Parker annihilates Opelu in one

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

As expected, former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker (32-3, 22 KOs) obliterated Faiga “Django” Opelu (15-4-2, 11 KOs) on Wednesday night at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. With WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury looking on, Parker quickly dropped Opelu and got a referee’s stoppage at 1:29 on round one.

Unbeaten super welterweight Nikita Tszyu (6-0, 5 KOs), son of Hall of Famer Kostya Tszyu and younger brother of current WBO interim super welterweight champion Tim Tszyu, stopped Ben Bommber (5-1, 4 KOs) in the first round. Time was 2:09.

Ben Horn (5-6, 0 KOs), brother of former WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn, upset previously unbeaten Joel Taylor (9-1, 4 KOs) by six round unanimous decision. Taylor down in round one. Scores were 57-56, 57-56, 58-55.

Cruiserweight David Nyika (6-0, 5 KOs), a 2020 Olympic bronze medalist, got a referee’s stoppage against Louis Marsters (3-5, 2 KOs) in round four. Nyika previously stopped Marsters in two rounds.

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  • Nikita Tszyu has serious power. Provided he is not rushed along too quickly, he will be fighting the top names in 18 months.

  • Looked like Bommber was still fighting back when the referee tackled him.

  • Nikita Tszyu Got exposed by Ben Horn a few fights back. He is nothing more then a club fighter and once he steps up he gets KTFO.

  • Unfortunately Joseph never fights like this against top contenders, he only fights like this against lesser opponents smh.

  • Early stoppage IMO. Why not start the count and assess whether to fighter is in the condition to continue instead of stopping it as he is on his way down.

  • Glad I didn’t pay to see 2 first round KO’s. Parker hadn’t got a KO since 2020, what better way to build some confidence then fighting a below average opponent. Hard to believe he is still only 3, been around for ages

  • Parker is a bum, and since he hooked up with that fake “spartan”, Fury, he has become a loudmouth one as well. He not only beat a midget, but a big belly one as well.

  • Parker and Fury are simply two very pathetic fighters. Here, Parker fights an overmatched opponent who George Foreman could come out of retirement and beat the same way. All to hype himself up to be a title contender. It’s so pathetic. Fury, the blubbery Humpty-dumpty on stilts, who punches and moves like a puppet on a string, continues to run his mouth, carefully picking and choosing his next easy opponent. He was supposed to be retired, but here he is, screaming for attention as usual. He fights maybe once every two years. Again, so pathetic. Nothing to see here.

  • Its possible, IF parker ever realizes he has to go for broke in these fights!! Not not take risks.

  • pearly victopria? haszabout tony cox..and wattabout Smelts Gibson../ ? the former Champ 168 that lost to Germaine Taylor/ no it wasnt tom adamek..but waat a fight he had that knocked him as a viable candidate! austria/ pacific title..len zepavinga../ mike katsesdes / luke browne didnt look to schabby against jarell miller..!!! woo we talkin Julius l Long..tzsyu..yes black and redd flag ..siberia..genedy golokvin.from tungaska? hwa bowt that..not about western n easto girls about the neu continente..south pacific..ama samoa..werk yer wei inn

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