Prograis, Haney make weight

Regis Prograis 139 vs. Devin Haney 140
(WBC super lightweight title)

Em1 0183
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Liam Paro 140 vs. Montana Love 140

Em1 0036
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Andy Cruz 134.4 vs. Jovanni Straffon 134

Em1 9912
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Ebanie Bridges 117.8 vs. Miyo Yoshida 117.6

Em1 9837
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Amari Jones 159.2 vs. Quilisto Madera 160
Shamar Canal 132 vs. Jose Antonio Mesa 131.8
Beatriz Ferreira 130 vs. Destiny Jones 129.8

Venue: Chase Center, San Francisco, California
Promoter: Matchroom

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Ramirez, Espinoza make weight

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  • Haney has a nice muscle foundation

    Haney decision…….29%
    Regis decision ……..22%
    Regis ko/tko…………17%
    Haney ko/tko………9%

    But my heart is with Regis

    • Haney wins.. 116-112,117-111,116-112….The most predictible fight of the year…

    • a nice muscle foundation?? what on earth are you saying. I suggest you have someone help you by proof reading what you want to communicate before you post. It’s embarasing to read your posts and I don’t even know you.

        • okay I’m going to help you out this is what you tried to tell me …if you do not understand what I mean, then you are the one that need(s) help lol. Practice makes perfect Carlos.

          • Yea thank you for help me because I already helped you because we understand each other without help lol

      • If you have nothing nice to say just ignore and move on, it’s a public message board as long as no one is being offensive, disrespectful or insulting and ifFightnews is OK with his posts then what else is there to say

    • I agree, Haney will win UD based on his movement and speed to rack up points. Prograis will be busy alone trying to time Haney to hit him. I predict Prograis will get frustrated in the later rounds of the fight trying to break through Haney’s jab and resort to his athleticism with wider shots. That being said, Haney will crack him more often.

  • Haney is a boxer first,fighter second, similar to Mayweather and in my opinion will win by boxing to a points victory

    • Well the fight is close
      The bigger chances are for Haney to win by decision
      But prograis is not a piece of cake
      Prograis by decision or a draw is very probable

    • Ebanie can box but is more recognized for other reasons. She has a huge following, particularly in Britain.

      She was supposed to be fighting fellow Australian Avril Mathie in what was termed “battle of the boobs.” Injury to Avril stopped that however Miyo Yoshida is a tougher fight.

  • Haney is dried down even to make 140. Prograis made a statement by coming in 1 lb lighter, like it wasn’t as big of a deal for him to make the weight.
    Haney doesn’t have ko power vs top tier opponents. Maybe a body shot ko. But he and his dad can’t be saying they are going to get a head shot ko, and expect that many people will believe them.
    Prograis has to go for a ko. Haney probably gets any close rounds. I doubt Prograis is just out there looking for a 1 punch ko.
    If Devin gets hurt, his dad will pull the plug. But Haney should be left in there to take a beating at a high level if that is what gets fished out. They let Spence take a beating and sign up for seconds. All this $, plus getting an instant title fight at 150, if a beating is dished Devin shouldn’t be given an easy way out by his dad, leave it to the ref to decide when to stop it.

  • Why does Hearns smile get bigger as he gets closer to the main event?.. does his smile depend on the quality of the fight? ..

  • I think Liam Parro vs. Montana Love will be the fight of the night. Nice clash of styles!

  • It’s a good matchup but expecting non-DZAN subscribers to shell out $75 is just nuts, especially with a not-so-hot undercard. Sorry but I’m gonna pass on this one.

  • I do not expect a lot of offensive activities in Prograis/Haney, but I believe Haney will display just enough activity to defeat Prograis. Haney’s movements, long jabs and long range punches will play important factors to limit Prograis’ output and rhythm – especially during rounds 8-12. Haney victory by SD.

  • Predictions.
    Prograis upsets Haney.
    Love upsets Paro.
    Andy Cruz will stop Jovanni Straffon.

  • >