Canelo-Scull deal reached

An agreement was reached just a few hours before the scheduled IBF purse for the promotional rights for the IBF-ordered world championship fight between Canelo Alvarez and IBF mandatory and #1 rated William Scull (22-0, 9 KOs).

Scull promoter Ingo Volckmann said, “We are happy that we were able to reach an agreement with TGB. We have agreed to keep the details confidential and cannot announce anything further at this time. However, the Canelo team will publish the relevant information first at the appropriate time.”

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  • Just what the dr ordered for Canelo. Glossy record on paper against an opponent with no power that no one’s heard of..Canelo fans will go ahead and defend him. On one hand, he says he can do what he wants, fight who he wants. But now, his excuse will be that he’s forced to fight his mandatory.

    • Who would pay to watch that? Just saying….
      9 stoppage wins in 22 fights? Dude can’t crack an egg. Smells like a tune up for Mr.

    • mr. “i can do whatever i want “. lets see what the next excuse will be .

    • Why doesn’t Canelo fight benivedes he avoiding him because he knows he’ll lose against benivedes.

  • I’m a Canelo fan but I can’t defend this. He told the public that he does what he wants and calls the shots when asked about fighting Benavidez. Well, he needs to exercise that authority and decline this fight, which does nothing for his legacy. Even if he has to give up the IBF title. He obviously should fight Benavidez next but David won’t be ready by September 14. Neither will Crawford. Let’s move forward with Jermall Charlo and then Benavidez next May. No disrespect to Scull, but when the top guy in boxing only fights twice per year then both fights have to count for something besides a mandatory against a complete unknown.

    • I think there’s a reason that the details are being held till further notice. I don’t think this happens, maybe sum step aside money or extensión on the mandatory till Canelo irons out the specifics the Crawford figh which is now becoming a reality with the Saudi prince’s involvement.

      • that fight will not happen theres absolutely nothing for Canelo to gain the Benavidez fight i believe will happen i think hes going to wait and let Beterbiev vs Bivol winner fight Benavidez then call out the winner at a catchweight to make the biggest money fight in history it will surpass all of Floyds fights combined but thats just my thought who knows…….

  • – I’m sooooo excited.
    – Well, not really.
    – Not even going to watch the Main Event on the Stick.
    – May watch some of the undercard.

  • The IBF probably has more consistency than the rest of the orgs (I know that isn’t saying much), but they also have a strange habit of promoting very odd and undeserving fighters to mandatory challengers. Kubrat Pulev for Anthony Joshua, Michael Dasmarinas for Inoue, Szeremeta for GGG, that fighter from Thailand Josh Taylor smashed inside of a round a few years ago, all IBF mandatories.

    • Agree Lucie, and this goes back to 80’s with the IBF mandatories. Every now and then a totally unknown gets a shot and wins.

    • Good eyes Lucie. They couldn’t sneak that one last you. The alphabets have a think tank that covers all possibilities to work in favor of certain promotion companies.

      Riding high with you superstar and there’s a threat looming in the background? No worries, we’ve got a few loopholes that will buy you 2 years easily. It will just…well….you know….payable to…..

      These mandatories are indicative of the current crop of talent. I’m not calling Scull a nobody, but if this what’s available…

      We’re about to hit a drought(I believe) in 160-168.

  • Pan! Pan! Pan! Where are you? All I hear is an echo. Are you gonna tell us that no one beats canelo at 168? Maybe because he fights nobodies, way past their prime guys and undersized super middleweights. He called that shot while he was sipping on some bad tequila. Let’s see if this is a step aside deal for a real fight, but I doubt it.

    • Queer, not to worry, your daddy is here.

      Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán (Latin American Spanish: [saˈul ˈalβaɾes]; born 18 July 1990), commonly known as Canelo,[4] is a Mexican professional boxer. He has held multiple world championships in four weight classes from light middleweight to light heavyweight, including unified titles in three of those weight classes and lineal titles in two. Álvarez is the first and only boxer in history to become undisputed champion at super middleweight, having held the World Boxing Association (WBA) (Super version), World Boxing Council (WBC) and Ring magazine titles since 2020, and the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) titles since 2021.

      Álvarez is known as an excellent counterpuncher, being able to exploit openings in his opponents’ guards while avoiding punches with head and body movement. He is also known as a formidable body puncher.[5][6] As of May 2024, Álvarez is ranked as the world’s fourth best active boxer, pound for pound, by The Ring;[7] BoxRec;[8] and fifth by the TBRB.[9] One of boxing’s biggest ever pay-per-view stars,[10] he is consistently one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, making Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid athletes in 2019, 2022, and 2023.[11][12][13]

          • Facts: your man has dipped and dodged benavidez and you can say morrell. He lost fights, but miraculously was given a win by Lara, GGG (twice), and trout. Even when dominated by bivol, the scores were rigged. He beat up a 154 charlo, but couldn’t knock him out. Now, if true he is going to fight Crawford, three classes below or a shell of a fighter berlanga. Then he “mistakenly” ate tainted meat??? Really. So, he is a cheater and a coward? What a hero. Bread boy. Joto.

          • I see that when you have no legitimate comeback, you resort to disrespect. At least I cite specific facts about tainted meat boy. Pinche joto, You copy and paste, how original of you and you are a canelo fan? A cheat and a coward like you bread boy.

          • you seem to need professional help Queer. looks like someone hurt you but you haven’t been able to recover. was it Carlos? you don’t have to pretend you’re tough Queer. echale ganas MARICON. HAHAHAHAHA. say goodnight to Daddy. hahahahaha

          • I will say good night to your momma, bread wbitch. Right after she does my laundry and packs my lunch. Joto. By the way, she said you need to clean your room or actually your basement also wondering why those canela posters are so sticky???? Hmmm.

          • The Lara fight could have gone either way. The terrible card was Levi Martinez favoring Canelo 117-111! Agree on all other counts. Had the judges given Canelo one more round vs. Bivol, that fight would have been a draw! They gave Canelo the first five rounds when he did nothing. Oddly, the judges gave round six to Bivol, where Canelo may not have won the round but at least started throwing some punches. 115-113 on all cards!

  • I have no problem with Canelo fighting this Cuban dude Scull, while David Benavidez fights the other Cuban, David Morrell, with the winners fighting each other.

  • William Scull’s last 10 opponents per BoxRec:

    – Sean Hemphill
    – Christian Rios
    – Abel Adriel
    – Evgeny Shvedenko
    – Deneb Diaz
    – Dragan Lepei
    – Gino Kanters
    – Mathias Eklund
    – Siarhei Khamitski
    – Sebastian Papeschi

    I have never heard of any of these fighters, including William Scull…….

    • Hold on Gary. Not ALL of them are unheard of. I think Gino Kanters was our server at the Navesink Fishery Middletown a couple of months ago when you gave me the weather forecast for Jersey. That has to count for something no?

    • I actually do know the name Gino Kanters. He’s a pretty good fighter… as a kickboxer, of course. He has no merits at all as a boxer. I don’t feel like looking it up, but that HAS TO BE one of the weakest resumés for anyone who has ever fought for an undisputed championship in the modern era.

      • Of course I would choose the one fighter that has a heartbeat. Kickboxing is just as strenuous, but it doesn’t necessarily mean success when crossing over to boxing.

  • Fkn sad.

    Losing more respect for Canelo every day.

    Saul is clearly DUCKING Benavidez!!

    • Cinnamon spars with face saver headgear.
      He can dish it out but he don’t like to take it.

  • What this post indicated is that an agreement is made, not that a fight is made. Meaning, it is possible Canelo’s team agreed to pay Scull some step aside money so they can fight another fighter. We all know unless there is an incredible undercard hardly anybody will pay. Since nobody knows this Scull fella.

  • I wonder if there was a mandatory for the WBC? LOL! Canelo is the worst superstar of all time. At least Fury had the guts to fight Usyk and agreed to a rematch after getting his ass kicked.

  • With the biggest fight in boxing beckoning this is what is delivered. I’M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS NONSENSE. Canelo should be ashamed.

  • i think real boxing fans know that Munguia is one of the biggest frauds and fabricated champs of the past 20 years. Who did he beat for the title again ? They wanted a big mexican middleweight to parallel the success of canelo and he was the best they could find. A banger unlike Zurdo. Munguia was just another scrub for canelo. A high end scrub but still a scrub

  • If people don’t like the fight they aren’t forced to buy it. Let Canelos fanboys waste their money on this farce. Once his PPV numbers go to shit like they have been, he will be forced to fight better opposition. Pure economics

  • A Couple of things to think about guys;
    When a sanctioning body orders a Mandatory defense, it is expected. A fighter becomes a champion and that comes with responsibilities
    Also, Just because we have not heard of a fighter does not mean that they aren’t talented. Just because a fighter does not have knockout power does not mean that he cant fight. I bet it is still exciting.

  • Doesn’t say there was a deal reached for an actual fight. Could be step aside money to preserve a 168 undisputed Canelo versus Bud Crawford in Saudi Arabia.

    • Is Bud really going to jump to 168?
      He’s 154 now and he’s going to test the waters at 168 before stopping at 160?
      He wants to knock off Tszyu, Fundora,
      rematch Spence, and super fight Virgil Ortiz.
      He’s going to be busy at 154 for at least 2
      years. Cinnamon may be retired by then.
      Doubtful Alvarez wants Bud or Benevidez.

      • He will do it for massive Saudi payout and the chance to win 4-belt undisputed in a third weight class.

  • I may have taken this a different way. I thought that the agreement was they are paying Scull to step aside?

  • Scull is dull! Wouldn’t it be funny if he was the 2024 Buster Douglas? LOL!

  • Lol… wasn’t everyone clamoring for this fight? The Saudis are laughing. WTF, William Scull?

  • This is indefensible even for the most hardcore Canelo fans.
    Who’s gonna buy this?

  • I mistakenly called William Skull a European pastry in a prior post, I stand corrected. I did not know he was Cubano.

    • Does that change your opinion of him as a fighter or in your opinion, more deserving of a shot at Canelo?

      • Speaking of Cubans fighting out of Germany, there’s another gun in the Supermiddleweight division- 26 year old Osleys Iglesias. He’s a tall Southpaw, like Morrell, who sports a 12-0 record with 11 KO’s. Also like Morrell, he won a questionable world title( The IBO Supermiddleweight) after only a few fights. He’s mostly fought journeyman/fringe contender types. His strong amateur background is very evident, but is not nearly as crafty as Morrell and doesn’t show the angles and pivots Morrell does. I am curious to see how good this guy actually is. Time will tell.

  • An unknown Cuban fighting out of Germany, who really knows how good Scull is? Sandor Martin was an unknown out of Spain, and he retired Mikey Garcia. Agit Kabayel, a Kurd fighting out Germany, was an unknown until recently, and now he’s one of the hottest heavyweight prospects!

  • European pastry? Cowards way to say white boy. Nevertheless, I’m guessing this pastry is stepping aside.

  • Scull is an amazing PPV star, the money man! Thats why Canelo wants him! Unlike Benavidez who is a complete nobody, no money in fighting Benavidez according to Canelo…. but Scull …..its a hundred million!!!

  • This fight will not happen! This move is just a make believe tactic on the promotors side! Scull will get paid step aside money under the table. I bet scull will misteriously get injured a month before the fight, the fight will get called off and suddently, berlanga will be his replacement for september. Canelo will make way more money to beat the crap out of berlanga than to make pennies fighting the unknown scull. Everything is already figured out! Canelo is waiting on crawford and see how his upcoming fight goes! If crawford loses then, the saudi arabian kings will have no other choice than to pay the big money for benavidez vs canelo fight!

  • I thought Canelo said he’s fighting the BEST fighters. This guy is unknown and unproven with only 9KOs…just like Canelo likes his boxers.

  • >