Parker beats Chisora by split decision

Parker Chisora
Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

WBO #3 heavyweight and former world champion Joseph Parker (29-2, 21 KOs) scored a twelve round split decision over WBC #15 Derek “War” Chisora (32-11, 23 KOs) on Saturday night at the AO Arena in Manchester, England. Chisora scored a flash knockdown ten seconds in and outworked Parker in the first half of the fight. Parker turned the tables midway as Chisora tired. Scores were 115-113 Chisora, 116-111, 115-113 Parker.

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  • Another BULLSHIT decision in the sport of boxing. What a joke!

    • Not sure what you are talking about. It was close. I had Chisora ahead by 3 points but a lot of rounds were close.

      • Delboy is alwayz hard time talent. Somethin smells at Buckinham

    • I thought it was ok. Could have gone either way. Thought parker looked much better with combinations most of the fight. Outside of the knockdown he seemed to deserved it.

    • Gotta agree on this one, Deiboy is never not in a fight, talent even as a GMan and never a gold ring. He has fought evreyone since back in the day. A bigger locomotive than smokin Joe Sumthin wrong at Buckinham

  • This fight went as expected, and the split decision was not surprising in favor of Parker. I knew that if Chisora couldn’t knock out Parker with one of his wild, winging shots, he didn’t have the skills or endurance to pull out a decision. Also historically mediocre talent wise, I knew that Parker didn’t have the power or skills to decisively beat Chisora. Hence, a close fight.

  • Parker does not know how to force the action even after he lands telling punches. Chisora at least gives his best all the time even though he got tired. Fight could have gone either way, a draw probably would have been the better decision.

  • The knockdown look very much behind the head, like Chisora continued trying to do especially the first half of the fight, but then Parker also ducks in such a way leaving himself open to such punches.

  • Chisora ripped off and exposed Parker for what he is/or in this case isnt.

  • a very close fight, chisora like normal started fast then faded after around rd 7, and thus another split dec lost and unless there’s a mandatory rule for a rematch they won’t fight again, why would parker take the chance when the money is at the top of the division, as for chisora he is a true gate keeper who will test any hw.

    • I thought Chisora won the last round. With the knockdown a draw
      would have been fair.

  • Parker over Chisora in a very sloppy heavyweight fight with Parker coming off he canvas in the first to outwork the oncoming Chisora for the most part. Too much holding in that one.

  • I had Parker winning by two, but Parker is a frustrating guy to watch fight. He has quick hands and good skills, but he seems to lack the killer instinct needed to ever challenge the top 3 or 4 guys in the division. Chisora is basically a tough journey man, but he has the heart and killer instinct that Parker seems to be lacking.

    • totally agree. love his skills & his chin. just want to see him throw more. he does that & he’s in top 6 imo.

  • Close fight, but Chisora should of got the decision. Chisora is always game., win, lose or draw. Boxing politics playing a big part again.
    Love to see Chisora fight Wilder or Ruiz next.

  • when you’re off the juice, suddenly your KO power isn’t what it once was

  • Good heavyweight action fight. I don’t think any judges can get anything right anymore. How do you have a 116-111, where the 111 goes to the guy who scored a knockdown? Even though the knockdown was bullshit. Either way, I thought the 115 to 113 decision for Parker was right.

  • Immediate action with Chisora, as always.

    What a nightmare Chisora must be to face, always coming forward, never mind how tired. I’m also thinking, if Chisora had the momentum through a stiff and fast jab, and if he could at least preserve some energy, not going in 100% with every punch, I’m sure his career would not have been a 32 – 11, as it’s now, on the other hand, he’s not Chisora for nothing.

    But I also liked what I saw in Parker with stiff jabs, movements sideways, clean holding, combinations, clear and down to earth behaviour in the ring. His conditioning was fine, but I think he was more fatigued than realized, partially that’s why he couldn’t follow up his attacks I think. But I cannot see Parker climbing up the ladder much higher in ranking.

    We have two great fighters tonight that didn’t get the win in Chisora and Arreola. Why not a fight between them? Rematch between Parker and Ruiz Jr? Maybe, but I would rather myself prefer these two fighting Usyk.

    And finally, in my eyes, there is another surprisingly little talked about underrated always moving forward nightmare out there in Joe Joyce. I would like him to face more competitive fighters. I can see him facing all the names above.

    • “Clean holding”!? What the heck is that!? In boxing, you’re suppose to fight, not hug and hold each other! Hugging and holding is what is destroying boxing, that and bad decisions.

  • Joe Parker certainly did enough to win the split decision, but a big concern is that whilst TWO judges scored it accurately 115-113 (7 rounds 5 to Parker), the other judge scored it 111-116 (8 rounds 4) to Chisora including a 10-8 opening round) to Del-Boy.

  • I mean, Chisora was tired by the 4th round. He needs to learn how to manage his energy during a fight or do more cardio when he trains because he was gassed early. I’m not mad at the decision.. Parker looked sharper and took advantage of an exhausted Chisora pressured and smothered the second half of the fight.

  • Knock down was behind the head, 115-113 could of went either way. Parker did a lot better then in the Fa fight. I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch on the Tyson Fury-AJ undercard.

  • I’m so disappointed in Parker. He no longer fights with bravery. He now chooses to throw a few punches then hugs and holds his opponent, fearing he may get hit by a punch. Imagine that! A heavyweight fighter fearing to get punched! As far as I’m concerned, one could make a case for Parker being disqualified near the end of round one for excessive hugging and holding. Come on, Joe, learn to fight!!!!

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