Munguia stops Szeremeta, Rosado KOs Bek Bully

Unbeaten former 154lb world champion and WBC #1, WBO #1, IBF #4, WBA #5 middleweight Jaime Munguia (37-0, 30 KOs) battered IBF #11 Kamil Szeremeta (21-2, 5 KOs) for six rounds to claim the WBO Intercontinental middleweight title on Saturday night at The University of Texas at El Paso’s Don Haskins Center. Munguia simply overpowered and walked through Szeremeta. The bout was halted after round six.

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Photo: Sye Williams/Golden Boy

Former world title challenger “King” Gabriel Rosado (26-13-1, 14 KOs) spectacularly knocked out previously unbeaten super middleweight Bektemir “Bek Bully” Melikuziev (7-1, 6 KOs). Rosado was down in round one from a body shot. However, in round three a Rosado overhand right put Melikuziev down face first to end it. Time was 1:21. Rosado wins the WBO Intercontinental and WBA Continental Americas titles.

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Photo: Sye Williams/Golden Boy

Unbeaten welterweight Blair “The Flair” Cobbs (15-0-1, 10 KOs) scored a fifth round TKO over veteran Brad Solomon. Cobbs battered Solomon (29-4, 9 KOs) to get the stoppage in round five. Time was 2:57.

Female flyweight Marlen Esparza (10-1, 1 KO) came off the canvas in round one to dethrone WBC champion Ibeth Zamora (32-7, 12 KOs) over ten spirited rounds. Scores were 97-92, 95-94, 96-94.

Results from the Facebook Watch undercard:

Raul “Cougar” Curiel (10-0, 8 KOs) of Tampico, Mexico scored a ninth-round technical knockout victory against Ferdinand “Lucky Boy” Kerobyan (14-2, 10 KOs) of North Hollywood, California in a welterweight battle. Curiel ended the fight by landing a barrage of punches that forced the referee to call the action at 2:10 of the aforementioned round.

Alexis “Lex” Rocha (17-1, 10 KOs) of Santa Ana, California returned with a knockout victory at 2:12 of the second round against Jameson Bacon (26-5, 17 KOs) of Manadaue City, Phillipines in a welterweight battle.

Demetrius Banks (10-11-1, 5 KOs) of Detroit, Michigan scored an upset unanimous decision win against Tristan Kalkreuth (8-1, 6 KOs) of Duncanville, Texas in a six-round cruiserweight fight. Banks won with scores of 54-60, 55-59 and 54-60.

Manny Flores (10-0, 7 KOs) of Coachella, California scored a knockout win against Daniel Lozano (15-11-1, 11 KOs) of Bowling Green, Florida. The action was halted at 1:15 of the first round.

Jousce Gonzalez (11-0-1, 10 KOs) of Glendora, California scored a third-round TKO victory against Gabriel Gutierrez (7-9, 5 KOs) of El Paso, Texas in a scheduled six-round welterweight fight. The fight was stopped 1:43 of the third round.

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    • Nice to see that dude win.. Big fan of his ..hes a real dog.. Congrats to him

    • Rosado had his moment and won this fight with a great counter punch. However, let’s reassess the scenario for future fights for Gabe. Rosado is not the same fighter he was years ago when he fought some of the elites. He is slightly on the downslope in his career and I saw him getting hit with counters he could have dodged a few years ago. He even took a knee from a body shot in the first round. I think Gabe can still bang with some decent fighters, but doubt he will rise to the elite again. Great fight tonight on this level.

  • Holy Shit **

    2021 UPSET OF THE YEAR !!

    Great job, Gabriel Rosado

  • That’s what happens when you only fight B level fighters and move to world class too soon. They’ll take advantage of not working behind a jab and loading up with your hands down. Was only a matter of time. Great job GR.

  • King Rosado: Classic Philly fighter… Always one fight away from Greatness!
    Great job!

  • Definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Munguia vs Rosado, maybe even at a catch weight if Rosado can’t make 160 anymore.
    Standing next to each other, they’re close enough in size and frame.
    Often enough a good hard scrap is more entertaining than a boring snooze fest title fight….

  • I had a feeling Rosado was going to pull it off. Dude is hell for anyone. I didn’t see it going down like that though.

  • Well I guess we won’t be hearing the Paul Brothers calling him out….hell of a counter right…..

  • Surprised they aren’t mentioning how big of an upset that is. Rosado was not brought in to win that one. Congrats to him.

  • Rosado always brings it win or lose, happy he wins this one, incredible KO. Cheers to the Espara too.

  • Having a challenging time adjusting to Dazn boxing. From the broadcast to the commentary. And everything in between.
    Thank you Mr. Rosado, for reminding me why boxing is the most beautiful and brutal sport remaining. And also why ya watch no matter who promotes the fights. It all comes down to the heart, skill and will of one man.

  • IM SO HAPPY FOR ROSADO! What a well timed shot, on the button and GREAT win! He’s a warrior that’s always fun to watch. I NEVER expected this but happy to see it!!!

  • ROSADO was brought in as fodder for the young gun. Every once in a while… The old, battle weary fighter decides that it’s not gonna end the way everyone else expects. WAR ROSADO!!!!!

  • Another overhyped Eastern European fighter exposed. American boxers are too slick, athletic, and intelligent for most to deal with.

  • Good performance by Munguia, looked good from beginning to the end. WOW Rosado with that huge knockout! Never count Rosado out. The man comes to fight and fight no matter. Munguia vs Rosado would be entertaining but eventually IF Munguia gets by Rosado, he needs to challenge GGG.

  • Munguia should have easily won this fight since this fight was cherry-picked from the get-go. Come on, fight some real fighters who can pose the risk of losing on your record!!!!!!!!

    • Scoobs. Idk man, with his last opponent in then out then in again and then out, i think they picked the best candidate out of the few that were willing to take it on short notice. I do agree with its time to step him up. Put him in there with Andrade. Idk, i think Rosado beats Mungia. Jus my thoughts

    • Well Mr Scooby, maybe he can fight someone like the guy Charlo is defending his title against…..?
      Crap, almost forgot, Munguia already knocked out Montiel!
      So….. Yeah…. And it wasn’t a “cherry pick”….. It was a short notice replacement…lol

  • No surprise in the Munguia fight as shot GGG already dealt with the feather hitter. Rosado though is an OG in dealing with Bek bully the way he did.

  • Its always good to see Rosado get the win as the underdog, true warrior and this should line him up for another pay day.

  • No way! Nothing is better in boxing than a huge upset. Didn’t see the fight, but Bek the Bully was supposed to be perhaps the best of a wave of Super Middleweight prospects. Congrats to Rosado? Was he he bleeding out of ears, nose, mouth and eyes before the KO?

    • *congrats to Rosado! not congrats to Rosado? no question mark intended.

    • You have to watch it! Luckily fight didn’t last long so King didn’t bleed ! Props to the old school warriors!

  • I’d like to see Munguia fight next against either GGG or Lara, then, at catch weight, challenge Spence and Crawford after Crawford’s defeat to Pacquio… Munguia big cash day will come sometime in the far future when he fights Canelo but also he has 6′-7′ Fundora and Ennis coming up fast.. there’s going to be plenty of fights for this guy who has mega power

  • Cool. Now Rosado can get dragged out to fight the Charlo brother he hasn’t fought yet or Caleb Plant and get smacked about

  • I feel like Munguia/Golovkin would be epic(as long as Golovkin is not over the hill). Lots of heavy leather would be tossed around in that type of fight.

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