Parker defeats Chisora again

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

In a war, WBO #2, WBC #4, IBF #4, WBA #13 heavyweight Joseph Parker (30-2, 21 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over WBC #12 Derek Chisora (32-12, 23 KOs) on Saturday night at the AO Arena in Manchester, England. Former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker landed some big shots in rounds two and three. Parker dropped Chisora in round four, but Chisora survived and probably won round five. Parker dropped Chisora again in rounds seven and eight, but Chisora somehow finished the fight.

Parker won a split decision over Chisora in May. This time there was no doubt. Scores were 115-110, 115-111, 114-112.

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  • How on Earth did those scores make any sense? 114-112? They don’t even work mathematically. No way Chisora won 6 rounds of that fight. I had 117-108.

    • For sure. 114-112 Parker is 7-5 in rounds for Chisora. 114 being 7 rounds he won 70, 2 rounds lost 10-9 and 3 rounds lost 10-8 (if the judges went 10-8). So 70+24+18=112.

        • The only way it makes sense if if it was scored 6 rounds to 6, with one of the knockdown rounds being only scored 10-9 in favor of Parker. I could get onboard with one of the knockdown rounds being close enough to only score it 10-9; it’s finding 6 rounds to give Chisora that makes no sense.

  • Chisora finding another way to take punishment and lose. I think he should take a few easy fights because at some point, one of those punches is going to land and he wont be getting up.

    • Maybe…but that is life….train prepared…give it your best….don’t quit,.weather the storm cause it is coming…get your own shots in and maybe just maybe you will get the ultimate prize…. applaud Chisora for heart and his effort …good fight

  • Nice entertainment on DAZN…. definitely worth the money…Good scrap…both fighters showed heart and effort….quite the entertainment!!!! Nice promotion, good fight….

  • Chisora need to retire, as tough and as much heart as he has; these are the kind of fights that can cause/quicken brain injury/cte.

      • To his credit, he is always making good fights. He’ll go down as the best “respectable loser” of this generation. Also to his credit, he fights anyone, anywhere, at any time. If I was a top tier heavyweight, I’d avoid him at all costs in the UK, as the judges were a nightmare today. No way the fight was as close as it was scored despite getting the winner correctly.

  • Yeah OK! This wasn’t a close fight. Parker easily won. Though, I can’t see Parker beating a Usyk or Fury

    • Joe Parker and Tyson Fury are as close as close can be, and, like the Klitschko brothers, will not fight each other. I believe Joe could beat Usyk though. Usyk won v Del-Boy – but didn’t want any part of him.

  • That was a good scrap. Chisora was winded at the end of the 3rd round. Was very surprised that fight went the distance.

  • If Parker had a 114, the judges gave him 6 rounds, if Chisora was dropped 3 times, but got 6 rounds on a scorecard, he should have had 111. 115-110 only scorecard that made sense if none of the judges scored an even round 10-10. If you touch canvas by a punch and the other guy doesn’t, you lose a round 10-8, almost always, unless you really hurt a guy in return but couldn’t drop him.

    • 115-110 is still a dodgy scorecard it makes Chisora winner of 5 of the 9 rounds he wan’t knocked down in.

      • Dead right – ridiculous!
        I’m a Brit and I had to watch it on Youtube later, as, unbelievably, this was just another Parker fight that DAZN didn’t show in New Zealand:
        Giving Joe 9 rounds, Del-Boy 3x10pts, 6x9pts and 3x8pts. I scored it 117-108.
        So come on DAZN, pull your finger out, ffs!

  • I wanted to catch this one live but I got caught up in a birthday party. I’ll try to watch it now.

    Ive always thought that Parker has the goods, but he lacks that killer instinct.

  • Good fight, Parker could still get there with more of Andy Lee coaching. Big respect for Chisora, just gotta like him, his heart.

  • Chisora is one tough bastard, probably way too tough for his own good and should contemplate retirement. Some of those uppercuts Parker landed could’ve knocked out an elephant. I gave Chisora one round, maybe. Those judges are incompetent at best. As with everyone else, I couldn’t believe that fight went the full twelve. Parker vs. Joyce or a rematch with Dillian White makes sense, IMO.

  • Parker has all the tools. finally showing killer instinct which is the one thing he was lacking should make him champion again. He looked in great shape and was still throwing explosive bombs in the later rounds.

  • Great fight ! Parker was too much for Chisora, but praise for Chisora for fighting like a gladiator.

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