Pradabsri beats Wanheng, Floyd gets record back

WBC #3 rated Panya Pradabsri (35-1, 24 KOs) took the “0” and the green belt from record-breaking previously undefeated WBC strawweight champion Wanheng Menayothin (54-1, 18 KOs) with a hard-fought twelve round decision on Friday at the City Hall Ground in Nakhon Sawan Thailand. It was a close fight with Wanheng coming on at the end, but the result was in doubt until Pradabsri’s arm was raised after scores of 115-113, 115-113, 115-113 were read in favor of the +600 underdog.

The 35-year-old Wanheng, also known as Chayaphon Moonsri, was making his 13th defense of the 105lb title. He eclipsed Floyd Mayweather’s 50-0 mark in 2018, and had briefly retired earlier this year at 54-0, but changed his mind.

By Wanheng absorbing this loss, Floyd gets back the recognition for best record in an unbeaten career.

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  • Technically, Floyd has a loss on his record when he was gifted a crooked decision over Jose Luis Castillo in their first fight. Castillo won that fight no doubt.

    • I was at that fight. I remember the crowd booing like crazy when the decision was read. Wasn’t really close at all. I think Castillo outlanded him by over 100 punches and had the pressure on him all night. Terrible decision. If that decision was correct it would have cost Floyd hundreds of millions of dollars most likely.

    • ODLH beat him too :
      1 ODLH was the champ
      2 He was the agressor
      3 Floyd only landed counters (approximatly)
      I agree that Oscar faded in the later rounds but don’t forget he was the champ !!! A draw would’ve been the minimum they should’ve scored.
      A younger 2 or 3 years Oscar would have beat him without a doubt.

    • The way I remember it, floyd got off to an early lead then hurt his hand. Castillo was then able to have some success against a one-handed floyd, but floyd still pulled it out. Basically, floyd beat castillo with one hand.

  • Just putting this out there. Take it how u want. What if: Floyd paid the guy a few million to take a dive in this fight cuz he was straling his thunder with the record n all.. That record meant more to Floyd than it ever did to wanheng. Plus a few million wld change that kids life forever. Something his record never did or cld. Idk. Just a thought..

  • So if I became pro and beat all my nextdoor neighbors I would be recognized as beating Floyds record??

    • He had a draw. And that was terrible too! I remember the judges running away with the scorecards! Straight out of the WWE! Ahhh the good old Don King days.

      • Yeah, Rosendo Alvarez was way ahead in the scorecards when the accidental headbutt prompted to stop the fight and go to the scorecards. Don King? nah! The fight was a stellar presentation of Ricardo Lopez in the main boxing arena of Mexico DF where it was impossible to get a decision

  • During and after the first Floyd vs. Castillo fight, I remembered extremely high levels of emotions, hate and discontent on both sides – fans who were sober, high and intoxicated. I was fight party intoxicated in a fun manner though.

    I was glad Floyd and Castillo had a rematch because MANY believed Castillo won the first fight. I really wanted to see a trilogy but oh well.

    • Oddly, Floyd had a chance to re-group and re-focus in the second fight and won. However, that first fight is a whole different story as you mentioned.

  • I personally cannot count the McGregor fiasco as an official 50th win for Floyd. As much as I respect Floyd, he’s 49-0 or 49-1 against Castillo I. Rocky Marciano is still the only undefeated fighter to retire at 49-0.

    • Anything with scoring is subjective. I know old times who say Rocky lost his first fight against LaStarza. They are both all-time greats but neither should be mentioned in the same breath as Sugar Ray who was 130-1 when he started his career against the best possible opposition. He lost to another great in Lamotta and then threw him a beating 2 or 3 weeks later and 5 or 6 times total. He lost 19 fights by the time he was done. It doesn’t diminish who he was at all in his prime. Same can basically be said for Roy jones jr, and pernell Whittaker the two most talented fighters I have ever seen in in my lifetime.

  • It doesn’t matter. I am sure there were guys who held belts before that went beyond 50-0. Ricardo Lopez went 51-0-1 (38 KOs). So why doesn’t Fightnews get it straight? Just so they can mention in this article that “Floyd gets back the recognition for best record in an unbeaten career.” But, I guess a draw blemishes the record somewhat, but undefeated is undefeated. Plus, even if you don’t say Castillo and Maidana beat Floyd in their first fights, both of them did more than enough to have gotten draws. Floyd could be 48-0-2, and that would be more than legit to have thrown 2 draws on Floyd’s record. And, novice Conor McGregor was having his moments with 40 year old Floyd.

    • you are absolutely correct but Lopez doesnt bring the attention or cash flow that cherry picker did

  • I think Floyd’s shoulder was messed up in the first Castillo fight, plus Castillo outweighed him by 2 divisions the night of the fight. Even in the rematch, Castillo gave him trouble, and won 4 rounds on all the cards (or 2 out of 3 cards).

  • Why is whoever wrote this article pretending Ricardo Lopez doesn’t exist? Not sure Menayothin’s wins really meant nearly as much as FMJ’S anyway. I mean, ppl knock Floyd for his resume, what does this guy’s look like next to it? A lot of “record breaking” wins over 4-9-1 fighters and the like.

    • ok but 105lbs how many big names do you think there are? not only that a record is just that dont blame the little guys for who they fight nobody question Marcianos record full of paid off by the MOB NYC taxi drivers

  • Moonsri’s winning streak stopped at 55. Mayweathers 49-0 plus exh win back on top at 50-0.

  • ok fellow boxing enthusiast the universal rules of professional boxing state and i quote……any member of a fighters corner or ring physician that enters the ring or even stands on top of the ring apron at ANY time before the sound of the ring bell will warrant an instant DQ of that fighter and with that being said……..when Roger Mayweather entered the ring after Zab Judah had fouled his nephew regardless should have warranted a automatic DQ per universal boxing rules……notice how this has NEVER been discussed……………

  • I am apalled to hear of the boasting of Floyd Mayweather’s 50-0 boxing record by Phil Jay of WBN. May I ask, is this greater than Julio Cesar Chavez record of 89-0 before he lost to Frankie Randall by decision? And to think that Chavez fought the best of his era, unlike Floyd selecting boxers he can easily outpoint.

  • 53-0 is still better than 50-0? If Floyd fights again he will lose too. LOL Moonsri still beat Floyd’s record.

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