Popo Freitas KOs YouTuber

47-year-old former world champion Acelino “Popo” Freitas (41-2, 34 KOs) destroyed YouTuber Junior Duble in the first round on Saturday night at the Clube Hebraica in São Paulo, Brazil. It may have been classified as an exhibition, but Freitas wasn’t playing. He battered Duble from pillar to post and after two knockdowns Duble’s corner threw in the towel after about 70 seconds. Duble, whose main claim to fame is working as a stunt double for Vin Diesel, was doing a lot of trash-talking before the fight and Freitas made him pay.

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    • Actually making money Mayweather style. Freitas is the former pro boxer fighting youtubers.

    • He looked pretty heavy, clearly using his cup to hide his belly but at least he got the job done.

  • It seems like a memory lane weekend. First Hamed and now Freitas. I can’t believe he’s only 47. Not surprised that he cracked a YouTuber.

    • He should be able to crack a YouTuber. 47 may be old for a professional boxer trying to compete against elite 27 year olds, but it’s not too old to kick a YouTubers ass! How old was the guy he fought? Can’t be no spring chicken himself if he’s been Vin Diesels stunt double. A fat, doughey version of Freitas last fought 5 or 6 years ago as a middlweight. I heard he was a cop turned some kind of politician in Brasil.

  • LOL Freitas said he wasn’t having in and destroyed dude. May not be the smartest business move. If he’s destroying Youtuber’s it may be difficult to get them to fight him. Carrying a Youtuber in the ring is an easy way for former pro boxers to make money doing what they love post-fight career.

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