Pulev-Mir Final Press Conference

20211124 Triller Triad Combat Pulev V Mir Texas Press Conference Westcott 64
Photo: Amanda Westcott/Triller

Shannon Briggs: ‘Rampage Jackson is scared to fight me and he’s leading a scared group of fighters on Saturday night. He talks tough like most of the MMA guys. Look at my team, they’re all top-notch boxers. Mike Seals is a true animal and he’s going to destroy Mike Perry on Saturday night. Perry, you just talked yourself into a hospital visit, these are the best strikers in the world. Frank Mir, I respect you but Kubrat Pulev is going to knock you out very badly on Saturday night. Rampage is leading them all into the fire on Saturday night.”

‘Rampage’ Jackson: “I don’t know any of these boxers, but I know all these MMA guys and they’re all stone-cold killers. The MMA fighters are the toughest fighters on the planet. Keep on underestimating us and we’ll beat you on Saturday night. Shannon is good at getting underneath my skin but these warriors on my side will shut up him up for good on Saturday night. Of course, I’ll fight this clown, anytime we can put it together with Triller for Triad Combat.”

20211124 Triller Triad Combat Pulev V Mir Texas Press Conference Westcott 21
Photo: Amanda Westcott/Triller

Kubrat Pulev: “Boxers are much more precise in our striking, we should win every fight on Saturday night. These MMA fighters don’t stand a chance.”

Frank Mir: “I’m always the predator going after the biggest hunt and Saturday night against Kubrat Pulev will be no different. We taped out the triangle, it’s 26 feet long. I’ll know exactly how to be victorious on Saturday night.”

Alexander Flores: “I’ve been training for a fight for 16 weeks, sparred over 100 rounds, once I got the offer I said let’s do it. Mitrione is standing in my path and I will destroy him on Saturday night.”

Mike Mitrione: “No one has ever slept me and it’s not happening this Saturday night to this skinny dude Flores. I can’t wait to punch him in the face on Saturday night and he can’t wait to do the same to me. Look at the dude Flores over there with those skinny legs shaking, he knows the beating ahead of him this Saturday night.”

Mike Seals: “Clearly this dude has no clue what he’s gotten himself into. I’m going to destroy Mike Perry on Saturday night.”

Mike Perry: “I’m going to f*** this dude up on Saturday night and somebody might die. I’m just focused on what I always do, hurt people and entertain the fans. That’s what people want from me and that’s what they get, satisfaction guaranteed from Mike Perry.”

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The Triad Combat PPV event will be carried in North America across all PPV platforms, including cable, satellite, telco, and streaming. Complete PPV distribution details can be found below.

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  • is this boxing or mma?
    hard to believe Kubrat Pulev fought for all the world titles just 2 years ago…

  • I hope all the boxers ko these mma guys who don’t have a clue. If they all get kod maybe they’ll realize wrestlers can’t beat boxers in boxing it’s quite stupid. At least when Shaq swam against Phelps he had a lengths lead

    • If boxers are any brave or have some courage, maybe they can challenge the MMA guys in MMA fighting. I’d like to see if any boxers will trash talk the way they do for the boxing matches.
      A fight is a fight, and if a boxer begins to punk a all-around fighters, maybe those MMA guys should show some boxers how a real fight is done.
      Oh, Wait. The great James Toney tried and he got destroyed. Ray Mercer also tried and KO’d a former UFC Champ. Maybe more boxers should cross over to MMA for more name recognition and opportunities.

        • Dude..who want to watch at any circumstances 2 guys on the ground laying top of eatcothers .
          Marquess of queensberry rules are for men.

      • Everyone knows James Toney jumped into the UFC for quick easy money. Looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy, he didn’t train & didn’t even try to win that spectacle. What was amazing is that his opponent was an MMA champ & gave it everything he had & it still took him nearly 5 minutes to end the farce against a sitting tank job! How embarrassing!!! Toney started his pro boxing career at 154 lbs, but looked like he weighed 354 for this!

      • It’s sad that MMA will not this what they’re worth. That’s probably why they crossover to boxing.

        • Ronda Rousey was the most overrated athlete in the history of professional sports! And who was the moron who put her on the cover of Ring Magazine?

        • Correction, MMA practitioner Holly Holm destroyed MMA legend Rhonda Rousey in an MMA bout.

          • Actually Holly was a Boxer/kickboxer that trained with Winklejohn in abq. I fought in several shows with her on the card where she wld either box or kickbox her opponent. She later ventured in MMA. This proves that boxers Absolutely can compete in MMA with proper training. An natural born athlete is gonna do good in whatever they set their sites on as long as training is on point.

      • They have each stayed in they’re lane. Stop catching feelings and act like a man. It’s like comparing a 100 yard dasher vs marathon runner similar sport, different approach.

        Boxers typically do not go over to mma because they know their limitations. Mma fighters typically to not box in the ring because they as well, know their limitations.

        Just as a boxer is out of his element and in deep trouble in the octogon, the same applies to a mix martial artist who steps in the ring.

        Acknowledge, accept, apply.

        And that’s all I have to say about that.

        • You’re totally wrong. Boxers don’t cross over to MMA because there is no money in MMA. The highest you can go is UFC and Dana is tight with his payouts. If you mention anything about money he flips his shit.

        • That is pretty much on point Peter. As an ex pro boxer, fighters wld often come to me to work striking. They are at a much lower level than most boxers as they use different types of weight shifts. Given time and proper training, they could excell but most dont put that much time in

          • Right on point about shifting Tony. They from different angles, reducing balance and the snap required for boxing.

      • Two different sports. Not fair for either one if they are not in their environment. But dont forget the fastest and nasties kos come by strikes.

      • Boxers Are smarter than mma guys. They know they are. Boxers. Mma guys believe they have boxing skills when they can only wrestle. They’re not quite right in the head. Switching sports this late in their careers will only get them hurt, but wtf they’re making that almighty dollar

    • Watch it on YouTube he said it about 100 times and he looked scared, Rampage back him into a corner and he grabbed a mic stand for protection.

  • Not a good matchup for Mir. Pulev will take him to the deep end of the pool and drown him, period.

    As for Perry, it all depends what shape he’s in. Good shape, easy win, out of shape, night-night.

  • It is only logic that a boxer will usually beat any other type of athlete at boxing and that an mma fighter will usually beat any other athlete at mma. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that mma fighters do a lot of boxing in their preparation for mma but boxers don’t do mma training for their fights. For a boxer to beat an mma fighter at mma they have to essentially become an mma fighter by many months of mma training or else they will get thrown down and beat up. People that don’t think mma is tough are clueless and ignorant on the subject. People that think since they are good boxers that have never wrestled that they can keep an mma fighter or wrestler from throwing them on the ground are fooling themselves.

  • Why couldn’t they let Frank Mir quarterback for the Saints last night. He couldn’t of done much worse. I’d rather see that than a sad end he’s going to have thinking he’s a boxer.

  • Pulev is cashing an easy check in a circus freak show. I don’t think i’m alone on this, but does anyone else agree that EVERYTHING in life is decreasing in quality?

  • Here’s the deal , if these mma guys would’ve trained boxing all their life ok , but what they do is different so when they have to fight 12 rounds they can’t it’s pretty simple actually. These fights are just supposed to be for entertaining purposes but why not have these mma guys box celebrities or fan fights or something If try insist on boxing

  • >