Tank KOs Martin in eight, retains WBA 135lb title

Tank Martinimg 6422

Photos: Sumio Yamada

WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (30-0, 28 KOs) scored a spectacular eighth round KO against challenger Frank “The Ghost” Martin (18-1, 12 KOs) on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Martin was able to outbox Davis for the first half of the fight. Tank upped the pressure midway then laid out Martin with an uppercut followed by a left hand in round eight. Time was 1:29.


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  • He keeps getting himself cornered and was finally caught by the great Davis.

  • Although he started off boxing smart, he kept letting Tank close the distance and close the show! Not sure if anyone at 135 beats Tank.

  • We got to see Loma Vs Tank next or I ain’t watching boxing anymore or Benavidez Vs Canelo next they can do both fights on the same card.

  • Loma beats Davis. Loma has the discipline to box him and not get caught with his big shots. If martin outboxed him for most of the fight, Loma can do it all night long like Lionel Richie!

    • Depends. If Loma keeps his hands in his pocket for 5+ rounds respecting Tank’s power he won’t win. He also has to make sure he fights in the 12th.

  • Davis fights the winner of Loma/Zepeda. DLS fights Muratalla.

    Not sure where to place Stevenson in the above summary but no Stevenson/DLS rematch.

    • Tank vs Loma and Shakur vs Zepeda on the same card. Winners fight each other.

  • I predicted that Tank would KO Martin. I wasn’t impressed with Martin, as a fighter. I also knew that with Derrick James as his trainer, he was at a disadvantage. Kudos to Tank.

  • It seems to me that Gervonta vould have upped the pressure whenever he wanted and KO Matin any moment.

  • Against Tank, the corners may not be the best place to spend your time.

    • yeah it seems that its bad for your health to be in the corner against tank

  • Who today could stand up to Tank over twelve full rounds? A certain Pitbull did well.

    Besides him, I can’t think of anyone obvious.

    There are several who are better boxers such as Loma. However, I think Loma is too small for Tank in the long run. Tank is an exceptionally good counter boxer, who has shown several times that his sharpness remains well into the matches, and I cannot see how even Loma can stand up against that power and sharpness in the long run.

    To me Loma is the best Featherweighter in the Lightweight.

    It will be exciting to continue to follow Tank. When I see exciting opponents for him, I almost always end up in the Superlightweight.

    • Stevenson can beat Tank and so could Loma IF he fights for the full 12 rounds. Both have the skills to do it. Loma with volume and angles, Shakur with controlling distance and defense.

      • IF. keyword if. none can do that. loma too small. shakur has a chance but we are disrepecting the boxing IQ of tank if we think that all anyone has to do is fight the full 12. that is exactly playing in his hands.

  • To be under that type of pressure all night has got to be nerving. Martin was boxing very well and IMO was up a point. Tank said it best when he said Martin would be a champion but not on June 15, 2024. Loma is in for a tough night if that fight comes off, could be his swan song.

  • The first rounds which people are saying Martin won, looked, to me, that Martin was merely avoiding the death touch.

    • He was doing well, but he stayed tense the whole time. It’s more like he was nervously waiting for it to happen.

  • Frank Martin is a dime a dozen fighter of past 40 years..slick fighter, limited power n not great chin..so many over the years like Petersons, Devon Alexander..bigger but less talented version of Gary Russel Jr….if he continues to fight, I expect him to become a stepping stone very quickly to prospects

    • It’s not fair to say he doesn’t have a good chin. Not sure how many people at 135 that could take those shots from Tank.

  • Excellent fight by tank. He did respect martins power at all and just walked him down without concern. That surprised me. I thought Martin fought smartly early on but then got worm down and stopped moving as much. At that point it was just a matter of time as he did not have the power to make tank respect him. Good fight tho, much more entertaining than i had thought it would be.

  • Mini-Tyson in that ring alright! Like him or not, Tank is fun to watch!

  • For a moment I thought Frank can pull it off.
    Tank is definitely more than hard punches.
    Good strategy and win for Tank

  • This was another premeditated matchmaking haste [ and ineptitude ]. Shame on [ of all people who should know better ] Derek James and Errol Spence’s reckless pursuit for a payday, at the expense of an inexperienced young diamond in Frank Martin. When will people learn from Chavez v. Taylor and before that Gavilan v. Davey. Even Gerry Cooney needed another 5 – 7 bouts to have been performed better in his campaign for Holmes’ Throne. ©️Coach Hilario 2024

  • Tank…. Great knockout! I know you could have gotten Frank (Go to Sleep) Martin otta der in 3rds but gotta make it a show right! Now fuck fighting all these ol tomato can ass mutherfuckas and put so of these real niggas in da rang baby boy…. Kno wat I’m tom bout!!!!

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