Puello edges Russell for WBC interim 140lb title

Puello Russellimg 4100

Photos: Sumio Yamada

Ia a clash between unbeaten super lightweights, former WBA champion Alberto Puello (23-0, 10 KOs) won a split decision over Gary Antuanne Russell (17-1, 17 KOs) in a bout for the vacant WBC interim 140lb title on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Russell pressed the action, but Puello was often able to outmaneuver him. Scores were 118-109 Russell, 115-112, 114-113 Puello.


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  • Russell exposed tonight! One paid off / corrupt judge,
    118 – 109 Russell? And the ref deducts a very dubious point from Puello? In spite of all that shit, “justice” prevailed! Ha!

    • 118-109 for Russell. Holy shit. Whoever scored it that way needs to be banned for life.

  • Puello connected the eye catching shots especially from the middle to end rounds.
    Russell seems at times unable to take over.
    118-109 Russell, I think this card was off.

  • 118-109 for Russell?

    That scores a head scratcher!

    I was a close fight but no doubt who won, don’t know what happened to Russell, Puellhos ability had something to do it. I think he got cocky and overconfident and lost…..bigly!

  • How come that almost every single time there is a bad scoring, it’s almost always 118-109?

  • I was never a fan of GAR because he is not a smart fighter. GAR believes victory is obtained through muscle. Well, it’s about time he was exposed.

    Puello exposed GAR’s lack of head movements, poor hand positioning on defense, telegraphed punches and lack of balance. Puello worked his counterpunching, left hand and effective lock-ups. It’s was about time GAR learned hard lessons tonight. GAR’s corner should have instructed him to perform one thing during rounds 1-6: BODY, BODY Y MAS BODY.

    GAR was also throwing his punches from far out of range for Puello’s counterpunching dreams. GAR should have also been instructed to throw his shots at Puello’s chest area because Puello’s movements were on point.

    In future fights, we will see if GAR learned his primary lesson about trying to win only by muscle and try mixing it with good boxing IQ.

    I doubt if GAR will learn his lessons from tonight. GAR’s exposure was only a matter of time and smarter Puello did it. I hope there is a rematch, but Puello will move on to other financial adventures…I don’t blame him.

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