Garcia suspended, Haney fight ruled no contest


Ryan Garcia has learned his fate — the boxing superstar has agreed to a one-year ban from the sport as part of a settlement with the New York State Athletic Commission … and his huge win over Devin Haney is now officially a “no contest.”

The New York State Athletic Commission confirmed the agreement to TMZ Sports on Thursday … saying Garcia’s legal team worked with the NYSAC to reach the solution to his performance-enhancing drug investigation.

Along with the ban, 25-1 Garcia will cough up his $1.1 million purse from the fight … as well as a $10k fine.

The settlement is great news for Haney, as his record is now back to undefeated at 31-0 1 NC.

As we previously reported, Garcia’s samples came back positive for ostarine … although his team adamantly denied he knowingly took any banned substances.

Ostarine, according to experts, can significantly improve lean muscle mass in athletes.

The ban might not mean much for Garcia if he really meant it when he announced his retirement on Wednesday.

During a social media rant, he claimed the sport was too “corrupt” … and he was over it.

For what it’s worth, Garcia released a contradictory statement … saying, “It’s okay I’m retired I’ll come back ina year.”

Regardless, the suspension will be lifted on April 20, 2025.

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  • Every sport player consume these products
    Ryan just did not stop the cycle on time
    He should take it now !!!
    not before the fight

    • I somewhat agree. It’s against the rules, but it’s still just ostarine. The UFC moved mountains to let Jon Jones fight after he popped for Turinobol. That’s sort of like bringing a fork to a gunfight. Shame on Garcia, he shoulda known better… but if you’re gonna juice and get caught, ostarine is a silly thing to take. It’s kinda like when Povetkin got aced out for meldonium. Maybe not as absurd as that, but about the most mild thing you could fail a drug test for.

  • That’s a fair decision…
    He’ll be back making more bank anyways.

  • Good for Mr. Haney. Good for Boxiana. Good for any PED digester to think thrice before cheating. Good for Mr. Garcia to redeem himself through this arduous time. The stain of a loss, on any Pugilist’s record whose opponent tests positive for PED, should automatically be ruled a no—contest.

    • Yeah kingly better find a better chemists he wants to cheat better get Canelo’s or Manny’s

    • “Good for Mr. Garcia to redeem himself through this arduous time”
      – Please explain how Mr. Garcia has redeemed himself……..

  • My favorite fighter of all time is James Toney. Watching him fight turned me into a boxing fan. I used to get so nervous during his fights that my eye twitched. The first time he tested positive for steroids I thought he should have been banned for life. People that are still backing Garcia are people without integrity, decency, or common sense.

  • NYSAC? LMAO this only happened because Garcia endorsed Trump…

  • This 1-year ban is simply insufficient, especially considering his cavalier attitude about the matter. Garcia acts as though he can do whatever he wants, with impunity, because he’s a pretty body media darling. He should’ve been banned for life. He’s simply not good for the sport as a cheater. I have never cared for his attitude, ignorance, immaturity, and hype routine.

    As for Haney, he lost to a fighter with a significant weight advantage, who was juiced. Although hurt, he gets credit for finishing the fight. But what he needs to explore, is how he could get knocked down and hurt by the same left hook, three times in the fight. That doesn’t happen to great fighters. So he was exposed. He’s not a great fighter, and as long as he has that ignorant, loudmouth, street-worshiping father ranting and raving and being a restricting distraction, he will NEVER grow into being a great fighter either.

    • Lexus ,after the weigh in they both stuffed themselves and came in around 147lb . So weight advantage didn’t come into it. To my understanding the traces were minimal, nevertheless he broke the rules. The fact is other boxers who hit hard will see what sort of punch Haney couldn’t see will trouble him.
      Anyway the joys of boxing !

      • Garcia looked noticeably bigger, so they weren’t the same weight when they entered the ring. Also, who knows how much of a boost to Garcia’s training and recovery he got by juicing? Just because the testing sample was small doesn’t mean he wasn’t juicing to the hilt during training. He looked noticeably thicker than I’ve ever seen him. Certainly it translated to his being able to take more of a shot as well as deliver more power. I don’t think he’s a great fighter, maybe not better than Haney. He must’ve had insecurity about his chances to resort to cheating. I just have never been impressed by him.

      • bulllshit i think they kept that disclosed and for good reasons i bet they both entered the ring more than 160lbs

    • Banned for life is too much punishment. He is one of many young fighters we’ve seen over the years that break the rules when they are afraid of the upcoming fight. One year is fine. As far as his personal character, Garcia has issues that he is going to have to figure out how to control or it will not go well for him.

  • GOOD ! Some justice . Unfortunately R.G. is too immature and unprofessional to accept correction or discipline. His future doesn’t look very good unless he grows up and gets some help soon. wish him well though .

  • The jury is now out on Haney. We all seen it, as did his futures opponents. He will have a rough way to go.

  • This is stupid!!! When Margarito beat Cotto when he cheated why was that not changed? Did he get suspended?

    • Although it is presumed Margarito cheated against Cotto, because he got caught later with loaded wraps against Mosely, there has never been any proof that he cheated other times. People presume, and probably rightly so, that this was just the first time he got caught. Too late now, unless Margarito says otherwise…..

  • Wow. The powers at be occasionally serve up justice, just to keep things interesting. Has to be some relief for Haney’s ego and anxiety. He still took some mammoth shots from a bigger, roided, schizo, so he still will have that on his psyche as he continues his career. Although, he got justice, the damage may be too much to overcome…time will tell.

  • Garcia is “officially retired” according to his tweets. I remember Teofimo retire last year, then Shakur… 135-140 may become the weight classes of retirees. The new belt: WRO – World Retiree Organization

  • Wow, what a fall from grace! Garcia’s behavior and antics since the fight have done nothing to convince people all his craziness before the fight was just an act. I think Garcia could care less about a 1 year suspension. He probably wasnt going to fight within a year anyway. It’s like when the delinquent kid in school got suspended I would think to myself -“now, how is this punishment?” I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Garcia never fought again. He seems very distracted and disinterested in the sport of boxing. I really do hope he’s able to screw his head on straight, despite his wackiness, he’s an entertaining and talented fighter and could be an asset to the sport

  • After that ASS WHOPPING he got that is NOT going to make a difference. That was embarrassing especially since he talked so much krap. But then again blacks love to talk smack, including PRs and Kbns.

    • I thought the topic was Ryan Garcia being suspended for a year because he tested positive for PEDs. When did it become a racist comment by an idiot?

      • Thought so too. I think I’m going to start taking cues from my man Tai and say, I’m not going to do it with these baiters on here. A cheater especially ones that blames meat and tainted supplements have no remorse and not owning up to your mistake makes you even more guilty.

      • I see we don’t like the truth…. hahahaha
        yeah, pull out the race card. u know im right.

    • “But then again blacks love to talk smack, including PRs and Kbns.”
      – Candidate for most ignorant comment of the day/week/month/year…………

    • Pan your ignorance speak about Blacks Prs and kbns you forgot to mention white trash were talking boxing

      • There are exceptions to the rule. There are white and latin americans that do talk crap BUT those are exceptions. PRs, Cubans and Blacks fighters are not the exception, THEY ARE THE RULE. don’t hate me for being real people.

  • Garcia is mentally deranged- and a cheat-Haney is a great fighter who was /is a victim of a deranged drug addict on steroids!!-Ishall never watch Garcia again—-loser

  • This sounds like a fair decision but it isn’t. The reason being, that so many other athletes continue to get away with using and abusing the system. How can you punish one person when so many others have come up dirty in the past and nothing ever touched them. Boxing is incredibly corrupt, and regardless of what is deserved, this decision doesn’t do justice for anyone. Nor does it clear the way for the future.

  • A one year suspension is really just a slap on the wrist for this type of offense. Anyone who steps in the ring taking a PED is a cheating scum and all who do it should be banned indefinitely, whether it’s RG, Canelo, Jarrell Miller, Manny Pacquiao (circa 2009-2010), or Conor Benn. It’s an offense on par with knowingly fighting with loaded hand-wraps. Both result in unfair advantages that can (and have) endangered the lives of other fighters who choose to fight clean. This PED stuff is so frigging rampant now that it’s going to take something radical to root this crap out of the sport. But much like corrupt and/or incompetent judging, it’ll never happen. I swear…boxing is like an abusive relationship from which I can never extricate myself. I know it’s not good for me and I have a tough time explaining it to others but I keep going back repeatedly.

    • In 1983, Panama Lewis removed the padding from the gloves of his fighter Luis Resto, resulting in the tragic death of Billy Collins Jr. Lewis was banned for life and Resto was convicted of assault but that didn’t bring Collins Jr. back to life. All cheaters should be banned for life and criminally charged like a common crook. I didn’t blame Mayweather when he always insisted on testing.

      • Well, as egregious as the offense was, that was not actually the cause of Billy Collins’ death. Although his life spiraling out of control after that fateful fight is very much linked to the crime committed against him, it was not the direct cause. Unfortunately, drinking, drugs, and driving while impaired is what killed him.

  • Yup, I love to talk, ish…every sport I play and played, and when I’m on my death bed, I’ll still talk shit, the end.

    • As you are looking up to the heavens wondering why you were such a racist. Talking ish, is one thing, talking nonsense is another.

  • Garcia should be suspended for life, not for 1 year. When you use PEDs you put your opponent at risk, which should never be accepted

  • RG is “retiring” to avoid further on going testing. Its also the “i quit , you didn’t fire me” approach. Disappointing and Sad .

  • ok, but where will the 1.1 million dollars go???
    and the $10,000 fine??
    where does the money go??

    • Organizations can always use the money for the important business they do at their conventions.

  • Not all PEDs are the same, and according to different info out there, this drug came in a test the day of the fight. Apparently this drug would have given him no advantage being taken in that short window.He was tested several times during camp and was negative. Looks like contamination to me. Not that he shouldn’t be suspended, but you can’t look at every case equally. 1 year isn’t much. The guy only fights once a year anyway.

    • You are not a doctor or a chemist I take it, nor a smart or bright person either! cheating and risking another’s life in a dangerous sport by using drugs that are not allowed isn’t good or right, and your ass should get locked away for attempted murder or great body harm or the intent to do harm. Go read anything, at this point. dammmmmmmmmm

  • This is not a serious penalty since Garcia only fights once a year anyway. These governing bodies don’t give a damn about the integrity of the sport. They only care about ratings and making money.

  • I hope and expect Haney to hit him with a lawsuit also, just like Ruiz did with Toney. Take away all of his rewards for cheating. All of them.

  • kingry will lose money he needs a financial person heshould stay away from boxing and try to make something out of his life while he is still young what a waste of talent

  • I do not think the small amount of drugs had anything to do with Ryan beating Devin. The extra 3 lbs may have helped Ryan, but Devin accepted the $1.5 million for it. Besides, on fight day they both entered the ring as middleweights. Devin was used to fighting smaller guys like Loma & Pograis, but finally was in the ring with someone his own size. Just imagine, 40 years ago with same day weigh-ins, both Ryan & Devin would’ve had to go up against the likes of Hagler & Hearns!

  • Ryan, please don’t retire like you told us you would.
    We know you have to pay all of those bodyguards.
    His 15 minute retirement won’t last long. Who would have thought there was a banned substance in that yummy lemonade? The poor kid was set up.
    Golly Gee Wilikers! Life is so unfair.

  • We will see over the next year what Ryan is made of. If he keeps a low profile, stays in the gym and out of the bars and out of trouble he may salvage his career in 2025. He knows what he can do and with focus and clean living he could do it again. The alternative is a another talented fighter that self-destructed.

  • Apparently he said he’s taking his talents to UFC. Good luck with that.

  • People are delusional.
    1. Ryan won the right.
    2. Team Haney needs to stop about the weight. Ryan missed but Team Haney agreed to the new weight and collected money when they could have walked away. So they agreed to that weight, conversation is over.
    3. The trace amounts of ostarine did nothing for Garcia and anyone who’s fought knows it.

    That said dont get me wrong, the test was positive so we need to hold firm on the rules and make this a NC. Ryan also needs a suspension. I have always said the sport needs to be clean, but punishing a fighter does nothing. They are not the ones prepping food, drinks and so on. When a fighter pops dirty the entire team needs suspended. If coaches, nutritionists and trainers are all held accountable the sport would be a lot cleaner. Suspending a rich boxer does almost nothing. He is going to miss one maybe two fights because of this.

  • Then who’s accountable here, Ward? Isn’t the fighter ultimately responsible for what goes in their body? Didn’t Fernando Vargas pull this crap after his positive PED finding after the De La Hoya fight? He blamed someone in his entourage and supposedly hired a wellness coach to prevent such a thing happening again. RG, like FV, just got his hand caught in the cookie jar…that’s all.

  • Now Garcia can take a break and start campaigning with Trump. TRUMP 2024!

  • The Lars procedure should be banned for all athletes,,in my book shoving animal tendons in a human is performance enhancing too..just not chemicals….. just saying

    • Before you know it, no athlete will be real. Plastic surgery is a booming business for the vain. Look at most people on TV, they are fake as a three dollar bill. Athletes will be next, oh that’s right, in certain areas they allow dudes to run in girl races. That’s the definition of fake and immoral.

  • Since Ryan continues to be ignorant and arrogant with no remorse, the NYSAC should accept Ryan’s retirement claims and start his suspension a year from now – after his “retirement”.

  • Garcia cheated. Garcia had an unfair advantage. Garcia did not put in the grunt work to satisfy his obligations as a boxer. Garcia was not a professional because he was a cheater.

    As a professional, Haney will move on with his career. Give Haney a “stay busy fight” before he returns to the scrap with new challenges against true professional fighters.

    Cheaters are scums of the earth.

  • Thanks for clarifying that point to the readers. His death wasn’t a direct result of the cheating, however, he suffered a torn iris which gave him permanent blurred vision, and was forced to retire.
    After losing two jobs, he became depressed and began using marijuana and drinking heavily. Many said that, unable to cope, his fatal car accident ten months later was suicide. I still say
    that a permanent ban and criminal prosecution is the answer.

    • My response to Alec Eigenberger on Billy Collins’ after fight Btw

  • The wbc $ulaiman is $upporting RG. So much for clean boxing programs . Message from the wbc : its ok to cheat as long as you are popular and bring in money .

  • Makes me question the Mosley vs ODLH situation. Same scenario EXCEPT Mosley had more than trace amounts amounts and admitted it. Yet that decision still stands as a loss. Could it be in this day n age that the commission was “afraid of the reprocussions” if not overturning the decision due to race OR is Haney and his pathetic disgrace of a father were merely loud lil b!tch3s and everyone was tired of hearing them complain?

  • The Paperwork May Have Devin At 30 n 0 But He Kno What Ryan Did In That Ring, I But The R Side Of His Jaw Don’t Say He Undefeated, Ryan Is A Cash Cow Good For The Sport The Fans Love Him He’ll Be Back

  • Haney is EXTREMELY fortunate. Boxing almost never reverses a decision. This is a fair call. I believe folks allow their hatred and bias to blind them to the fact that Ryan came in overweight (didn’t have to drain himself) and he has an illegal substance in his system. Had it been the other way around they would have crucified Haney. Taking PEDS in such a sport may as well be attempted murder. As long as folks continue to look past Ryan’s terrible behavior he will continue. Haney isn’t off the hook. Ryan did expose that he’s a sucker for a left hook. His jab needs for etc. The best thing Haney can do is fire Bill as his head coach. I think he would do well with someone like Robert Garcia. He’s firm, fair, was a decent fighter, will have plenty of Mexican fighters in his gym throwing left hooks during sparing that will tighten up Haney weaknesses. As long as he stays with Bill the limit is the sky.

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