Paro upsets Matias to win IBF 140lb title

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Photo: Amanda Westcott/Matchroom

Unbeaten IBF #5 junior welterweight Liam Paro (25-0, 15 KOs) dethroned IBF champion Subriel Matias (20-2, 20 KOs) by twelve round unanimous decision on Saturday night at the Coliseo Juan Aubin Cruz Abreu in Manati, Puerto Rico. Slow start for Matias while Paro was quite busy. Matias rocked Paro in round six. Referee Luis Pabon deducted a point from Paro in round seven. Scores were 115-112, 115-112, 116-111. Matias was a 7:1 favorite.

Super lightweight Alfredo Santiago (15-2, 6 KOs) won a ten round unanimous decision over WBO #3, IBF #14 lightweight Angel Fierro (22–22, 17 KOs) in a bout for the WBO NABO 140lb title. Scores were 99-91, 98-92, 98-92.

Olympian flyweight Yankiel Rivera (6-0, 2 KOs) scored a ten round unanimous decision over Victor Sandoval (37-5, 23 KOs) in a bout for the WBC and WBA Continental Americas and WBO Intercontinental flyweight titles. Scores were 98-91, 98-91, 97-92. Sandoval down in round two.

Roarke Knapp knocked in the third round
Tank KOs Martin in eight, retains WBA 135lb title

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    • Mathias laid down from the beggining,since nobody wants to fight him, 7 to 1 bets,he made a fortune ,lets see him in the next fight,dont think he do the same.

      • What were the odds in the Ergeshev & Ponce fights?

        Why this excuse now?

        He lost because he has never been boxed before and he was thoroughly outclassed by a good boxer.

  • Congratulations Liam Paro new Australian world champion you prove the doubters wrong great win

  • Liam Paro is a smart fighter.
    Everytime that Matias built any momentum, Paro would grab him and walk him over to the other side of the ring, digging little body shots with his free hand.
    I think the body shots and the wrestling wore Matias down.
    I don’t know how Paro would do against Lopez or Tank, but he’s a smart, tricky fighter, and not to be counted out.
    This is my first time seeing him fight, and I am a fan now.

    • Holding, holding & hitting. Those are not illegal tactics? Did he do that the entire fight?

  • I was splitting my attention between Davis vs Martin and Mathias vs Paro. But it sure seemed like Mathias was the more effective of the two. I saw Paro doing ALOT of holding and I refuse to give a guy the round if he does that. I’ll have to go back and rewatch it with my full undivided attention.

  • what a legend, goes to PR and takes the title from the so called boogeyman. Ref tried his best to help with the point deduction

  • Everyone is expecting Matias to knock everybody out. Although he didn’t he should’ve been the winner by decision. He won the fight on points. It looks like any promoter Hearns fighter is always given the victory on a competitive fight. Like it happened to Amanda Serrano against Katie Taylor when Amanda was robbed big time.

    • You clearly need to watch the fight again. Blind Freddy could see Paro easily out pointed him.

    • So the judges got it wrong by such a huge margin…… interesting that !!!!!

    • You need to change your glasses from lead mate,,smart fight by Paro, stuck to his game plan and Won!!
      I think you drank a glass of sour grapes!

  • Wooow!!! No more fights in the PR for Matias. Too much holding for my taste. How about a rematch in Las Vegas with a sturdy referee, who will deduct points for excessive holding in the ring.

  • Interesting fight I thought it was closer but Paro won too many rounds
    Matias was more effective in spurts but definitely wasn’t busy enough
    Basicly Paro fought a very disciplined fight not trying to land with bombs
    Matias knew who won before the decision was announced and did not dispute it to his credit

  • Paro surprised me. He was very crafty. He relied on volume and good ring movement and any time Matias got close, Paro grabbed him. Paro also mixed things up well, working both the head and body. I thought the cards were fair, Matias had moments but wasn’t active enough. Credit to Paro, he surprised me. He had a good game plan and stuck to it.

  • Paro won by running and holding, what a joke! Matias needs to use the jab more and needs more head movements and foot work, basic boxing fundamentals, if he tightened up his defense and got better boxing skills he’d be unstoppable.!!

    • Delusional. Paro spanked him, even with insane ref. Matias got hit all night long, a hype job.

    • That’s right, he refuse combat, run like hell and when the champ cut the ring he grabs his arms like a koala!
      Very disappointing

  • Matias got caught up in his own hype. His ringwalk with two rappers was as cringe as you can get. Surrounded himself with too many backslappers and thought he was invincible. Paro exposed his limitations when the big power shots were nullified by someone with actual boxing skills . Referee was a disgrace but Paro beat both Matias and him.

  • I’ve never seen so many biased commentators on this site praise a guy for winning a fight by holding before in my life, despicable.

  • This to me…was not a great fight to view it was grueling to watch but I appreciate the efforts of both and respect the game overall
    Again another example of how fighters that are not used to seeing a new style on fight night can lead to exposure or at minimum s bad showing
    Paro did his thing and as long as he was able to weather and sustain Matias power he had a chance
    Paro is not that higher pedigree fighter either but the guy has heart and grit and sometimes that’s all you need against certain opponents
    Some fighter do dig deep in special moments and opportunities
    Paro knew he was the underdog coming into the fight and that he would be in hostile territory per say
    But he was not overwhelmed by the moment in a negative way
    Good job Paro

    • Lol…this is a silly observation. Takes true discipline not to get into a slugfest with a guy who hurts you. And believe Paro is aching this morning. He took a ton of solid punches from Matias, but he didn’t leave the plan. He didn’t expose himself to a shot that could change the fight.

      Paro proved he can come into a big fight in shape and stay level-headed. Great level of maturity he showed.

      And a great fight to watch. Hopefully a rematch is upcoming.

  • All you boxing experts,dont get blind sided,7 to 1 odds,he made lots of money betting on loosing on him self than winning,Paro enjoy this 5 min of fame

    • Could be a set up matias threw hardly any punches…why
      It was odd but he could have been doing a tank with confidence he can stop Paro late

  • I always considered Matias to be a bit overrated and one dimensional. That said, still a big win for Paro versus a much better opponent than he had ever faced before. Like to see him face Puello, Catterall, and of course, the true champion Teo Lopez. He is versatile enough to beat all of them.

  • The only thing I’ll say is the referee should be fired and never work a fight again with his favoritism ass!

  • Mattias didn’t show up at all. The pressure of fighting in your home town is not for everyoneyy. Rematch in Vegas would be great. Matias needs a teacher not a fat trainer cause he showed no skills at all.

  • People been saying for a long time, this man will clean the division. They show him to the world as Hercules, another Teofemo Lopez. Overrated, I’m glad he lost. Also he lost in his backyard.

  • Great fight by Paro. Brilliant game plan. Losses happen when you fight better opponents. That’s how they did it in the old days. That’s why you have of fake fighters with zeros on their record. Like Devin Haney for example.

    Matias and Paro should rematch. It would be another excellent fight. Matias should counter in the next fight by leading with his jab. He totally abandoned it. He needs to be a little more technical. He could afford to be so, because Paro isn’t a guy who can hurt him. Nothing wrong with using the jab 20-30% of the time to set up your big shots.

  • Paro showed a very good skill-set to win this fight. He did a bit of everything to keep Matias from finishing his flow.

  • I had it close but I agree with the decision. Point deduction was ridiculous. However if the ref wanted to come down hard on Paro what he should have done was get on him for excessive holding. It was a bit like Katie Taylor’s rematch with Cameron. I can see why she got the decision but she did an awful lot of holding imo. Same with this fight. Paro was the busier fighter more of the time and deserved the decision but there is a fine line between effectively clinching and excessive holding. I admit i like Matias and perhaps that is why Paro’s holding bothered me. That said…it is the ref’s job to stop that not the judges so since the ref did not I think the fight was scored fairly with the right man winning.

  • First I like to applaud Mathias for being a gentleman in defeat, he knew he was beaten and clapped for the new champion as the announcement was made. No carry on,,he knew. The referee Pablon was disgusting,but what he did didn’t faze Paro,it actually fuelled the fire and desire and he came out the victor.
    Congratulations to both boxers.
    Mathias will learn from it as long as the team behind him learn too. .

  • No big shock here. Paro destroyed Montana Love in his previous bout, and has gotten even better since then.

  • You think Matias career is done after this defeat? He couldn’t get a fight with the big names of the division being a champion. I can’t even imagine now without it. High risk no rewards. I think he’s career is over.

  • Mathias was lucky Paro’s punch was not in the power department, cause Paro punched him silly for 12 rds especially, with uppercuts. For once the judges were fair, I thought a robbery was coming.

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