Report: Loma fought injured against Lopez

Shades of Mayweather-Pacquiao. According to ESPN, Vasiliy Lomachenko suffered an injury to his right shoulder in the lead up to Saturday’s showdown with “The Takeover” Teofimo Lopez for the undisputed lightweight title. Apparently, the situation was serious enough that there was talk within Team Lomachenko of possibly pulling out of the fight.

Unlike Pacman, Loma got permission from NSAC to be administered an injection. However, in the second round, he further aggravated the injury, perhaps explaining his lack of punch output.

Lomachenko underwent surgery Monday. Team Loma didn’t disclose the injury right away to avoid the appearance of making excuses.

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  • It would have been MUCH better if Loma and his team would have mentioned the injury prior to the big fight. I would have no problem with the fight having to be rescheduled for a later date. Injuries happen all the time and fights are delayed until the injured fighter is 100 percent healthy. This is cheating the fans in a way, even tho the fight was free, it still cheats the fans and those who bet money on a big fight by fighting at less than 100 percent.

    • And if Lomachenko would have won he wouldn’t be getting surgery, that’s a bunch of bs.

      • Regardless, don’t matter if he fought with a bad shoulder or pulled out of the fight, Loma haters would still hate.

        • Funny how he said he thought he won the fight and he followed his game plan to the tee!!! Now we hear of the shoulder injury

        • No, Loma gave people who normally wouldn’t hate a reason to hate. Had he won, there wouldn’t have been a mention of his shoulder. Secondly, he was a sore loser and unwilling to congratulate his opponent which sours his claim of a shoulder injury.

    • It taints Lopez’s “win.” I thought he (Lopez) looked very ordinary throughout the fight. What? A one armed Loma could still take 5 rounds off Lopez.

      • I disagree Lopez didn’t look good. He had a lot of patience by not wasting much. Threw the uppercut a lot. He can’t really fight moving backwards like most with a devastating RH. But his defense was really bad down the stretch and often looked confused after a combo. If Loma walks him down a little more he wins an easy 116-112 decision without having to take risks like he did in this one. I do think the injury was legit.

      • I strongly disagree that Lopez looked ordinary. He took the fight to Loma and was very poised throughout. Loma is a very difficult fighter to look good against.

      • Lopez also claimed he was fighting injured. As for Loma, it was no more than arthroscopic surgery. You see many athletes play and fight this way and then get the surgery and get back within 8 weeks. This is not a big injury that changed the fight.

        • any injury that limits your power and mobility is a serious enough injury in boxing

    • What fans did it cheat? No one bought a ticket and it wasn’t on PPV? It was amateur boxing v pro boxing and the pro won every round.

    • Great point! I agree wholeheartedly. A draw was +2000! Perhaps it would have been a draw if Lomachenko was 100% healthy.

  • At least he didn’t hurt his Ukrainian dancing legs, because that’s about all he did.

  • I’m calling BS & the powers that be are assisting with the BS, Just take the L and move on. His Dr. said “Lomachenko had pain throwing a right hook during the fight”. Yeah but it wasn’t due to a pain in the shoulder from what I saw, It was from the dude in front of him applying pressure. He should wait till Teo moves up & get them back or move down and get all four there.

    • lopez didnt win this fight so much as lomo gave it away.He didnt even attempt any offense for 5 of the first 6 rounds .When he did choose to fight he did very well .I give teo credit for winning the last round ,but lomo made a gift of this fight to him.

  • It’s funny how the “injury” didn’t limit his punch output in the second half of the fight. Have some class and save the excuses.

    • Loma made no excuses, nothing, he did not even mention a shoulder problem or injury. Everybody is putting words in his mouth saying he is using the shoulder op as an excuse.

  • I believe it is a valid excuse but he should have either accepted defeat to the better man on the night or pulled out.
    You can’t mention any injury concerns before a fight as it can lead to the opponent gaining an advantage.

  • Nope, excuses are like a-holes: EVERYBODY HAS ONE!!

    During the first half of the fight, Lopez’s punching heat, hand speed, footwork and jab created a cold, shocked/hesitant Loma.

    Loma needs to recover and learn from his mistakes. At this time, Lopez has zero interest in a rematch, but we will see how matters develop in mid-late 2021 or early 2022 because money is a charming/forceful/encouraging SOB.

  • For the promo, Lomo spoke of injuries in past fights and how he fought through. He mentioned for the Lopez fight was the first time he didn’t have any nagging injuries. Now he has an excuse and the media is eating it up. Loma has always been favored and protected.

    • It really puts a bad taste in my mouth sometimes when fighters before a fight say they have no excuses, are ready, and good-to-go and then speak of issues after a fight should they lose. For example, Manny after losing to Mayweather complaining of the shoulder injury. I am beginning to think Loma is in the same boat as the example just mentioned.

      • Loma has not spoken of any injury issues after the fight or making excuses, he kept quite and went home and had surgery, no excuses made from his side.

    • You’re 100% spot on. Leading up to the fight all he talked about was how good he feels and Lopez would have to pay for the trash talking, now his shoulder was the issue same excuse Manny used. I’m happy for Lopez and I wouldn’t give a rematch either, Lopez said Loma was confident he’d win they put a no rematch clause in the contract.

  • Any time you mentioned an injury or sickness after you lose a fight, it’s an excuse. I was banking on Loma winning, but Lopez deserved a close victory.

      • So they say, same as Many throwing all them punches then say you have a torn rotator cuff? Anyone with that injury will tell you he wouldn’t have been able to keep throwing punches the way he was ask Klitchko

    • No, Lopez ‘s “victory” is now worthless. He looked totally average against a one armed fighter!

      • Excellent point they need to give Loma back all the belts – Floyd record also needs to be changed to show that he lost to pac man. Why stop there – Every fight where someone says that they had an injury going in should be overturned. Even Deontay Wilders excuse about his costume should result in a win – it was really heavy….
        Shannon Briggs should be 60-0 and we should build a statue to Kevin Kingpin Johnson – the same should be applied to team sports too. Ronaldo (the fat one) was famously sick before the World Cup final in France – Brazil should be awarded that trophy now. Athletics give gold medals to everyone that makes a final. I had a bad headache when I did my college exams and failed them all – give me a Doctors certificate. Great idea. All we need is accept all excuses and everyone’s a winner.

        • At least they declared fat ronaldo was ill before the match. And he looked like a fat zombie throughout. No excuse for losing but I think he was genuinely ill

  • What were the content of the injection? Was it disclosed to Lopez? I see bias! Commissions are to be neutral bodies and not permit one fighter to have advantage over the other. Loma should have postponed the fight if he was injured. I see lots of issues!!!

  • I feel bad for Loma. Whether this news is true , boxing is brutal. You can go from unbeatable P4P god to average in one fight. He is also one of those fighters that will easily drift out of the limelight. His appeal was 100 % down to his quality. There was no real marketability or X factor. I hope he can win titles again at a lower weight and dominate for half a decade. He is still capable of it.

      • This excuse is completely taking away from what Lopez accomplished and yet if we doubt it’s truth we’re Loma haters? Sounds more like you’re Lopez haters. Face the fact that Loma was outboxed. Those are the facts.

  • Blows my mind how many of you think Loma is making excuses. He took the fight didn’t he? He got the shot in his arm. He didn’t complain about the shoulder or even use it as an excuse once. He simply flew home and had surgery. The fact that he has a shoulder injury explains the first 7 rounds of the fight. Had he not been injured it would have been a different outcome. But I guess we will never know, he shouldn’t have fought in my opinion.

    • Lmao so for 7 rounds the shoulder was bad and 4 rounds he ate some spinach and then it felt good?

      • Exactly! Why did it only affect the first 7 rounds and not the last 5? There’s zero logic in that argument.

    • Agree. Loma not once, anywhere, has made an excuse due to the shoulder injury. Only these ‘reports’ insinuating he is using the injury as an excuse.

  • So….he gets the shot. It doesn’t work until the 8th round and then stops working after the 11th. Ok. Got it.

  • A boxer who fights with a shoulder injury, and a training/management team that allows it are just not that intelligent. Dumb move all around.

  • I like Loma but it stinks up the place like Pacman and Wilder. Teo just negated his offense and had him playing checkers. I thought he would have been the chess master that night but Teo had him backpedaling a lot. He was almost knocked down by an alleged low blow. He pulled Teo’s head down while a body blow was being thrown. He kept coming in with his head like Victor Ortiz vs Mayweather. His mysterious injury all of a sudden was cured in the second half of the fight? Don’t try to lessen Teo’s accomplishment. A good big fighter normally beats a good small fighter. Only the mayweather quality fighters have been the exceptions.

  • To my eyes, Lomo’s pro-ported injury does not diminish Lopez’s win. Loma’s shoulder sure seemed fine in the 2nd half of the fight. After watching the fight a 2nd time, I think Loma only won 2 or 3 rounds max. Also, I have zero interest in a rematch because Lopez stated he was not offered one, so why should be offer Loma one?

  • Crazy – Loma or his team have not said anything, but everybody is on his case. “According to ESPN”, nothing what Lomo or his team has said, just ESPN.

    • Loma’s team is the one who reported it don’t act dumb and make up excuses. How the hell espn get that news from Russia?

      • Even if Loma’s team did report it – What is wrong in reporting Loma had surgery? On the other hand the report could have come from the hospital, the doctor, staff, a relative, friend, anybody. It does not HAVE to come from Loma’s team or Russia..

  • Lopez himself said after the weigh in that he would look different on fight night and he did. He was probably a good 15 pounds heavier than Loma on fight night so not such a great victory knowing that.

    • Excuses excuses excuses, lots of fighters rehydrate more than others after the weigh in, that’s when skill levels set in (Mayweather).

    • How does that diminish the victory in any way? He didn’t pull a Salido and weigh in heavy. Any weight gain was just a his body replenishing itself. His effort should be criticized for it?

  • Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t, who are we to speculate? I do find it curious that whenever a fighter loses a big fight, the excuses start rolling out afterwords. I’m sure there is truth to his claim, but what fighter doesn’t enter the ring with some form of injury or another? Aside from all that, I think a rematch is definitely in order.

  • Why should he have turned down the money? Hard to make fights nowadays, and he is 34. Most of his boxing career was in the amateurs. Now if he really needed the surgery before the fight, and not because of what happened in round 2, I can go along with ‘getting gypped’ if you were betting. Or if it was the ESPN + app, and not regular ESPN. Look forward to Crawford (33) vs Brook (34) in about a month. If Brook had lots of time to get used to being at around 155, and gets there at 147 without too much trouble, he could pull the upset. Everyone knew he wasn’t going to beat Golovkin. Brook would have had to have KO’d him before the end of round 3, which was kind of unlikely.

  • Loma is and always has been protected. This may not be Loma throwing out excuses, but the media sure bit… Lopez fought a masterful 7 rounds, got a little comfortable an allowed Loma back in the fight, and then showed the heart of a true champion and won the 12th round. It’s a shame Loma’s publicist is putting out the excuse… We’ll have to wait and see if Loma follows it with a statement of his own…

    • Pretty much sums it up. Can’t really conclude much more than that. Can’t say Loma would have done better or worse otherwise. If the fighters want to fight again, they should go for it. If not, then not.

  • Loma photo after durgery is old?Where is black eye etc? And why he beat Lopez only jab? –>Punchstat? Only broken sholder workin fine in fight?

  • I would’ve preferred that Lomachenko pull out of the fight. He had a legitimate reason to pull out. I always felt he lost this fight because something was not right with him, not because Lopez was a superior fighter. Credit to Lomachenko for going through with it.

    I wasn’t at all impressed with Mr. Street Cred-talking Lopez. Mr knockout world beater barely beat an injured Lomachenko on points. Lomachenko being hurt makes sense to me as THE reason he lost.

  • Just like they tell most other fighters just shut up and take your “L”. It took three days before you mention “an injury”. The next day you said you won. I guess when that doesn’t fly we get this. Your team had a horrible game plan, you either underestimated this kid or you believed the type of Bob Arum, ESPN and the others “we’ve never seen anything like this before, a once in a lifetime fighter…” and you showed him too much respect by literally running the first 6 rounds. That’s two losses in 16 fights just move on already.

  • If they have another scrap then that would give some closure since Loma won’t be any younger and Lopez is gaining high level experience. Lopez outperformed his expectations (getting the UD win that was 9-1 odds)! and Loma underperformed based on expevtations (-360) to win. Tough to gauge the shoulder aspect because SO MANY fighters have this kind of excuse after fights of various injury (hidden from the fans) and they have varying degrees of truth.

  • “Team Loma didn’t disclose the injury right away to avoid the appearance of making excuses.”
    As if disclosing it after the fight was any different…

  • Ah yes of course he did. Next thing we’ll hear his shorts were too heavy. Just take the L. Was a great fight by both of you don’t cheapen it.

  • Maybe, but did the commission bust Lopez doing 20x the legal IV limit like they did Mayweather (and they gave Mayweather a after the fact exemption for it, but wouldn’t give Manny an exemption for a legal shot.

  • lopez made loma quit , he quit by not punching and standing in the ring like a dead penguin

  • Finally, something all you jock sniffing Loma fanatics can hang your hat on, an excuse. I was waiting for it and here it comes, leaked to the press very gently so as not to give the appearance of making an excuse, but it is. You are a prize fighter, go into the ring and fight, you are paid to do the job. The best qualified and healthiest person should win (barring an unqualified judges decision). If your body is broken and you go into the fight and lose, guess what, you lose. He lost to the better fighter and healthier fighter. I’m not a Lopez fan, he’s arrogant, his dad’s a jack ass but he won that fight fair and square. Get over it Loma fans, go find they next great amateur hype job, hey I hear there’s a kid in Uzbekistan that is 10-0, let’s make him P4P king!

  • Makes sense he had an injury since he showed no angles and I had it 115-113 Lopez winning the final round after dropping 5 straight rounds winning the first 5. Loma deserves a rematch and Lopez fears it due to Loma coming back stronger after his operation and not a long period of inactivity. Lopez should be more confident winning all titles.

  • This is b.s. Doctors say he will be ready to fight in January. So this was no more than arthroscopic surgery. Lopez also says he fought injured, so I don’t see why the excuse.

  • Too bad Loma was being hyped as the second coming of Salvador Sanchez before he ever even had his first pro fight. That’s the problem wih the know-it-all media today, trying to manufacture ATGs rather than just letting their careers play out. He wont even be as good as Miguel Cotto when it’s all said and done.
    I think Usyk will be the next to get exposed as an overhyped network creation

  • About 90% of the population are like sheep anyway. They are fooled and fooled all the damn time. Very tragic!!!

    Don’t be mad with me. This is exactly how the ruling elite sees and calls you/s. After all, the scripture writers had Jesus calling his followers sheep–as in my sheep hears my voice and they follow me.

    How almost true, though, that most people do not have a mind of their own. Eyes, that cannot see; ears, that cannot hear; and hearts, that cannot discern.

  • Loma and Manny with these shoulder injury excuses. If they won we wouldn’t have heard about these supposed injuries. This is precisely why both didn’t get their rematches. Making excuses takes is a sucker’s way out. YOU LOST!

  • Nice to see the enthusiasm for the fight. To all you young fans, I’m not hating. Fights like these, of the highest degree, need a story. Need a rematch. Need to put both fighters first! ..for their fans respectfully.

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