train enough then the end results are the same when it really matters…. He has succeeded based on his name/father as well as cushy opponents. Now he losses to a non boxer

    Time to hang em up

  • If it were up to me,Chavez jr. would not had gotten another chance to fight. Fighters that give up during a fight would be done in my book.

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